April 05 2021 | The Biafra Telegraph 

Attack by the unknown gunmen has been levelled on the peaceful IPOB and the ESN who're busy safeguarding our bushes for farming purposes and preventing the Fulani Herdsmen terrorists from further raping our mothers and sisters and being killed thereafter.

The IGP and those peddling this junk should know that IPOB remains the most peaceful mass movement of freedom fighters across the globe, and will never prevaricate till total freedom and restoration of Biafra as a sovereign state on Earth is being achieved.

No amount of lies or evil against IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, perpetrated by the Nigeria government and her subjects both in Biafra land and beyond will ever deter the family of IPOB and shake her resolve towards Biafra restoration.
I don't know the unknown gunmen just like you don't know them, but from their action so far based on my omniscience point of view; they emerged to fight for the oppressed, they emerged to avenge the deaths of the innocent people killed by the Nigeria government and her security operatives. The actions and the activities of the unknown gunmen should not in any way be misinterpreted or labelled IPOB activities. The world should take note.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media

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