Kanu, under persecution by Buhari
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

“The most shameful aspect of what is going on in Nigeria today is not just that Buhari, an illiterate and school dropout, is the one interpreting the law for the whole country and the judiciary; but that highly educated, civilised and informed people are keeping mute over it and have refused to speak up.”

Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian President, has used every opportunity to accuse Nnamdi Kanu of committing an offence of treasonable felony. Kanu is the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and Director of Radio Biafra, who has been campaigning for the restoration of the sovereign and independent state of Biafra, which is a legitimate aspiration under international law.
On late December 2015, Buhari went on national television to find Nnamdi Kanu guilty of the offence of treason. According to Buhari, Nnamdi Kanu committed the offence because he had to passports – British and Nigerian. He said it was an offence because Kanu came into the country without any of the passports. In addition, he said the IPOB leader entered the country with sophisticated equipment. “Do you know he has two passports, one Nigerian, one British, and he came to this country without using any passport? …  “Do you know he brought in sophisticated equipment and was broadcasting for Radio Biafra? There is a treasonable felony against him, and I hope the courts will listen to the case” Buhari told a panel of Nigerian journalists interviewing him.
Buhari, the habitual liar
The Nigerian President is a habitual liar, and it shows, even in his interviews. For instance, it is a known fact that Nigerian law accepts dual citizenship for its citizens. How then does having two passports amount to an offence, even an offence of treason. In addition, how could someone enter the country without using any of the passports, and he was cleared at the airport – both at the London, British end; and Lagos, Nigerian end. Buhari even claimed also that it was treasonable to import sophisticated equipment. But up till today, Buhari has not mentioned what the equipment is.
The most shameful aspect of what is going on in Nigeria today is not just that Buhari, an illiterate and school dropout, is the one interpreting the law for the whole country and the judiciary; but that highly educated, civilised and informed people are keeping mute over it and have refused to speak up against it.
Viewed from all ramifications, one begins to see the shame and unjustness that is in Nigeria. For Buhari to be the one accusing Kanu is the height of hypocrisy and injustice. It shows the wickedness and evil that has so brazenly become inherent in the contraption called Nigeria. Under normal circumstances and in a real country of worth, this trial going on now against Kanu should be the other way round; Buhari should be the one standing trial for all manner of offences. This is because Buhari has committed many criminal acts all his life.  He is not only a petty thief; a kidnapper; a pedophile, and a liar; he is also a treasonable felon; et al.
In 1968, he took soldiers to a church in Owerri (now Imo State capital) to massacre innocent women, children and the aged who ran to the church to take refuge from his rampaging troops. He promised he was going to do worse to Biafrans as President in the current dispensation, and he is doing just that.
It is on record that immediately Buhari shot himself into power as military head of state in 1984 (a treasonable offence), he set about persecuting his perceived enemies. Many of them who were politicians, he gave them outrageous jail terms, up to 100 to 240 years. One of the first things he did was to commence the printing of new currencies (with new colours) for the country. The intention was to render illegally acquired funds in the hands of the people useless. To make the programme effective, borders were closed to persons and goods and it was to make sure nobody smuggled in the old currencies into the country. However, as dubious and hypocritical as Buhari has ever been, he allowed the smuggling of 53 suit-cases into the country, which many people believed contained the old currencies. Talk about a leader undermining the good of his country.
Umaru Dikko, kidnapped by Buhari
Buhari is a kidnapper, for he arranged the kidnap of Umaru Dikko from his home in London in 1984. The kidnapping was done by putting Dikko in a crate as Nigeria’s diplomatic cargo. It took the brilliance of the British Police to thwart the kidnap arranged by Buhari as head of state. Now, even before Buhari became Nigeria’s military head of state, he had already been suffused in the controversy of a missing N2.8 Billion under his watch as minister of petroleum.
Buhari is a master at using fronts to commit atrocious frauds as well. He has done it with his wife, his aides and even his family members. On his first official visit to the USA, he was given the list of perpetrators of the Halliburton bribery scandal. Those who gave it to him expected that he would use it to launch anti-corruption programme, which he had so noisily campaigned with. But he has not because the name of his wife, Aisha, is on the list. This is a case in which high-ranking British and USA citizens have been jailed.
Aisha Buhari, recipient of Halliburton bribe
In 1995, General Sani Abacha, the military head of state increased the pump price of petrol from N3. 25 to N11. According to Abacha, the extra fund from the increase would be used to distribute for social and infrastructural projects. Abacha said he was looking for an honest Nigerian to administer the fund under a body he set up – Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF). Unfortunately, Buhari at the time was still able to veil his dubious nature and people accepted Abacha’s choice of Buhari. By the time the story of PTF ended in 1999, Buhari had stolen from it to the tune of billions through his many fronts.
Then there was the case of the former National Security Adviser who was being hounded by his government for the way he shared the security vote of former President Goodluck Jonathan. It is record that no government has even been questioned as to how they used their security vote, but Buhari chose to open that of Jonathan just to embarrass him and give the impression he was fighting corruption. Incidentally, it was discovered that he also received from the money shared through his Personal Assistant, Sabi’u Yusuf, to the tune of N850 million. This was reportedly domiciled in Yusuf’s Access Bank account with Account number: 0045586381. Yusuf is also Buhari’s nephew.
Kanu and wife
This is the man who is accusing a clean and decent family man like Nnamdi Kanu of committing treasonable felony. Kanu is a graduate of Metropolitan University, London, having studied Political Economy there. He practiced as an Economic Consultant before delving fully into Biafra activism. What he had done was to float a radio station that is registered legitimately in Britain (the most civilised and law-driven country in the world); and the signal is received worldwide. Kanu preaches self-determination for his Biafran people, which is a legitimate aspiration under the United Nations Charter on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of 2006. How does that become treason?
The time has come when people of goodwill all over the world should step in and stop this persecution of Nnamdi Kanu going on in Nigeria under Buhari.

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