■Author:  ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra)

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 13, Mar 2021 

Good evening wonderful people, great Biafrans; wherever you are on the face of this very planet earth, especially those of you watching me live on Instagram, I welcome each and every one of you. 

I welcome you by saying good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you. As you know, Facebook is doing their best to suppress what we are doing; they are trying to frustrate us into submission that we may not be able to broadcast as Chukwu Okike Abiama has mandated us to, but they have failed very, very woefully, and they will continue to fail.

Today's date is the 8th day of March in the year of our most high Elohim 2021.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu; I am the leader of the Indigenous People of BIAFRA all over the world, the director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television. And by the very special grace of the most high Elohim a servant of the wonderful people of BIAFRA.

We are going to pray as it's customary for us here!

Opening prayer followed, the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always. And after which I Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra echoed Isee! Isee!! Isee!!! To all the great prayers that he made, and he proceeded with the gospel of redemption that he has for the Biafrans and lovers of freedom all over the world.


Having handed over our proceedings to heaven, we must therefore proceed, unfailingly and very speedily to preach this very gospel that we have been mandated to preach this every day, because heaven and the earth will bear us witness, that they came in their time and gospel of redemption was preached, and men were saved from their falling.

This evening I will start by calling upon Bishop Kukah, or should I say all the Catholics around the world to please warn him, Bishop Kukah, to desist from making statements and comments that will annoy God almighty in heaven. If he continues in the manner that he has deduced his life to follow, then I will place a curse on him in public. I am not saying this very lightly because he is a man that I have enormous regards and respect for, Bishop Kukah I respect him, I love him immensely, but he came up with some statement which are, should I say becoming insensible, unreasonable human being, so, therefore, he must retrace his stapes.

We must also remind ourselves that a few days ago, I said something about those of them trying their best to keep Nigeria together, the zoological republic that should not exist in the first place. And this every evening, I want to reinforce these very facts that the curse that I placed on the United Kingdom, a people that I revere and I love very much, people that I hold their citizenship and have sworn allegiance to and will continue to defend their genuine interest because I am Anglophile at heart.

That very Britain today, is not up to seven days that I made that very statement live here on air, the leader of the Welsh people have come out to make a categorical statement that Britain no longer exists in their own thinking, this is what I want to guide the thinking of all our people, I want it to guide our understanding about what is happening in the zoo, and to understand also the spiritual dimension which we have chosen to pursue this very noble course.

According to Mark Drakeford, who is the leader of the Welsh people in the U.K., and I quote, the United Kingdom is over, he said. As I told you a few days ago that anybody who has a hand, or who is trying to keep Nigeria together as one, their Kingdom, or their entity will disintegrate, these are the things that I want you to understand this very evening that Nigeria has expired, the rot of almighty God is upon Nigeria. 

Look at Tinubu, for example, what the Yoruba's are going through on his account, look at how the Christian minorities in the North are being slaughtered and brutally massacred by the Janjaweed elements of the caliphate. Because the likes of Bishop Kukah is there preaching unity that he knows doesn't exist because Britain is directly involved in trying to keep together what God almighty has destroyed, that is the reason why Mark Drakeford has come out to say that the United Kingdom is over.

I warned Britain if you continue to meddle in the affairs of Nigeria to the extent whereby you are presenting a stumbling block to the emancipation of children of God, the children of light, the United Kingdom will be decimated. If you do not stop meddling in Nigeria trying to keep people who are not supposed to be one together, believe you, me God almighty in heaven will destroy Britain beyond recognition, I warned you, and it has started happening already.

As I warned the zoo many, many years ago, if you don't allow us the Biafrans to go, that zoological republic called Nigeria will be the worst place than Somalia, and today is happening. And if you have not applied for your Somalian visa, please try and do so as quickly as possible because the zoo is on the part of destruction, and there is nothing man can do to reverse it; mark today's date about what I am telling you, Nigeria will be destroyed beyond human comprehension so says the Lord of hosts. Anything I tell you here is the gospel; anything I opened my mouth to tell you must come to pass because almighty determined that we should come, and we have come to preach in truth and every honesty.

And I want Britain to understand this today, and if you stand as an obstacle on the part of BIAFRA freedom, you will be destroyed. The same way that the late Buhari tried, Buhari tried to stop BIAFRA from coming today he is in a shallow grave in Saudi Arabia, not only that, that Kingdom he was trying to build is now shaking, that very Fulani takeover of Nigeria is in danger because we are here, or should I say because Chukwu Okike Abiama determined that we should come, and nothing, absolutely nothing is going to stop us from performing the will of the almighty.

A part of Britain has now said they are going to leave, Scotland will leave, Wales will leave, Northern Ireland will join the Irish Republic, and you only have a little England at last. And when all this are happening to them. Because of their pride and ego, they will not acknowledge that the work they did against the children of God in BIAFRA land is what is responsible for their demands as once a great nation or once a great people.

As I told you earlier, almighty God in heaven has a way of punishing his children, and we have been roundly punished, believe you me, if you have been subjugated under the very barbaric cruel of Fulani Janjaweedsm, you will understand what we are talking about.  As I am speaking to you right now, most villages are under siege, killings, raping, and abductions going on right across the length and breadth of the zoological republic, but they can not understand what is happening to them; they know that the problem of insecurity in Nigeria is intractable for the simple reason that they have failed to allow Biafra to go, the sooner they understand this, the better for them.

I must also warn the Gov of Benue State Samuel Ortom, and I am not laying a claim to the entirety of Benue State, not at all. What I am making clear to you is that there are IGBO people, IGBO communities, not traders, not migrants, not settlers; no, these are our traditional town, communities and villages wickedly gerrymandered into North. That you have IGBO people today answering IGBO name, speaking IGBO language, who are answering to the Northerners, an abomination before God Almighty in heaven. I will not allow it to continue; those IGBO speaking parts of Benue State is part and parcel of BIAFRA, part and parcel of the Eastern region and should anything happen to them, if you fail to control Fulani incursion to that very territory, then Eastern Security Network (ESN) will continue yo do their work.

I commend the men and women, not just of our high command but also the Eastern Security Network that successfully pursued and apprehended a notorious Fulani bandit by the name Mohammed Isa. We have the videos; for those of them claiming he is an old man, they are all lying, and they know it very well. He is the leader of the gangs of abductors, of rapists and of murderers tormenting our farming communities, but I am glad to report this very evening, morning or night, depending on where you are, that that threat has been permanently put to bed, it will no longer happen. Should our people in Benue State be subjugated to further attack, I am also informing Samuel Ortom, the Gov of Benue state, that I will make sure that ESN returns to that very area, or should I say, come out of the bushes to confront whoever comes against the children of the most high God Elohim in heaven, this is a warning to all of you.

We are now in the era of IPOB, no inch of territory belonging to traditional, should I say ethnicity making up BIAFRA will be surrender to anybody, we say no. While they were discussing that we should not come to Benue State, we are already in lower Benue, and we are not in Benue State that doesn't belong to us. We are in IGBO, part of Benue State, IGBO community of Benue State, and we are there to defend them, and that is exactly what we are going to do; nobody is going to discourage us otherwise.

We are making it very clear today that the Eastern Security Network is on the ground, in every part of Biafra land for that matter. We are in Cross River, in Akwa Ibom, we are in Bayelsa, everywhere it's happening. Anywhere we confront Fulani Herdsmen, this terrorist, we will drive them away. Be rest assured, we are not going to rest until our farmlands, our homes, and our forests are secure. 

What is happening in Yoruba land can not happen in Biafra land; nobody, no idiot, can come from anywhere to claim any inch or parcel of a Biafran forest; it's not doable. Instead, we all die there. That is why I am making this presentation.

Anywhere in Biafra land, we confront Fulani terrorist. We shall meet them head-on! We know that they are part of the Police and the Army; the Police we have in our land are terrorists in uniform; the Army we have in Biafra land are terrorists. They are there to aid and support Fulani Janjaweed advancement into the Atlantic Ocean, and we are there to stop them. And we are stopping them, and we will continue to stop them.

If you don't want us to be in Benue State, quietly go back to Abuja and appeal to them, tell them to release IGBO people in Benue and cave them back into Ebonyi State where they should belong, or Enugu State as the case may be.

We take no prisoners; Biafra land must be defended at all cost, this island of God, given to his children for their internal habitation. We may have failed in the past to recognize this very fact, but now that this generation has come, there is nothing anybody can do to stop us from restoring the Kingdom of God upon the face of this very earth in the land of Biafra without any apologies to anybody.

America is not multicultural. They accommodate other races and other Nation, yes. Still, where you are coming into, the bedrock, the foundation of America is based on  Judeo-Christian, America is not multicultural, America is Western Europe, the value system of Western Europe is Judeo-Christian. Had America been a multicultural society, they will have a space of Sharia; I am now addressing the U.S. Ambassador to please tell them to stop deceiving people, we are educated, we went to school for a reason, we are enlightened, and we have our brain intact. There is no country on this earth that runs on multiculturalism; it doesn't happen.

Britain can not stay in an E.U. that is entirely Christian, the E.U. is entirely Christian, but Britain left. Nigeria, you don't even know if it's Christian. In fact, it's Islamic. So for me to accept multiculturalism been preached by U.S. Ambassador, I have to embrace Islam as my religion; that's what it means. And some of you get taken by all this rubbish, and I feel sorry for some of you, sometimes when I speak, they say he is arrogant. If you are educated, you will know that no country or Nation is multicultural. They allow other culture to come in, and it doesn't mean they are multicultural. They have a viable space where a multicultural idea or identity can strive, but the foundation has to be one dominance value system and ideology that's what It is all over the world, don't let anybody fool you otherwise.

This is something that the U.S. Ambassador never told you, but here I am telling you today because if you come here, you will become educated. If you come here, you will become enlightened. If you come here, you will stop being a zoo animal, and you will become a human being. That's why we are the largest and, of course, the most consistent broadcasting platform so far. Africa is a concern; right across the world, millions listen to us because they know we preach the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

That is why this very day because you are in one Nigeria multiculturalism, the Army will come to Orlu to defend Fulani Janjaweed living in our forest. We went to Orlu to defend our people, and they came, they arrested men of God, how many times have you heard that Imams are being arrested in the North? Or their village been invaded in the North and Imams been arrested? Only in Biafra land. And this is your multiculturalism, and this is a place where you want all of us to stay, somehow pretend that all is well when you know that it's not.

In that same Nigeria is where Fulani herdsman openly boosts about our conquest, Benue state is one, that is why I feel sorry the idiots talking rubbish from Benue, they came, and they made the same bold claim on Edo State. I quote, we will kill all Policemen and take over Edo State. ~~ Vanguard publication of January 23rd 2021. Only two months ago, only Fulani can lay a claim to a land that doesn't belong to them, and nobody will say anything; when you try to respond, they come against you.

It is only in Nigeria where the victim becomes the accused; you came into Orlu, Hope Uzodimma try to give you land in Orlu to build a Fulani settlement, and we said no to it, that's all. And now they are trying to blame IPOB, they are trying to blame Eastern Security Network, but all of you are aware of the fact that the Nigerian Army and Nigeria Police are essentially Fulani Janjaweed terrorist in uniform.

When you try to fight back, you become the victim, and we are saying we are feed up with being a victim, we can not be a victim anymore; if you kill us, we kill you. I am saying it live on video so that you can share the video all over the world if you want. If you come to our land to kill us, we will kill you as simple as that, it may take us some time, but eventually, we will overwhelm you; in the end, we always win.

Any day we learn to stop blaming the victims, this world will be a better place. I am directing this very statement to the U.S. Ambassador to the U.K. High Commissioner, to the E.U., presents in the zoo and U.N. as well. I know all of you will do nothing; we are not Muslim, so you are not gonna help us; we know that for sure. But we have something that you do not have; we have the grace, the might and the protection of God Almighty in heaven. And we know that God exists, and as long as he lives in heaven, all of you can never triumph against us. Ojukwu said it before, and you said he failed. We know why he failed because God said the time wasn't right; I want to show them, my children, what is called BIAFRA, that very Kingdom, they have to fight their way into it. If that's the option he leaves for us, then, by all means, we oblige you, but BIAFRA must come, or we all die, is as simple as that.

You must understand how angry we are; we may look normal to you, but we are very, very angry, believe me. And by the time we are done with Nigeria, the name won't exist, that I can assure you. You people are now beginning to see the type of madness we are capable of unleashing, and more is coming, and I do not hide it because you hate us anyway. This conspiracy against BIAFRA for no reason, we have done nothing wrong to anyone, but you despise and hate us, you want us to die because God gave us oil and gas, you want to take over our land, is not going to happen. And we are not apologizing or begging anybody to please read this letter.

They are raping our women. They raped our women. Did you do anything about it? But you are defending Fulani, but rape victims in front of you, you can not defend them. And you want Nigeria to continue? So you want me to stay in Nigeria where my women will be raped every day, and nobody will do anything about it? And I will be clapping for your one Nigeria, Chineke kpo unu oku, mad people everywhere. You want me to stay in a country where the Fulani Police and Soldiers can come and take our women, rape them anyhow they like. Even before they release them they charge us money, do you know how much we have spent? We have spent nearly 9million naira to secure the release of people who were abducted and raped. Victims of State crime, Britain didn't say anything, E.U.? Nothing, U.S.? Nothing, and you want me to stay in that country? I think that some people are mad, very, very insane.

If you do not believe in what we are doing, then get out. We are not going to stop; God knows we can never stop until BIAFRA is restored; we are peace-loving people, because of that, they have been coming and killing us all these years, and we have kept quiet, they have been killing and killing, we have a case at the I.C.C., we have a case at African union, we have a case in New York, we have been to Geneva to tender our case before U.N. till today, nothing. In fact, the more we complain to them, the more they come to abduct and rape our women, the more they come to kill us.

If not for the coming of IPOB, of Radio Biafra, all of you would have lived and died in the ignorance that Ojukwu causes a war; that's what they were writing; Britain helps them to write it. Ojukwu was a rebel, a   secessionist because we had no media; that's why they are paying Facebook billions upon billions of U.S. dollars to stop this truth from coming out.

Did Ojukwu cause any war? Gowon is alive. Go and ask him. Did Ojukwu cause any war? Ojukwu went and negotiated restructuring with you in Aburi; you came back; Britain told you not to agree because Britain knows that if you go back to regionalism, you will have economic growth, but they don't want it. That's why they even instigated the so-called Nzeogwu coup, saying they will bring Awolowo to become the head of State. They knew what was going to happen. They wanted to truncate the economic miracle of Dr Michael Okpara; in the East, you have the fastest growing economies in the whole world, over 40% every year, in the West, Awolowo was performing his own miracle as well, even in the North Tafa Balewa doing very very well. But Britain said no, for us to control this person, we need to impoverish them.

Britain doesn't want the same thing they are enjoying to happen in Nigeria; why? Ask yourself that question. Anybody telling you about one Nigeria is your enemy.

That same Gowon you are looking at today, God kept him alive so that he can witness the destruction he will bring upon that very zoo called Nigeria. Do you know that all the journalist in Nigeria, none of them has ever gone to Gowon to ask him why did you say no to Aburi? Aburi was restructuring. None of those agitating for restructuring right now has ever gone to Gowon to ask him, but Ojukwu negotiated to restructure; what happened? They came back, and they said no; Ojukwu said, okay, so you want to continue to kill my people all over the place, no. Because of that, I will declare BIAFRA; today, they have brainwashed all of you that somehow Ojukwu is responsible for causing the war, that was never the case.

We lost over 5million people during that genocidal war; they killed over 5million Biafrans; they wanted to wipe us away from the face of this very earth, but we survived it, and we are here today. Those they gave birth to, they have come, and BIAFRA must come.

Two things have burdened the zoo right now; you know, When God want to destroy a nation, it comes in many ways (1). Buhari is dead; they brought in fake; it's now donning on people very slowly that there is no more Buhari. What I find astonishing are the people that they claimed are stakeholders in the zoo, those who should know better, those who should lead this very campaign to uncover the truth; they are now running away, they are all hiding, do you know why? Because the people talking about a late Buhari are those oil and gas is coming from their region. And they all think that they need oil and gas to survive, that is why they are all quiet. If not that Dino Milaye came out a few days ago, of course, Obasanjo said it, even Aisha Buhari said it, that his husband is dead, they are all pretending as if they don't know, they all know that Buhari is dead.

How many Buhari are you going to have before you begin to think and begin to reason? Today people are coming out to confirm what we have always known. If not that I talked about Aisha Buhari in my last broadcast, they wouldn't have brought her to speak, and she only issued a statement, nobody saw her, she is in Dubai having fun with her boyfriend, your first lady. And I ask them, in who's the regime in Nigeria, or anywhere else in the world do you have a first lady missing in office? Only in Nigeria, but you as a Nigerian can not answer the question because of the way you reason; the problem you have Nigerians is your brain, the way you reason is a fraud, ask yourself this question, if this woman husband is alive, what will she be doing in Dubai? And with who in Dubai? Simple question, but you can't ask yourself that question because you are a Nigerian. Sometimes you don't reason very well, and it is not meant to be an insult; I am just telling you the fact of life, Buhari is no longer alive.

Wonder shall never end; you saw the little boy that they said they are giving Civid19 vaccine? And I ask you in all honesty, there are Pastors, and truth-tellers of men of God in Nigeria, look at the hand of that boy, you have seen the pictures and the videos everywhere, is that a hand of an 80 years old man? How can all of a sudden Osibanjo be older than Buhari? At this point, I begin to ask some of you, are you sure that your brain cells are working?

Is Buhari richer than Bill Gates? If it's money that made this dying old man now turn into a 35 years old man, how come Bill Gates can not do it? Or even Queen Elizabeth, for that matter, if they claimed that the treatment that Buhari received in England made him look this young, Queen Elizabeth is from England, why wouldn't she go for the same treatment and become young again?

Every head of State that took a vaccine all over the world, after taking the vaccine, address their people, they speak to the Nation. Why is it that this one wearing an oversize facemask could not utter a word? Can't you ask yourself that question? That tells you that Buhari is no longer alive, Buhari is in a shallow grave in Saudi Arabia, he is dead, and that is why they are in a hurry, that is why this Governor can say I won't listen to Aso Rock, the next one will say let's bring in more bandits, let's settle them. That's why the Govt is dysfunctional; nobody is in charge. Obasanjo knows that nobody is in charge, he said he might not agree that there is a Buhari double, but the Buhari in Aso Rock now is not the one he uses to know. How else do you want him to put it? He wants Nigeria to survive so that he and his friends can continue enjoying oil money flowing from Biafra land, that's all. Not that they love you, not that they love one Nigeria, of course, nobody does.

Where is your first lady Aisha Buhari? Where is she? She is not in the country. For how many months now? For how many months, I ask of you? Can you believe that you have a country like the U.S.A. and Biden wife decides to disappear for two, three, four months? Do you think Americans will keep quiet?

The death of Buhari, or should I say the relentless drive of Fulani Janjaweed to conquer everybody else, will make Nigeria a worst place than Somalia. And it's written none of you can stop it, it doesn't matter how much your dialogue, it doesn't matter what you do, God has mapped out Nigeria for destruction for what they did to his children, and all of you will witness it, so that at the end of this process when BIAFRA comes, you will give praise to God and God alone, not to man. That's why we are here to make you understand that the coming of BIAFRA is God design, not of man. The time has come. You must stand very tall, very strong and very resolute.

Aisha packed her things and went to U.A.E. to live there because he told them, bring back the body of my husband, give him a befitting burial. They said no, they want to use the name of Buhari to conquer the rest of Nigeria, that's what they have done, but they have failed and failed very, very woefully at that, and that is why this very truth must continue to be preached.

This is for Hausa people, you know all these years when they were conquering you Hausa, they said is Hausa/Fulani, but now that they feel they have taken you over, now they feel that they are at the cross of their conquest of Nigeria, they are now floating in a radio station no longer in the Hausa language, but in their native Fulani language, Fulfulde. What does that tell you? 

If you claim that those terrorizing us are from the Niger Republic, so you don't have customs and immigration in the North anymore? Or because you see yourself as one people, so there is no border patrol, no border policing, but you have closed seme-border for nearly one year and a half. Seme border is closed, and you are from the South, and you are shouting one Nigeria, one Nigeria, do you see the depth of your foolishness?

The Governor of Bauchi State said, we are bringing in Fulani to settle in your land, we are coming to settle Fulani in Nigeria, we are coming to settle Fulani in your land, in your villages. Do you know why that is possible? Because you believe in one Nigeria, if you are on your own, no one can try it. It's called an act of war or invasion. But Fulani is carrying out an act of war and invasion into your territory because you are under one Nigeria, so in other words, Nigeria is providing them with a cover to carry out a conquest of entire ethnic nationalities in the zoo. Is it clear to you now? Do you now understand what we are saying?

What I am saying to Bishop Kukah and all Northern Christian minorities today is this, on my honour and on my life. I swear before God almighty in heaven that with the coming of BIAFRA, every Christian Northerner will be allowed to settle in Biafra land, so Bishop Kukah, you have nothing to be afraid of. You have a place where you can practice your faith, you will come to Biafra land, and you will live there, very peaceful fulfilled life in Biafra land, if you feel you are threatened in the Sharia core North, you will come to Biafra land, we will give you asylum. You will stay there; your generation will live and strive; we are accommodating people, we welcome visitors, then you will see what BIAFRA is like in real life, not the miserable existence you have in Sokoto. To Bishop Kukah and other Northern endangered Christians, you can come to BIAFRA; we will accommodate you gladly.

One thing about you people is this, you always think that Nigeria is going to be better tomorrow, but tomorrow in Nigeria never ever get better. Instead, it gets worst.

It was on this platform that I called for O.P.C. to take over from Amotekun, and thankfully they have taken over; there are results. I thought earlier yesterday, or today, O.P.C. arrested Fulani warlord, you know, to us we don't have time for an arrest, I think they handed him over to Police, when we arrest you we hand you over to God, God will judge you.

You arrested a rapist, a mass murderer, a killer, and a land grabber take him to the Police; the Police now arrested you, took the man to the hospital, beat all of you up, and put you in the cell, they say Police is your friend.

I thank God there are these guardian angels that came; they are called unknown gunmen; I don't know where they come from. Maybe they are the spirits of all those killed by the Police/Army, and they are avenging the death of all those people that the Police/Army killed. They are called unknown gunmen; I don't know them, I don't know where they come from, but they are fighting for the poor.

Nigeria can never ever be fixed, and it is broken beyond repair. Look at Sultan of Sokoto talking rubbish. I am just warning them if you are a Police involved in the arrest of innocent people; all I need to do is to go down on my knees and pray to God. May unknown gunmen locate you because God answers my prayers. Since you want anarchy, you will get it since that's what you want.

The American Ambassador, that woman took a bribe from Nigeria, Nigeria bribes every Ambassador that comes to Nigeria, every Ambassador that comes to Nigeria they give you loads of money so that you will never report what's going on in Nigeria. Don't you know that? I am saying it live, and I wish they can call me to America to come and testify. The British High Commissioner is as corrupt as the devil. That woman, she was the one responsible for the murder at Leki, when she went to see Tinubu, I warned everybody looks at this woman, the Army will open fire, not up to 6 hours they opened fire.

When we were giving thanks to Elohim, I told them that this trumpet that we are blowing, anybody who hears it in Aso Rock would go deaf; how many days? And there was a fire in Aso Rock for the very first time, and the zoo will be destroyed, not that we may just get BIAFRA so that when this story is written, our children will know that God did it, not man.

We are in the middle of a war; the Fulani have levied war on every indigenous ethnic group in Nigeria.

You take money from the murderer, from killers to suppress the truth. Nigeria is the only place in turmoil, not making it on to the front pages all over the world; nobody talks about it because they are all compromised. They have been bribed.

We don't need your one Nigeria to survive; can you imagine the nonsense? They brought in their food blockade; they said we would not be sent food to the South, their perishable goods, so their items got spoiled in the North. The Govt now turn around to pay them almost a 500billion naira, they are the ones that said they would not sell their goods to the South, those goods are now rotten in the North, and the Govt pay them compensation of nearly a 500billion naira. And you are in one Nigeria? Tomorrow morning you idiotically wake up and say I am a Nigerian.

Apart from granting citizenship to every Northern Christian, I mean the Sharia Arewa janjaweed core North, you will live in Biafra land where you can practice your religion without any fear, another thing that we are going to do is to pipe free oil and gas across the whole West Africa. In BIAFRA, Oduduwa will receive oil and gas for free; you see the Benin Republic? They will receive oil and gas for free, Togo will receive oil and gas for free, Ghana the same, all the way to heaven knows where. 

Do you know why? Because we want the economy of all those countries to grow as well because they are going to buy our goods and services. A BIAFRA will offer free oil and gas to the entire Western Africa coastal region, to tell you we don't need oil and gas to survive as a people; we are not fighting for BIAFRA because of oil and gas; we are fighting because it's the will of God and we must be free, we are a free people before the white man came, and we shall be free once again.

What we are doing is of the spirit, the likes of Wole Soyinka must stand up to speak the truth, Obasanjo, you must speak the truth, tell us where Buhari is, you know where he is, tell us. Wole Soyinka the same thing. Soyinka, you were campaigning for them, campaigning for Buhari until your carrot and cabbage clashed with Fulani cattle. You now realized that there is danger in the land.

All these years, all the Fulani insurgency, and incursion into the south, you never said a word, people look up to you to speak the truth, you never said a word until they came to your farm and ate your carrot and your cabbage you started complaining, typical black people, until something affects you, is nothing. 

That mindset must change, and that's why BIAFRA must come, and when BIAFRA does come, everybody will be free. If BIAFRA is not free, none of you is going to be free. And that's why I have said it before and allow it to repeat; we have come to set all of you free. And if you allow this nonsense to continue, you will be sunk. If you have not gotten your Somalia visa, go and get it now because the zoo is gone, and hell has arrived.

Thank you very much for listening, from me, from here a good evening.

Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For Umuchiukwu Writers

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

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