By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

It is no longer mere news in the dailies about the inefficient militarization and religious extremism characterized by the Nigerian government's present ugly activities. In the name of law enforcement, maintaining peace, law and order, the traditional raping and kidnapping of Biafrans by the Nigerian military is no more news.

The end SARS and police brutality demonstration in October 2020 unravelled the disappointment and frustration of the so-called "Nigeria citizens". The Nigerian military abducted more than four hundred Igbo Biafrans with the maximum support of River State dictator and tyrant Nyesom Nwaike (Wike). The military took these innocent Biafrans to different military barracks in the North. The current news in Nigeria is the disheartening and mentally disturbing hostage-taking of our young girls. These innocent Biafrans have been in the army dungeon for four months. It took the efforts of IPOB and one of her lawyers Barrister Chukwuemeka Okoroafor to locate and start freeing these our traumatized brothers and sisters from various military death camps across northern Nigeria. This success of Barrister Okoroafor infuriated the Nigerian army, and they went after his life.

The futile assassination attempt on Barrister Chukwuemeka Okoroafor (Esq) is the least effort of the Nigerian military to subjugate and eliminate the truth from the surface of the earth. It is an affront to legitimacy and the rule of law that they pledged to enthrone and uphold. When they invaded and ransacked the barrister's home, the army crossed the boundary. Barrister Chukwuemeka Okoroafor's life is under severe threat and his home under siege.

Therefore, it is no doubt that self-determination is the only option for Biafrans. Freedom is and should be the ethical and fundamental assets of every living being irrespective of gender, race, class and culture. Given the incessant dehumanizing neo-colonialism and insecurity, the Fulani led Nigerian is heaping upon Biafrans. The concept cum initiation of a formidable security outfit should come to the rescue and defence of the Biafran territory.

The child of necessity, the Eastern Security Network (ESN), has taken the responsibility of guaranteeing Biafrans' protection. Bravo should be the resounding chant and Melody rendered to the sophisticated security outfit concept (ESN). A well-articulated objective of the network is meticulously observed in its respective operation. They are to secure our land against the programmed Islamization agenda of Fulani-ruled-Nigeria.

Nigeria has disintegrated. It is a contraption presided over by a cabal where criminals are glorified and boldly exulted. An example is Sheikh Gumi, the Sheikh of bandits and terrorists. Gumi is a man standing to negotiate on behalf of Islamic militants and other extremist groups. He is a man who knows where to find all the bandits terrorizing citizens in northern Nigeria, a feat the Nigerian security apparatus has not been able to accomplish to date.

In Biafra, we stand.

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