General Buhari and Britain will wish to nuke Biafrans for the sake of the crude oil resources in Biafra land. Buhari, at Ethiopia on 30th January stated that “the theft of the oil market by some Nigerians that happen to live there who feel that the oil belongs to them and not the country is an irritating thing for those of us (Britain inclusive) who participated in the civil war for 30 months in which at least two million Nigerians (more than 5million Biafrans) were killed,”. This is clear message to those gullible and weak minds who refused to know that Nigeria exists on the premise of crude oil resources in Biafraland. In other words, there would have been no need for the civil war that claimed over 5 million Biafrans if there was no oil in Biafra land.  The sole aim Britain could waste over 5million Biafran lives was to make sure the oil keeps flowing despite whose life goes in for it. There is nothing like one Nigeria by passion and patriotism rather the nonsense “one Nigeria” only exist in the minds of those civil war veterans in Arewa and Britain who believe that the oil in Biafraland is a war booty. No wonder Shell could destroy Ogoni in Biafraland and out rightly decide not to clean up the mess, while their pipe which leaked in Gulf of Mexico in US which caused spillage was cleaned up with apology. The reason they could not clean up Ogoni is because as Buhari stated in Ethopia, that those of them who killed millions of Biafrans (Britain inclusive) believe that the oil belong to them and not for the host communities. But even if the oil really belonged to Jigawa state, is it not only judicious for shell to have cleaned up the mess they caused at the source of their means of sustenance as they did in Mexico?
This primitive and callous form of reasoning is the bases for seeking political positions, which aimed is to keep taking the people's resource down to London and Abuja. No wonder Obasanjo could slaughter every living thing in Odi community, Biafraland and Britain covered up the atrocity before international community. They believe that the crude in Biafraland is valuable and worth protecting even at the expense of the lives of the people of the host communities. What a shame to British civility!

Buhari did not come to governance to govern or bring anything better rather than to take the crude in Biafraland and renew oil block licenses 90% of which belongs to the North. This is evidence in his unconstitutional scramble to petroleum minister’s office that has mar the contraption called Nigeria today. Also the All Progressive Congress (APC) National chairman Mr Oyegun recently frowned at the supreme court failure to cede oil rich Igwuocha (Rivers state) to his party. He stated that his party is not happy for not being in control of the oil state in Biafraland. This is to tell you why Buhari and APC came to power, just for oil loot. What holds Nigeria as a contraption still is the oil in Biafraland and that is why the slogan of “one Nigeria” only serves the interest  of Britain and Arewa Nation.
Different methods were adopted to divide and keep ruling over us before the emergence of Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. who stand a great threat to Anglo-Arewa conspiracy over Biafrans. Director Nnamdi Kanu, through Radio Biafra exposed the Anglo-Arewa antics to the surprise of them and many Biafrans. Their evil of dividing Biafrans was too obvious that they could impose a colloquial in existent cardinal point they called “south south” as a name to some parts of Biafran land just to destroy the brotherhood among them. But questions many gullible ones among us failed to ask is, where is “North North”, “West west”, “East east”. That is how far they went in destroying us, but recent events have proven to them that we Biafrans cannot be fooled forever. The people have reason from Igala, Idoma, Ijaw, Ikwerre, Ogoni, Efik, Igbo, etc to rebuild the wall of their Jerusalem. Nothing will ever divide us again for we are focused, determine and resolute to defend the Biafran course. Our enemies are bound to fall in their overt and covert plots against us as they are already failing before our very eyes now. Thanks to God of Israel, ChukwuokikeAbhiama!

Wirtten  By  Okoro Austine
Edited by  Ikechukwu Nwaorisa 

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