By Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writer)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

What happened in Ogidi Anambra state on 15th April 2021, where the so-called cult members robbed a bank and left the Biafran flag behind as their identity is unprecedented. Even a child knows that a robber can't drop his/her identity after a robbery. How can a robber leave his identity after a theft? Laughable, isn't it?. Robbery is forbidden in Biafraland. If you indulge in it, even if the law does not punish you, the ancestors will. 

Biafrans are letting the world understand that what happened at Ogidi is a planned deal between  Southeast governors and Nigerian DSS  to stop Biafrans from what they are doing, but they will fail. When this Biafran agitation started, there were no sponsors. The agitators were sponsoring the struggle from their hard-earned money. They did not rob anybody then; is it now that people from all over the world have started showing interest, especially in ESN (EASTERN SECURITY NETWORK), that they will go to rob?

Nigerian government tried the same rubbish when protests were going on in Biafra land. They contracted hoodlums to join the march to rob people and destroy their properties; they played the same game during the end SARS protest in Nigeria. They always do the same thing, using a fake identity to spoil other peoples' names. As Mazi Nnamdi Kanu always says, "We are seven steps ahead of them," whichever way they come from, we will always identify them. Biafran intelligence is one of the best in the world; that is why they remain unstoppable.

For Southeast governors and Nigerian DSS to make the world believe that Biafran agitators are criminals is a frame-up that is dead on arrival because the world already knows that they don't have such history. For me, I see such a childish frame up as a way of exposing the stupidity of the Nigerian government to the world. If they are knowledgeable enough, they would have done it so that the truth will be complicated to find out but, look at what they did. After robbing, you leave your identity; it is laughable indeed. They will continue to make mistakes, and  Biafrans will continue to win them over and over again.

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