Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, and his colleagues are set to go on appeal against the Federal High Court’s decision of yesterday, Monday March 7. The judge John Tsoho, had decided that the trial, which would commence on March 9th, would be held with witnesses shielded from the court.

But in an exclusive chat with the defendants’ lawyer immediately after the court session, Chuks Muoma, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), said he would appeal the decision. “Yes, I am going to challenge it on appeal, and let the court of appeal decide one way or the other” he said.
Continuing, he revealed that he had already secured the permission of his clients to do so, since it was within their right. “I have instructions from my client to appeal that decision, and I am going to carry out that instruction” he added.
Giving his impression on what transpired in court that yesterday, Muoma said that it was akin to the prosecution obtaining what was denied them during the last hearing through the back door. “The ruling of today, what the court decided today, is a deviation from the ruling of the court made on the 19th February ... This is because what court refused to the prosecution on 19th, is the same thing it indirectly granted today” he explained.

According to him whether a witness wore a mask or is shielded with a screen, it all amount to secret trial. He said the danger in allowing shielded witnesses was that impostors many be used. That was why he declared: “Shielding of a witness is shielding of a witness whether you do it by screening or by mask. We don’t want shielded witnesses to come and testify. They may bring impostors to testify against my clients.”

Muoma said his decision to go on appeal could not in any way mean threatening anybody since it was the right of his clients, and that he had no personal interest on the matter. “My clients are not comfortable with that arrangement. I have consulted with my clients and they are not comfortable with that arrangement. And I am acting on instructions as a lawyer. I am not a defendant; I am not the accused person; I am not on trial. If I have the permission of my client to go on appeal I will go on appeal, without any apologies to anybody”.

By Biafra Choice
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  1. Great. This stupid judgement must be appealed. Let the whole world see why our leader called nigeria a zoo!