Buhari, the African Hitler
Buhari and his fellow power mongers from the Northern and Western parts of the contraption called Nigeria are working extra hard to continue to be in control of the oil-blocks in Biafraland. But Biafrans are now, more than ever before, ready to resist them, insisting that they (the North and the West) no longer have moral or legal right to determine what happens to the resources in their land.
Now, with Forcados’, a major oil-pipeline in Burutu, Delta State, bombed; and the formation of more militant groups in the Niger Delta parts of Biafraland, the people are saying that it is no longer going to be business as usual. They are also saying that foreign countries and companies should get directly to Biafrans and negotiate oil and gas deals rather than doing so with Nigeria – a contraption that has become an illegal entity since the end of 2014.
On Monday, February 15, the African Hitler, Muhammadu Buhari, announced to the world that he deployed troops to the Niger Delta region (a part of Biafraland) to protect all the oil and gas pipelines. He said also that the deployment was meant to stop incessant kidnappings in the region.
But Biafrans believed they knew better. They believed Buhari’s statement was another of Nigerian rulers’ lie-lines – saying one thing and meaning another. For them, the deployment was simply an effort by elements from the Northern and Western parts of Nigeria (the power mongers) who had been controlling the oil and gas fields in Biafraland to continue to maintain their strangle-hold on the industry.
The power mongers are in fact internal colonizers. They are Fulani and Yoruba peoples who rigged Buhari into power last year just to protect their interest in the oil and gas fields in Biafraland. The fact is that the Fulanis of the North and Yorubas of the West have been the ones usurping up to 95 per cent of the oil-blocks their land.
The subsisting allocation was to end by 2016 for a new allocation to be done, and they feared that Jonathan, as a Biafran would not allow the injustice to continue, and so had to be forced out of the Presidency. Their other fear about Jonathan was that he fashioned out a Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) with Deziani Madueke, his oil minister. The bill was crafted to benefit oil producing communities. But the power hawks were afraid that Jonathan would influence the bill to be passed into law if he were allowed to win the election.
With Jonathan out of the way after the so-called 2015 election, the next obstacle to be removed became the Biafran Independence agitators. The power mongers believed Jonathan would not be able to apply the strong arm tactics needed to achieve their aim. They believed Buhari, a Fulani man whose only qualification is that he hated Biafrans and was smuggled into the Army as a school dropout. Incidentally, Buhari had earlier made statements that met their requirements: “Igbos hated me because of my involvement in Biafra war (Igbos are Biafrans). If I have another opportunity, I will kill them to keep Nigeria one”.
Buhari's troops heading to the creeks
Knowledgeable about the foregoing, Biafrans knew Buhari’s decision to deploy troops to the Niger Delta in Biafraland was to cow the people into submission or to provoke another Biafra/Nigeria war. Buhari saw the deployment as a win-win situation for him. On one hand, if he succeeds in cowing the people with the military, there would be a semblance of peace and investors would be encouraged to come and sign oil and gas deals with his government. On the other hand, if war eventually breaks out, countries sympathetic to Nigeria would help him with funds to prosecute the war and cater for displaced persons, in which case his cash-strapped government would get a reprieve. Painfully for Biafrans, there are no oil deposits in the North and West of Nigeria. But peoples from this area, who always fought to control the levers of power, always wanted the status-quo to remain, and were ever ready to kill Biafrans to achieve it.
But this time around, Biafrans are warning that it would be a costly venture for any country or company to go into any form of oil and gas deal with Buhari on the resources that are in their land. They warn that any country or company doing that would be doing so at its own peril. Their argument is that the contraption called Nigeria had legally seized to exist, explaining that it was formed in 1914 by Britain and given a lifespan of 100 years which expired in 2014.
Biafrans contend that having expired, that that nationality groups locked in the contraption have every right to exit if they so desire. For them therefore, Buhari is not qualified to enter into any agreement that would be binding on Biafran peoples. They are calling on countries and company desirous of doing business in Biafran oil and gas to meet with Biafrans directly and negotiate with them. Biafrans are advising that the only route open for Buhari to help Nigeria have a stake in Biafra oil and gas again, would only be if he opened channels of discussion with Biafrans. They warn that unless this is done, that things would eventually get out of hand for him.
Biafrans who spoke to Biafra Choice writers expressed no surprise that new militant groups were springing up and oil pipelines were being bombed.
Explosion on a pipeline in Niger Delta
They said the happenings were clear signals that the people would not honour agreements made by Buhari on their behalf. According to them, the African Hitler is not qualified to do so.

By Tim Tochukwu
for Biafra Choice Writers
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