By Nwabunwanne Elughaiwe Solomon (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

It is an eyesore and unacceptable for Biafran politicians in the Nigerian government to be selfishly working for personal gain. They abandon those who elected them to represent them, just to be recognized or approved by the Fulani politicians that control Abuja. All to the detriment of its citizens. 

Look at what is happening in Imo state. You need nobody to convince you that everything happening there is a direct work of a sycophant and working to win the favour of the ruling Fulani cabal in the Aso rock. This cabal instigates disunity and violence in every part of the country for their religious dominance and Islamization. 

It is sad to say that Biafra has no people who represent them purely and well in politics. Our local adage stated that Sheep that has ram as offspring has no offspring. I am not focusing on Joe Igbokwe, but his recent utterances about working assiduously for APC, just for a cup of tea in Abuja, is an eye-opener to the expectations and ambition of Biafran politicians of today. 

These Biafran politicians are long throated, selfish, and gravy in nature (never satisfied) over ill-gotten wealth that has turned their daytime into night. It is unspeakable that none of them could speak truth into place. This singular attitude of our politicians had turned the ever-peaceful Imo state into a war-torn area. It returned the hand of the clock and development of this area back to the 16th-century era. 

When I grossly listened to professor Soludo on his 17.09.21 Channels tv interview, I discovered that these men are not for the masses. He said, with extreme confidence, undermining what Biafrans want, that there will be an election in Anambra state as a challenge to IPOB. If IPOB insists on no election, Anambra state will eventually boil into a war zone, a simile of Imo State. It means that none of them serves the public interest, and I am sorry that the masses have no defender. 

These people are ready to do anything to be governor over people that never wanted them anyway. With this crop of politicians, the future of Biafraland is still very much in shambles and dark. I continue holding my ground that delay is dangerous. This little money passing through hands is a distraction and cannot take us anywhere but rather eat today and be a slave forever. It is only in Biafra our influence evolved globally. Hello Biafra.

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