Biafrans murdered by Nigerian Army and Police

Amnesty International (AI) the world acclaimed civil rights group has led the way in opening the eyes of the world to Nigerian government’s acts of brutal murder and suppression against its supposed citizens.
In a recent interview it granted to a prime media outfit based in London, AI revealed how the military and other security agencies of Nigeria have killed unarmed Biafran agitators. Condemning the brutal killing of defenseless protesters in Biafraland, Lucy Freeman, senior researcher of Amnesty International in London, said the Nigerian military was using lethal force against protesters.
“What is happening in south-eastern Nigeria is not a conflict situation and the law enforcement model that has been used is not appropriate”.  She said that Nigerian government should respect the rule of law and stop the excessive use of force against defenseless demonstrators.
Amnesty International was not happy that in spite of reports of atrocities being perpetrated against the peoples, Nigerian government was not doing anything about it. “The Nigerian government is obligated to carry out investigations that have to be independent, impartial and effective”. She revealed that what the Nigerian government had been doing all along was deny the atrocities committed by it men, rather than take actions to stop it or prosecute those responsible. “It is not enough to deny allegations and people need to be prosecuted and brought to justice” she said.

At least Amnesty International, by this revelation, proved to the world that Nigeria’s constant denials of perpetrating atrocities on Biafran peoples have been all lies. 
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