"I already prepared to expose Keyamo and his criminal tendencies. But I delayed because I wanted concrete evidence that he and Lauretta Onochie were working together. I hope this lawsuit they filed is real." - Author

I have always known that I would play a great role in the development of the Nigerian law. I knew it would come from multiple angles. First, it would come from my role as a lawyer. In less than two years after I established law practice in Nigeria, I am already involved in a number of cases that will ultimately change the legal landscape. 
I recently obtained a judgment that should make it impossible for the EFCC to freeze people's bank account without a court order. I am starting a legal publication and case tracking program, which are calculated to eliminate corruption in the judiciary. Also, I am establishing a legal institute for legal education for both lawyers and non-lawyers in this country.
Now, there is yet another angle from which I would contribute to Nigerian law. These are from cases in which I am a party. Last November, the Federal High Court, Lagos gave a judgment which found that the EFCC violated my rights when it detained me unlawfully in 2011. That court awarded me damages in the amount of 10 million naira. I will take that case all the way to the Supreme Court of Nigeria. I want the apex court to decide definitively on the detention powers of the executive arm of government.
Also, the two cases the EFCC has against me will similarly end up at the Supreme Court.
Finally, a person is said to have sued me for defamation in Nigeria. I am happy. It is an opportunity to test the defamation laws of this country. All those websites which wrote that I stole 1.5 million dollars - Premium Times, and the rest are going to come to court to explain when and how I stole the money. These news websites are carrying false defamatory stories about me that I stole money. It is really good to drag all of them to court and let them explain where they got such story. So, I am happy.
As to how I would react to this rumored lawsuit, I can tell you that I will use shock and awe on them. First, I already prepared to expose Keyamo and his criminal tendencies. But I delayed because I wanted a concrete evidence that he and Lauretta Onochie were working together. I hope this lawsuit they filed is real. We need to stop this practice whereby Keyamo poses as EFCC lawyer on some case and turn around and collect money from private persons. That is corruption. That is criminal. So, he has to be stopped, and he has to disclose all the money he was paid for this. He has been using the EFCC connection to extort money from victims. I have evidence.
WHAT IS THE REAL MOTIVE FOR THIS LAWSUIT BY MADAM LOLLY? It is not with the intention to win a judgment against me. That I can tell you now. The last person to sue me for defamation is the woman that defamed me ten times over. You don't need to be a lawyer to understand that she would have to prove that all she said about me was true. And she cannot. But because she is stupid, she may not realize that.
The real motives for suing me are:
(1) She wants me to stop talking about her. She wants me to suspend or abandon my work in exposing the Dubai Madams. She believes that I would shut up and stay silent. But she does not know me. My response is clear. I will file a lawsuit against her for the trauma she caused my clients when she helped send them to Dubai and Greece for prostitution.
(2) Another reason for her suit was that she wanted to project herself as Buhari's aide. She wanted to say that in the media, and this is a good way to say it. But she does not know that she would have to prove her real link to President Buhari. She has to. And if she lied, then she cannot have any basis to stand. And if it is true that she is working for Buhari, then we need to know whether the President authorized the attack she mounted on me. Is this how President Buhari would like to deal with opponents and critics? That we shall find out too.
(3) Thirdly, Lauretta simply wants to further defame me using her publication about the lawsuit to defame me. All that she wrote in her media publication on this case are defamatory. She said that I deliberately failed to file papers for tax exemption for the 1.5 million. She thinks that America is like Nigeria. An embassy's tax status is known to the US Government. You don't need to file any papers for that purpose. But because they are criminals, they lie to you.
(4) Fourthly, Keyamo realized that he will not win any of the EFCC cases he has against me. He already lost the one in Lagos so woefully. This case is just another opportunity to appear to hurt me. But he is so stupid. He has now exposed himself to a counter offensive.
I say to all of you: do not worry. If you love me, go and drink Champaign. These people have done me the best service ever. I just hope that this so called lawsuit is not a hoax. I hope it will be real.
Did you know that after the courts granted me bail in 2011, Keyamo, because he collected money from a private client, did everything to delay my bail? Did you know that after I finally was released, Keyamo filed an application in court to revoke my bail? Did you know that? Did you know the reasons Keyamo gave for my bail to be revoked? He said that I was intimidating Mrs. Farida Waziri and Ambassador Adefuye through my media comment. That was the first time I realized that some people were afraid of my outspokenness.
I will post Keyamo's application for the revocation of my bail soon. I would want you people to read and know the real Keyamo. Now, you can see the sort of person he is. Totally corrupt and criminal! But he goes around bullying people and pretending to be brave.
I will make a website and post everything - every case, every document, that I have been involved with, starting from Sahara Reporters to Premium Times, to Tell, to all the other shenanigans. You will see how these outfits were paid money to lie against me. That was how they created all those nonsensical stories you google up about me. None of those things you see in google about me is true. It is all bullshit which showed how uniquely criminal some Nigerians are. Only Nigerians would take money and go to a website and lie against a person in the manner these people did to me.
All these years, I kept quiet. I watched as they tried to destroy me. But they didn't know how strong I was. When it did not work as they planned, and when I continued to be more and more popular despite their attacks, they got angry and complained that I was too popular. In the story that Tell Magazine was paid to publish against me, it complained that Emeka Ugwuonye, who was supposed to be in jail had become a rock star. Can you imagine? Me, a rock star. I claimed it immediately. I claimed the status of a rock star. I realized that if I became a celebrity, it would drive these people to their graves. I then accepted that status and worked toward that. Now where is Tell Magazine? Do you still hear about them? Today, I thank God that I have greater audience than Tell Magazine, assuming it is still existing.
When Lauretta Onochie and her dumb gang found out that their attacks on me was not diminishing me and that the membership of our great group (DPA) was increasing rather than decreasing, they proclaimed that even international criminals are popular. I laughed. So, she did not know I was popular when she started attacking me falsely? She should have thought about that before her mindless attacks.
My enemies are dying because nobody is believing their lies anymore. When they call me a thief, many more people call me the advocate. That kills their spirit. I laugh all the time. Keyamo and Lauretta have entered one chance if they actually filed a lawsuit for defamation against me. One chance.
Emeka Ugwuonye
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