Having confirmed that Nigerians are criminals which buttresses the initial position of Nnamdi  Kanu, why then did Buhari kidnapped Kanu. Truth cannot be hidden forever for slowly light shall come upon it, Nigerians go about calling for the head of Nnamdi Kanu, that he is a terrorist for calling Nigerians baboons, today Buhari has said that they are not only Baboons but criminals, we must respect freedom of speech and expression and never shall Biafrans remain in Nigeria to be criminals. It should be noted that Nnamdi Kanu have reasons for his agitation and of which is to rescue his people from identity that is alien to them and bring Biafrans back to God.

Instead of admiring Nnamdikanu for his courage to disassociate Biafrans from criminals, for his courage to help his people stop being criminals, he was thrown into the prison by criminals. It is a very much disturbing truth that Buhari has gone out to confirm Nigerians are criminals, he went as far as saying that the oil they steal has fallen to nothing and questioned his god why he came when stealing doesn't pay much again. Recall that Nigeria was created for the purpose of business, no Nigerian is indigenous person and hence Nigeria became a rogue state and Nigerians became criminals for only criminals can survive in Nigeria.

On the other hand, Buhari might be taking his hate campaign to Biafrans in abroad, to smear them and frustrate them knowing that few Hausa/fulani can travel out. It is obvious that Buhari is yet to understand that Biafrans no longer exist as Nigerians in the various countries they are domiciled. I hereby want to give a wakeup call to Biafrans wherever they are to quickly join your nation, join an IPOB family meeting closest to you to avoid being treated and seen as criminal. We are Biafrans and we are lovely people, cherished by God and cherished by man, Nigerians can be criminals as said by their president we are Biafrans we are not criminals.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
(For Family Writers)
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