Biafra: Nigeria Is Indeed A Failed State

■  Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
Twitter: @umuchiukwu
19 May 2021

Indeed there was a zoological country called Nigeria. Had it been I was not a Nigerian by force and don't have a nation of my own by now I would have been an ex-Nigerian, the country referred to as Nigeria is nothing but an impediment of failure to those gullible baboons who still refer to themselves as Nigerians, the current state of Nigeria has turned many Nigerians into wild animals, they see nothing wrong with the structure of Nigeria, they have failed to understand that their country has failed them woefully, never again will Nigeria rise, Nigeria has swallowed the blood of innocent civilians enough, what is happening to Nigeria today is a spiritual chastisement.

Nigeria is a failed state that should be disintegrated, has it ever occurred to those supporting the continued existence of Nigeria that ever since you started answering a patriotic Nigerian that your hellish contraption called Nigeria has not done anything for you, it's very sad that up to date we are yet to see any meaningful projects done by the Nigerian government, sadly for Nigerians who still believe in patriotism, their country, and her government has failed to provide them with social amenities for decades, absolutely there is no benefit of being a Nigerian.

Nigeria is indeed a failed state that has for decades taken virtually everything from her citizens, including their lives, it's annoying that in this 21st century were science and technology has been the order of the day, Nigeria has sold crude oil for 67 years can not provide ordinary motorable roads for her citizens, nepotism, tribalism, insecurity, unemployment, hardship, terrorism and restriction of human fundamental rights has always been the agenda of every administration that is in power.

To prove to you that Nigeria is a failed state that should be disintegrated, this is a country after 65 years of her independence she is still stuck in debt, an evil contraption created by lucifer where every government administration borrow money from IMF and the world bank, this is a country that kills and impoverished her citizens, a failed state that recruits terrorist to fight innocent unarmed civilians, a country created by Britain for modern slavery.

If Nigeria is not a failed state that should be disintegrated why must the only social amenities her citizens gets is extra-judicial killings and terrorism?

Nigeria is irredeemable of her failures, that is why her citizens are the ones to provide themselves with social amenities and infrastructures, woe unto you gullible myopic fools that still refer yourselves as Nigerians, for no right-thinking human being will like to associate his or herself with anything that has to do with Nigeria.

Nigeria remains a hellish contraption created by Britain to impoverished and torture indigenous people, it's an abominable entity and impediment of sorry created by man and not God, Nigeria is a curse right from day one, that is why nothing will ever work in that entity, things will continue to get worsened every day until the name Nigeria is completely obliterated from the surface of this earth, prayers and fasting by some gullible idiots cannot save Nigeria because she has murdered sleep.

Nigeria is a scam, a crime against humanity, a failed state, a horrible and genocidal state, an architecture of terrorism in West Africa that must be disintegrated for Africa to breathe, we must rise in one accord and say no to Nigeria, together we shall make it a reality.








Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

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