May 10 2021 | The Biafra Telegraph

The 'Unknown Gunmen' is a description allotted to a particular group of people who are fighting government institutions out of pain and frustrations of the decaying State of the Nation. They are mostly youths in their 30's and 40's. They don't go on any branded name, they can't be called out for dialogue with the government because they are faceless.

We can all recall how the youths of this nation came together to carry out a PEACEFUL Mass protest against the worsening state of government in power and several unprovoked killings carried out by Security operatives, the Army, Police, Navy, SARS etc.

Unfortunately, as they came out to march on the Day of Protest, Nigeria Security Departments rolled out their armoured trucks and opened fire on them. So many were killed for attempting to protest. These youths moved back into their homes broken and depressed. They were left to bury their brothers and children without any sympathy from government.

Peaceful protest is enshrined in the United Nations Charter for Human Rights. Why would Nigeria kill their youths for attempting to question the bad state of the Nation?

Amnesty International, Nigeria captured the bloodbath during the foiled #EndSARS Protest. International communities added their voices and kicked against the unprovoked killings of the Youths, especially the #LekkiTollGateBloodbath.

Today, the spirits of brutally murdered by the inhumane Nigeria Security operatives are back to avenge their Deaths. The depressed and subjugated youths who survived the carnage are jubilating and praying for the Unknown Gunmen whom from all indication, have no value for the living. The more they are killed, the more they fight back.

We are using this medium to distance the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Eastern Security Network (ESN) from the activities of the Unknown Gunmen. IPOB has been recorded as the most peaceful largest mass movement in the world. ESN is strictly a security outfit formed to wrestle the Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen who have been causing a lot of havoc in the Eastern region of Nigeria State, otherwise known as Biafra Land.

It is rather unfortunate that the Nigeria State has corrupted the Newspaper houses and each time they make reports, they turn down the truth while adoring the corrupt Nigeria government who are known as main sponsors of all the Islamic terror groups.

The Punch newspaper is very unstable in their reportage. They tilt to the weight of brown envelopes. We still have in good record the report of 3rd December 2016 by Vanguard Newspapers, where they stated clearly that the Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna state paid foreign herdsmen from Sahel from state purse.

"Kaduna State Governor Mallam Nasir el-Rufai has said his government has traced some violent, aggrieved Fulani to their countries and paid them to stop the killings of Southern Kaduna natives and the destruction of their communities saying that the renewed violence is carried out by bandits".

It has been on record too, that in the North, the height of influx and criminality from the Open-Border is on the rise. Terrorist Fulani from Sahel and other African countries have taken their foothold on Nigeria.

These group of people from outside Nigeria have been fingered many times in several Crimes. There is every possibility that they may be part of the Activities of Unknown Gunmen.

People should remember that the world has testified that IPOB is indeed a PEACEFUL Movement and any attempt to destroy our long-endeared integrity shall be thrown out with every strength in us. IPOB don't carry Guns and must be distanced from these falsehoods.

The Nigeria Military occupation of Biafra Land is provocative. Their attacks on ESN is not acceptable because they failed to Protect the people from being wiped out by the Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen. They should move back to the North where Communities have been sacked by Fulanii Herdsmen and Bokoharam. The people of SouthEast are very comfortable with Eastern Security Network-ESN because their coming has helped to reduce the Terrorist Activities of the Fulani herdsmen to a bearest minimum.




Written by:
Nwabunwanne Elughaiwe
For: Abia State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Abia State Media

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Abia State Media

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