■Author: Victor Njoku

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 16, FEB 2021 

The Need For Urgent Repulsion Of Killer Herdsmen From Our Land And The Legitimacy Of The Eastern Security Network (ESN). 

Igbos are security-conscious people who never allowed the security state of their nation to be put into jeopardy, although the current Igbo leaders seem so lackadaisical concerning the encroachment Of Fulani through their foot soldiers known as the Fulani terrorist herdsmen of which their security indolence is understandable, they're running politics of appeasement that has always failed them at last. Upon that, every Biafran has been doing his or her very best to making sure that our land is secured from Fulani jihadists whom their forebears swore to deep the Quran into the ocean. 

Fulani herdsmen are known and recognized by the UN to be the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world, and so terrorists should not be handled with kid's gloves. 

I must confess that the ESN is a blessing and a favour from IPOB and her leader to the people of Biafra. 

The 14 days vacation ultimatum issued to killer herdsmen is commendable and indeed and I want to implore the ESN to start without delay the execution of the vacation order. It will be cowardice if Biafrans should fold their arms and watch Fulani jihadists continue to rape, kidnap, kill, destroy and conquer our territory. 

I still don't understand why we should allow foreigners to live in our Forests and be grazing their cattle in our farmlands freely and their cattle are eating up our crops. 

Upon that, they kill, rape, and mutilate our people without the Fulani controlled federal security doing anything about it they aid these heinous crimes to be unleashed on our people by the so-called foreigners. 

If I may ask, why must cattle gaze where people are farming? Why must cattle issue which is a Fulani private business be made a thing of National concern and attention to the extent the federal government is now sponsoring them with the money generated from tax paid by Igbo businessmen and businessmen from importations, manufacturing and trading in general? Biafrans pay rent in every part of the country where they live, they also buy land, that's to say they don't occupy other people's land freely talk more of occupying it illegally, and upon that, the hellish Hisha sharia police destroy and frustrate their businesses at will. It's only criminals and jihadists, those who want to conquer other people's territory that stays in the bushes. 

The federal government of Nigeria has made it clear and known to all that the killer herdsmen are foreigners. 

Should we fold our arms and watch foreign terrorists take over our land? Of course NO. What happened in the Nimbo community in Enugu state a few years ago is a result of lack of well-structured security outfits like the ESN. Although Nigeria police and army were informed, yet they made no effort to stop the invasion. Killer herdsmen must as a matter of urgency vacate our land, or they should receive the heat from the well-organized and professionals of the ESN. 

The legitimacy of ESN. Many people have questioned the legitimacy of the Eastern security network (ESN) some have criticized it while many have applauded it, but I must let those criticizing ESN know that IPOB and the ESN are not just an organization but an institution of a nation Biafra and so it's legal for them to bear arms to safeguard our land against any external or internal aggression. 

Those of you who question the legitimacy of the ESN, I want to ask you a question, Do the vigilante groups in your communities carry arms? If yes, why then are you questioning the legitimacy of the ESN? ESN is the people's choice, of course you know people are the number one pillar of democracy without the people there will be no territory, and the people have given IPOB leadership the mandate to establish security outfit to safeguard our already security jeopardized territory. 

Fulani herdsmen are rated among the top deadliest terror groups in the world; therefore, no sane human should confront deadly terrorists with an ordinary hand. The ESN must not get any constitutional backing before it can operate because it already has the people's mandate, which is superior and beyond any constitution. 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum 

Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For Umuchiukwu Writers

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