This is to thank General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) for his contribution for the restoration of Biafra. While thanking him, it is important to remind him that we are not unaware that all his contributions were made as a result of his foolishness. You started by trying to kill Biafra, hence it is wise to start this appreciation message by telling you that “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for Buhari, or any other mortal being for that matter, to kill Biafra”. 

The arch ethnic cleanser, Gowon and his accomplices in the persons of Olusegun Obasanjo, Theophilus Danjuma and others tried it in 1970 by deleting all occurrences of the word “Biafra” from all available documents, but they failed to kill Biafra. 

They renamed streets, villages and institution all in a bid to kill Biafra but the more they try, the more Biafra duplicates, triplicates and quadruplicates. Had it been that Buhari has a serviceable brain, he should have observed that these days, the more he tries to kill Biafra, the more Biafra MULTIPLIES. 

Biafra is God’s own project and is beyond the understanding of even the most lettered men of the world; talk less of an uneducated and imbecilic dullard like Buhari.
At a time you claimed to have inherited a "virtually empty" treasury, you spent billions of naira to put our Biafra Broadcasting Service – BBC (also called Radio Biafra) off air. Now you and I know that you only succeeded in bringing it to the world stage to the extent that David and Cameron and Barack Obama do not sleep well any day they do not listen to Radio Biafra. 

We know you also listen to it every day because that is one of the few places where truth is still told in the world today. Radio Biafra that was hitherto begging for alms to remain in business is now so economically buoyant that it has opened branches in many other parts of the world, courtesy of your effort to kill it. Radio Biafra now broadcasts 24/7. You have now decided to live with Radio Biafra, so shall you be forced to live with other things associated with Biafra and, in the end, force yourself to live with Biafra. 

Take it or leave it. Time and space will definitely not permit me to pen down all your efforts to kill Biafra that have turned out to be futile but you know them all. In fact those efforts have ended up fertilising the Biafra restoration, making people to wonder whether you are a Biafran. To mention but a few: your hate-driven anger against Biafrans made you to arrest Prince Nnamdi Kanu but you know right in your mind now that it was a mistake. 

To worsen the already bad situation you flouted the orders of the courts that ordered you to release him. This has tarnished your image both at home and abroad and has made Mazi Kanu a household name worldwide. 

The mere printing of his name on products by corporate organisations now turns their products and services into gold – if you doubt, ask Coca-Cola. Any politician that attaches Kanu to his name now wins elections landslide – if you doubt, ask Senator Ohuabunwa. Even the uneducated and never-to-be educated almajiris in your own Daura village that have never travelled (and will never travel) outside their villages of birth can now pronounce Nnamdi Kanu, even better than they can pronounce "Muhammadu Buhari". Any newspaper publisher that fails to write KANU boldly on the front page will have a “bad market” for that day.

You sprayed chemical weapons on protesting Biafrans at Onitsha and this has attracted investigators from Amnesty international. You said you will not tolerate Biafra and Obama invited you for interrogation. In fact you have made Biafra so popular that it is right now being discussed on the floor of the UK Parliament and many other parliaments in the world. You cannot kill Biafra, put it into your empty head. Thank you very much for your foolish efforts that finally led to the restoration of Biafra. Biafra has come to stay and it will be restored in your own.
By Oghenevwe Onoriode 
for Umuchukwu Writers
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