■ Author: Iheme Chimaobin

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 06, Apr 2021 

The role of Britain in the subjugation of indigenous people around the world cannot be overemphasized. We downplay this very fact at our peril. Although history, the British scheme has been to directly or indirectly exhibit a seemingly endless control over nations basically for their economic gain. 

America fought them off, India, at one point in their history, resisted them stoutly. Most countries of the world have unbounded themselves from the shackles of this modern British slavery. However, of substantially great concern is their unresisted presence in African political and economic affairs. Nigeria remains their greatest asset. 

Interestingly, Nigeria has become the most viable and arable ground for its nefarious imperialist experiment. There is a bloated British imperialist spirit in Nigeria. This is made more eloquent in their role in the Biafran lingering question. 

Why is Britain sternly interested in preserving the unity of her creation Nigeria? Why do they keep enabling and supporting the Nigerian terrorist government to kill and maim those who stand up to uphold their freedom? The answers to the above posers are not farfetched. Britain aided Nigeria during the civil war and still aiding them today because of their economic interest coupled with their agelong plot to keep the African race down and never to rise again. 

Worryingly, the Nigerian government has become a willing tool in the hands of Britain to keep Biafra down. Their plan is only to destroy and enslave the Biafran people perpetually. We have seen overt and glaring pointers to their increased debilitating presence in Nigeria. They provide logistics to the Nigerian government just as they have always done in the past. However, there must be a strong resistance this time around. 

It's not a time to cry and lament but a time to take drastic actions so as not to allow foreigners to mortgage our destiny through the ever-ready instrumentality of "one Nigeria". Our resistance must affect the very core of the satanic foundation of this British contraption called Nigeria. Britain must understand that this Biafran quest is an ideology whose propelling dynamics is not underlined by any selfish motive but for the love of freedom and self-determination. 

All must equally take cognizance of the fact that Nigeria today is not only a disabled and dysfunctional giant of Africa but also a synonym of anarchy and bloodbath, an edifice erected by Britain in 1914. Until this edifice is violently dismantled, Nigeria will continue to be a disgrace to the African race. 

Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka

Published By Udeagha Obasi 

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