■ Author: Aguocha Chinwendum

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 12 Aug 2021 

Martin Luther King Jr., While fighting for the blacks to be free from discrimination and racism in America, had to force the black community in North America to boycott the public transportation system in protest of the way and manner blacks were discriminated against in public buses and trains, he had few house slaves like the political slaves and otellectuals we have today in Alaigbo who were fighting him, accusing him of causing more harm and hardship on black people. 

We have just realised we can't satisfy those that love their chains, and so we match forward to freedom land. We are not concerned about their grammar and political correctness; they pretend to love our people more than those giving their lives and works to get them liberated from the British zoo called Nigeria. NECO was their next bait when they failed with "killing the southeast economy theory" we don't want to be coming tops of NECO, JAMB, WAEC annually and will end up coming last in the job employment list, coming last in the political positional standings. 

Despite taking first positions in NECO, WAEC, JAMB, and producing the highest number of graduates in the top universities in Nigeria and around the world, producing the best graduating students in various departments and universities the best positions are not given to us, we are forbidden from becoming the president of a country we call our own, we are being ruled by a man without a WAEC certificate, the chief justice of the federation is a man that studied Islamic law (A sharia court judge) those who are far below us in academics settings are the ones occupying top positions in the ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, EFCC, POLICE, ICPC, NDLEA, IMMIGRATION, CUSTOM, NTA, NNPC, Etc. 

Our learned men and women are relegated as common servants. We should boycott this NECO and gain the freedom to a society where we can build our civilisation, a place of merits and equity, a place of Justice and equal rights. Biafraland is the place we seek, a place of peace and harmony, our land of grace, destiny and fulfilment, the land of our fathers and ancestors. 

The land of the rising sun, we love and cherish the beloved land of our great heroes. 

#ghosttown #FreeNnamdiKanu #BiafraNationNow #BiafraExitNow #BiafraReferendum #AGUOCHASFACT 


Published By Udeagha Obasi 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum

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