February 19 2021 | The Biafra Telegraph

The Nigerian state cannot stop being idiotic, imbecilic, moronic and funny. The animal farm policy and deodorant vs. insecticide approach to national issue can only weaken and polarize the near non-existent national cohesion and unity.

This regime or government at assumption of office declared a 97 and 5 percent policy for engaging with the different groups in the country, though seen by many as a possible slip of tongue, but the reality on ground as it where suggests that the supposed slip of tongue is in all intent and purpose the actual policy thrust of the Buhari led administration.

The 5 percent in practical terms are those of South-east extraction. The record since 2015 suggests that the South-east were excluded from the security structure of the present-day Nigeria, nobody from the zone heads any of the security agency or sensitive arm of government (Police, Army, Air force, Navy, Customs, Immigration, Prisons, Civil Defense, Internal Security, External Security, NDLEA, and EFCC etc.

The Nigerian state under the present leadership is not pretending or hiding its hatred for those of South-east extraction.

The fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world operates in Nigerian under the toga herdsmen (world's terrorist index). The said group kill, maim, rape, kidnap, destroy property and livelihood and rush to Abuja to issue press releases owning up to their actions, yet the Nigerian state under the present leadership is yet to recognise them as a terrorist group.

The Nigerian state rather prefer to negotiate with them, some governors from the region where they come from even came out openly to acknowledge that they paid money to criminals to stop killing.

The Nigerian state under the present leadership and in furtherance to the 97 and 5 percent policy rushed to a court to obtain a court order to proscribe IPOB. What is their crime? Singing, dancing and waving of flags in their quest for an independent Biafra nation. The Nigerian state on different occasions used maximum force on the group for mere street procession and evangelism resulting in many casualty and deaths, what a double standard against a group in a country supposedly operating one constitution.

The same Nigerian state saw different states and regions come up with a local content to counter the excesses of the said herdsmen whose nefarious activities have gotten to its peak in virtually all nook and crannies of the federation, some came up with vigilante, the South-west came up with a local security arrangement (Amotekun) etc., the Nigerian state under the present leadership saw no evil in their operation and activities.

The announcement of the formation ESN changed the entire narrative of regional initiative, the ESN without any case of rape, killings, kidnapping or harassment is now more deadly to the Nigerian government more than herdsmen and Boko haram.

The report coming out from Orlu of air and ground onslaught makes one to ask, why the double standard? Why the animal farm policy, why the use of deodorant for some and insecticide for others?

The Nigerian state must realise that the way to solve the problem bedevilling Nigeria is not through being nepotistic, the Nigerian state must realise that Orlu or any other part of south east must not be turn into a theatre of war under any guise or pretence.

The governors of south east extraction must rise to defend the territory, national assembly members of South-east extraction must query the excesses of the Nigerian military authorities. When has it become a normal that military will be deployed to any part of the Nigerian state without approval from the National Assembly? The aerial bombardment of Orlu must stop, South-east is not at war with any and must not be dragged to any war.

The Nigerian state under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari must find solution to herders’ menace, the Bauchi state government came out openly to defend hoodlums carrying AK-47, the minister of defense recently said that communities should not be cowardly in defending their community, why the double standard? Why single out Orlu for this mission hurricane?

The Nigerian state must as a matter of utmost urgency convene a sovereign national conference to discuss the unity of this country. Let the double standard stop.


Written by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Obiageli Vivian Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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