By Stephenson Princess Ifunanya

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

The country we are in now has disappointed every one of us. We live in a country where our so-called leaders don't care about the welfare of the citizens. All they care about majorly is their pocket and how to use the peoples suffering to enrich their pockets. They all have an evil plan against the people they claim to be ruling. They are frivolous; they don't even care about the security or the welfare of the people.

The Fulani herdsmen came to the southeast to oppress and inflict harm and fear into people's lives. Even if their cows (their friends) enter your property, you dare not talk because of fear. About a month ago, these heartless uncircumcised people with all the brutality and wickedness killed an old man in Nsukka. They entered into the man's property as usual with their cows, and the cows were eating this man's sweat. These cows ate up all the crops he planted on his farm. Unfortunately, the man came to the farm and saw his sweat being eaten up. He called out to the herders and begged them to leave his farm, telling them that this is what he survives on. Instead of leaving the farm, these heartless men stabbed him several times and continued what they were doing.

Now, most people in Nsukka have abandoned their farms for these Fulani men because they keep killing people every day. People are now living in fear these herdsmen have entered every city and state in the southeast killing innocent people. The so-called leaders are watching them as they kill the people they swore to protect. In Imo state, a Law student of IMSU was also killed. People are now living in fear, especially Easterners who are fighting for their freedom. 

Because of this, they have developed security to secure and safeguard the lives of innocent people. There is nothing like Nigeria anymore, we want to go our separate ways because we have nothing in common with these killers. We want the world to hear our voices and to know about our sufferings. We want to be free from these heartless killers who have no value for human life. We want security, and we want peace. We hunger for honourable leaders who have the affairs of the people at heart. Most importantly, we want Biafra!!! We have been struggling for this for so long, and honestly, I believe the time is now.

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