■ Author: Celestine Ariwodo

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 14 Apr 2021 

Fulani Herdsmen Attack on Ebonyi Community A Test to Ebube-Agu. 

Not up to 24 hours after the South-East governors and George Obiozor of Ohaneze Ndigbo launched Ebube Agu that the gruesome attack against Ebonyi Community was carried out by Fulani Killer Herdsmen. 

This singular act is nothing but to tell the governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo straight to their faces that they have set up nothing. Unarguably, the governors have set up absolutely nothing. 

They only came together by the invitation of Hope Uzodimma to erase shame off their faces after taking orders from Aso Rock and Sultanate of Sokoto. They wanted to convince the world of how quick they are to launch an outfit in one week after the Owerri incidents. On the other hand, they are trying hard to appease Aso Rock and Sultanate of Sokoto for the release of their innocent brothers in Owerri Correctional Centre. Boko Haram, on the contrary, won't be corrected more than two days after the arrest, and they would be showered with love and an avalanche of ceremonies. Afterwards, they would be settled with Nigeria army "jersey", yes, and I call it jersey because they are in a league. The league of which trophy Othman Dan-Fodio had set. If Boko Haram can't win it, let Al Quaeda do, and if they can't, let Bandits do, or Hisbah will. 

But if they all fail, Aso Rock, with the help of Britain, will keep trying. It is this league our governors, and Ohaneze Ndigbo has not realized. Not at any time has any Northern governor asked Boko Haram in the army to resign and be detained for their sins? But what made these governors in our land ask our freed kits and kin to return to the dungeon is nothing but to tell Fulani that they are serving them well. Now have you understand why Imo State is the only place in the world and history a man who came out fourth (4th) in an election was imposed on the people against the will of the people? We mustn't forget that George Obiozor, the president-general of Ohaneze Ndigbo, was nominated by Fulani Killer Herdsmen under Miyetti Allah. 

There is a saying that a good tree bears good fruit. If Fulani imposed governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo on our people, how can our people expect them to make our wish? Can anything good come out of Fulani? No, except killing, raping, stealing, and usurping of power. The extent to which these governors are playing with people's lives is becoming unbearable. Our people were killed in Ebonyi and Enugu last month; they all kept quiet. Those who felt they must take action only cried. But none of those who killed our people has been arrested by the army or police. The five Fulani Representatives in our land did not launch any security outfit. 

The police did not call the name of the suspects as they did in Owerri and said it was a preliminary investigation. IG of police, what are you waiting for to tell us it was Fulani who killed our people in Ebonyi on 12 April 2021? Have they been arrested? Ebube-Agu, where are you, Fulani Herdsmen killed our people again in Ebonyi, or you don't exist? These and more are the yardstick for understanding that we do not have governors but Fulani Representatives in Biafra Land. 

The little Hitler Nyesom Wike, whom we thought was a governor without knowing he is Fulani reincarnated, did launch his security outfit last month to attack IPOB and ESN. How can we call these people governors who sold themselves and their land to Fulani because of selfish interests! Till today, Nyesom Wike has not protected our mothers in Eleme from Fulani Killer Herdsmen, and rather he is busy banning Igbo meetings in Obigbo. Don't forget that Wike went through the furnace that processed Hope Uzodimma and brought it to Imo. 

Nobody has ever gone through the Nigerian Supreme Court, declared victorious, and remained pure because what Nigeria has is 'Supreme Evil'. In Biafraland, ESN is the only security known to us. Any other are terrorists and would be treated as such. If they doubt the achievements of ESN, they should ask Miyetti Allah, or they bring out their Ebube-Agu. 

Finally, understand that they are launching security outfits for their gains and the sustenance of their political positions, preservation of their 2023 aspirations, and not for the good of the people. But power belongs to God and the people. We must prevail. #SayNoToEbubeAgu. 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum 

Published by Udeagha Obasi 

For Umuchiukwu Writers

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