It is confirmed that a surreptitious arms deal has been struck between British Prime Minister, David Cameron and the African Hitler, Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria. The Biafra Telegraph scoop revealed that the deal was struck to help Buhari have enough arms to subdue Biafrans who are seeking independence from Nigeria.
Our source said the arms were being transported to Saudi Arabia first, from where it would finally be exported to Nigeria. The source explained that the cumbersome movement of the arms was specifically adopted to keep the deal away from the prying eyes of the British public who may not be favorably disposed to any deal aimed at murdering innocent civilians.
In addition, Cameron was said to have timed the deal to coincide with the period of the Brexit debate – the debate on whether Britain should remain or exit European Union (EU). The done under the shadow of the debate, according to our source, was to make sure that the highly civilised British public would be turned away from it.
On the part of Buhari, he deceived his own people by sending home photographs of him prayers in mosques in Saudi Arabia, when in actual fact they were cover up for his sneaking around the country inspecting the arms, and making arrangements how transport them back to Nigeria.
Buhari, the African Hitler
It was revealed that the deal started on February 5 when Buhari – claiming to be on a five days’ vacation used the opportunity to partly attend to his health, and then to finalize the deal with Cameron. On February 21, Buhari started a visit to Saudi Arabia, where he was said to tie all loose ends to the deal.

Many Biafrans told about this deal said they were not surprised because it was the same method late British Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan used to arm Gowon during the first Biafra/Nigeria war of 1967 – 70, without the British public being the wiser of it.
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