Following the previous judgement of justice Tsoho, even a blind man will tell you that he is just a mere servant meant to do whatsoever his master orders him to do. Who is justice Tsoho? He is a judge whose only interest is the amount of money given to him by buhari.

A man who listens to his master Buhari before passing on his judgement. A man who forsake justice in the name of money. A man who receive order from his DSS counterparts, before unleashing judgement not that he don't know what is right, but because he wants to retain his job.

A man who listens to an illiterate who don't know the consequential treatment of human right violators. A man who receive envelopes bundled with billions of naira just to trade justice to someone who does not understand simple English talk more of understanding the predicaments of one who trade justice.

with the following inscriptions of justice Tsoho, you can quote me right that the court proceedings are being run by president Muhammadu Buhari and partners in crime I.e DSS. Justice Tsoho has allowed the greatest illiterate to bring low his self esteem and reputation. It is quite shameful that such man can allow a peadophile to deprive him his respects.

If I were Tsoho, I will show Buhari that justice can not be sold, I will tell Buhari that judiciary is the common hope of man. But it is quite unfortunate that justice Tsoho has become not only a slave, but an errand boy in the name of money. But I still advise this compromised judge, to retrospect and do that which he was taught throughout his life in academics.

I will advice you remember that the man you are serving is an illiterate and does not understand the human right law, which is a universal law. it's better you terrace your ways now or have yourself blamed forever.we are indigenous people and are entitled to the human rights of which the Islamic state of Nigeria is a signatory to. Justice Tsoho rise up to your feet now and say no to injustice

By Precious Emmanuel
Edited by Udeagha Agwu Obasi

For IPOB Writers

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