By Ifeoma Okeke (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam   

Sometimes, I wonder if our politicians are humans at all. Humanity is the quality of being humane; it is all about having compassion and sympathy for others and having value for life. I begin to wonder the kind of human beings our politicians are. I wonder if it is the same God Almighty that created the American and other western politicians and their security agents that also created their Nigerian counterparts. The inhumanity in Nigeria is becoming so alarming. Nigeria has become so harsh and disastrous, the wickedness against the easterners is devastating. Southeast governors work hand-in-hand with the Nigerian security agents to kill us in our land. 


About 500 Biafrans were abducted from Obigbo by the Nigerian army and are held in the northern states in inhuman conditions. Our men in the Nigerian army custody across the various army barracks in the north of Nigeria are brutally tortured and treated like animals, and many die in the process. More than 50 of those abducted are women. They too are not left out in the inhuman treatment. When I was a little child, I admired how Westerners treat and respect their women in some of the films I watched, but the reverse is here in Nigeria. 


These Biafrans were abducted from their homes and workplaces; others were kidnapped on the way back home. A pregnant woman is among those they kidnapped. She lost her baby due to repeated rape by men of the Nigerian army. They rape these women repeatedly every day; they even raped one of the women to death and brazenly have the guts to post their evil and grievous act on social media for us to see. What an abomination!!! This man's inhumanity to man is the current news on social media. Still, the Nigerian media are not reporting it officially. The governors have no plans for the masses, no conscience because they have sent their children abroad, leaving the poor masses to face insurgence attack every day. The news about our girls and men the military took to army Barracks in northern states with brutal torture is disturbing.


People are no longer safe in this country called Nigeria, especially the Biafran youths (both male and female). All these atrocities are happening under our governors' noses. Instead of looking for a way to protect the people, their priority is to become the next president of Nigeria.  The government of Nigeria, their ghost president and his government are working hand-in-hand with the Fulani Bandit to see that Biafrans are crushed and wiped out from the face of this planet earth. Apprehended Bokoharam fighters are enlisted into the Nigerian army and sent to the east. Fulani herdsmen are in our forests, killing, raping and maiming our people. All these are ways to subdue us and take over our land. Buhari was elected to complete the Jihad Othman Dan Fodio started. When he died in 2017, the Fulani cabal running his government in his stead continued that their plan. The governors of the eastern states collude with the Nigerian security agents to kill Biafran youths. 


This government negotiate with the Fulani Bandit to the detriment of the people. The Evil activities of the Bandits have caused a lot of damage to the Nigerian people. The kidnapping of school children is now a lucrative business for the bandit. Why won't they kidnap when they know that the government will pay ransom to release the students. In 2021 alone, there have been three cases of hundreds of students kidnapped from schools in northern Nigeria. One wonders where security agents are when bandits kidnap more than three hundred students at once. Six hundred and eighteen (618) schools in the north are closed because teachers and parents fear for the students' safety. The youths now live abnormal lives because of this situation, and they search for ways to protect themselves. Some have resorted to joining bad groups and becoming problems for themselves and their communities.


With this horror happening in the north, one will think the Nigerian military will come down hard on the terrorists and bandits; you need to think again. The Nigerian army instead is moving their war machine to peaceful southeast. What are they coming to do in the southeast when the north is boiling? They are coming to aid the Fulani herdsmen to complete the conquest of Biafrans. But our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB members have vowed never to allow that to happen. They are risking their lives fighting to defend our land from the invaders. They are fighting to free Biafrans from this Lugardian contraption that Britain handed over to the murderous Fulani Janjaweed.


We are putting the world on notice as we have been doing since this second Jihad started in 2015 under the third Mahdi late President Muhammadu Buhari. Biafrans will not fold our hands and watch the Fulani jihadists wipe us out of the face of the earth. The world should call Nigeria and Britain their masters to order; they should face terrorists and bandits making their lives a misery in the north and leave us alone in Biafraland.

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