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Aisha Yusuf And The Typical Nigerian Hypocrisy 

When one thinks about how hypocritical Nigerians are, that person must, first of all, think about Aisha Yusuf, this woman is an embodiment of a hypocrite, a true definition of hypocrisy.

During the #EndSars protest across Nigeria last year, listening to this woman called Aisha Yusuf and judging by her words, one would simply conclude she is brave and bold against oppression, you would think she is a woman that can withstand intimidations, a woman that wants justice, equity and fairness for everyone in Nigeria no matter your ethnicity, religion, and tongue not knowing that her hypocritical nature is legendary.

Some people accuse her of having a soft spot and sympathy for killer Fulani Herdsmen, and I had to agree with them. 

With her recent comments and bias criticism on the activities of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) at Isiukwuato area of Abia State, She has not only demonstrated that she is a hypocrite but as well proven her hatred towards the people of #Biafra and so justifies the names they call her as a hater of Biafra.

Recall that on 1st February 2021, Aisha Yusuf after seeing a short video clip of the operations of ESN at Isiukwuato area of Abia State, posted on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's official Facebook page became angry even though she knows the evil those killer herdsmen are committing on a daily basis in that area including kidnapping and raping of women.

Aisha Yusuf, in her reaction, condemned the activities of the men of the ESN. 

Here is what she wrote on her Twitter  

"This is not acceptable We cannot have security outfits taking laws into their hands & maiming, killing & destroying properties This is not acceptable We must always remember no one has a monopoly of violence and intolerance and we can all be mad Let the law guide us!"

 Please permit me to ask Aisha Yusuf what type of monopoly of violence is she talking about? 

She has the guts to talk about the monopoly of violence? 

Are you indirectly telling us that it's only the terrorist Fulani Herdsmen that has a monopoly of violence?

So they should continue killing, raping, and kidnapping Biafrans at will unprovoked? 

There are many questions here, begging for answers.

What type of monopoly of violence could be greater than the one the terrorist Fulani Herdsmen from the Sahel have been displaying in the entire length and breadth of Biafraland for decades now? 

Allowing the killer Fulani Herdsmen to continue their killing, abducting our daughters, raping our mothers, and destroying our farm crops is that also part of the law you said we should all allow for guiding us in that your useless, Godforsaken contraption known as Nigeria? 

I want to sincerely believe that, that is the message you are trying to pass. Aisha Yusuf, you are a disgrace to activism and a hypocrite to the core.

Now let's get down into business, am about to reveal to you the reasons why I called Aisha Yusuf a typical Nigerian hypocrite. For decades Biafrans have been very obedient to the so-called law that Aisha Yusuf is a warning we allow for guiding us yet they are the victims of raping and kidnapping perpetrated by Fulani killer terrorist herdsmen and the Fulani controlled government does nothing. 

Now let us see where their obedience to the laws in the Nigeria constitution has gotten them.

According to the little research I did on the activities of the terrorist Fulani Herdsmen over the past few years in the entire Biafraland, below are the results I got.

On 5th January 2016, terrorist Fulani Herdsmen abducted and killed a Monarch from Ubulu-Uku HrM Obi Akaeze Ofulue, the Agbogidi of Ubulu-Uku, Aniocha South Local Government Area Of Delta State.

On 26th April 2016, in Nimbo Uzo-Uwani Local area Government of Enugu State, arguably one of the greatest terrorist Fulani Herdsmen slaughter of the Biafrans took place there, the killing was so intense that the Governor of Enugu State Governor Ugwuanyi has to pick up his phone to call the then Commissioner of Police of Enugu State, the Police Commissioner switched off his phone, he called Abuja, that was when the late Buhari was still alive, he refused to pick his call. The incident took place barely 24hours after it was reported in the news that no fewer than 500 heavily armed Fulani Herdsmen sneaked into the community in preparation to launch an attack, at the end of the attack, dead bodies were all over the places, it was horrible.

In 2017, terrorist Fulani Herdsmen killed 12 in Rivers State, simply because their cows were missing, so they claim. This incident took place in Ohali-Elu town in Rivers State.

On 28th February 2017, in Ebonyi State, over 2,000 Herdsmen overrun farms, built huts, the affected villages are Ochafu in Igbeagu Development Centre, Izzi Local Council, Akaeze, and Ishiagu both in Ivo Local Council, and Amasiri in Afikpo North Local Council Area.

On 17th August 2017, in Amakohia-Ubi Autonomous Community in the Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State, the murderous Fulani Herdsmen invaded farmlands, destroying crops and other valuable items, estimated at millions of naira in the process.

On the 7th April 2018, three Fulani Herdsmen invaded Grace land Estate, Okpanam, Oshimili North Local Government Area, Delta State, killing a labourer identified as David.

On 4th June 2018, in Ihuoba community in the Ahoada East Local Government Area of Rivers State to be precise, a woman by the name Edith Lawrence went to her farm, getting to her farmland, what she saw was cows grazing on her cultivated farmland, feeding on her crops. When she raised the alarm calling on people to come and help her, the terrorist Fulani Herdsmen abducted her alongside another farmer identified as Blessing Chimele, upon till now their whereabouts are yet to be ascertained.

In 2018, terrorist Fulani attacked Ebonyi State, Onunwakpu community of Izzi Local Government Area to be precise four people were confirmed dead after the attack took place.


On 16th February 2020, in a Community in Delta State, terrorist Fulani killed 14 people again, just because they tried to stop their cows from grazing on their cultivated farmland, that is the only offence these 14 people committed, and they got murdered in cold-blood by this blood-sucking demons.

On 13th June 2020, in Obudi, Agwa Community in Oguta local government area of Imo State, Elder Ozoemena had gone to his farm in the morning hours, getting there, he saw terrorist Fulani Herdsmen grazing their cattle on his cultivated farmland, from this moment he was never going to fold his hands, keep quiet and watch his crops being destroyed, so he tried to chase the cows away from his farmland, that was when the terrorist Fulani Herdsmen with their machete got him butchered to death.

On 7th May 2020, in Okpanam Community, Oshimili North Local Government Area, Delta State, terrorist Fulani Herdsmen killed two vigilante men.

Which one am I going to mention and leave the other? The count is endless. Is it the one that happened at Uli Anambra State last year 2020? Where a young Biafran lady went to a farm, later on, only for her family members to find out that their daughter has been raped, butchered and her body parts scattered all over her farmland, just name it, the killings are uncountable.

Can you now see the reason why I said that Aisha Yusuf is nothing but a hypocrite and deceitful No wonder comrade Elochukwu Nickolas Ohagi in one of the pieces he wrote, said that hypocrisy abounds in Nigeria? Many people inhabiting this space are all hypocrites." And I have to agree with him a hundred per cent.

Are you telling me that Aisha Yusuf has not been reading the news, or hearing about all these relentless senseless killings been orchestrated by terrorist Fulani Herdsmen in the whole of the entire Biafra land for many years now? 

Am very certain that she is very much aware of all the terrible events that have been unfolding in the entire Biafraland for many years now. 

But she chooses to see nothing, and she decides to say nothing.

Aisha Yusuf, how do you think that Biafrans will forever fold their hands and continue to watch as their populations have been diminished every blessed day by killer Fulani Herdsmen? 

How on this earth do you think that is going to be possible? 

I thank God that the game has completely changed, it's no longer business as usual.

We Biafrans, have had enough, all these years, and that is why the Eastern Security Network (ESN) is here today. 

They have come to serve a Just cause, and there is absolutely nothing that can stop them from doing that which God in heaven has mandated them to do. ESN is just like Jesus Christ, the same way that God sent his only begotten son to come and save humanity from eternal condemnation, was the same way that God sent ESN to the people of Biafra to make sure that our mothers are not being raped anymore, to make sure that our mothers go to their farms and return safely without any atom of fear, to make sure that our daughters are not being kidnapped, raped, and butchered like animals anymore, to make sure that the ugly incident that happened in OBIGBO last year during the #EndSars protest never repeats itself in any part of Biafraland.

For all these years we have been allowing the terrorist Fulani Herdsmen to be showcasing their abundant monopoly of violence in our land, and they have been doing very well by never missing any opportunity they get to send us back to our creator prematurely.

Aisha Yusuf, the law you said we should allow for guiding us, we have been allowing that very law to be guiding us for many years now, by not reacting to the senseless and relentless killing of our people in our land, the blessed land of Biafra. 

But the question now is, where has our obedience to the law of Nigeria taken us today? More burial ceremony, I think?.

So now is the time to do the right thing, to show these killer Fulani Herdsmen that have been coming to kill us, that we can all be mad if we decide to, no one has a monopoly of madness. That AK-47 that you use in terrorizing us, ESN now has it at their disposal. From now onwards it's going to be a battle of the fittest, could you have imagined what would have become of our people in Orlu Imo State last month had ESN not intervened? Certainly, by now, we would be discussing another OBIGBO massacre, or even something greater than that, God forbid.

Hypocrisy is when you see a well-trained group of terrorists, maiming, pillaging, destroying farm crops, destroying properties, and killing a particular group of people because of the ethnicity which they hail from, and you do nothing and kept quiet, but when that same group of people that have been killed decides to defend themselves, by all means, you start opening your stinking mouth to yap rubbish.

Aisha Yusuf, for the fact that you did not condemn all the evil atrocities that your beloved Nigerian terrorist Fulani Herdsmen has been committing in the entire Biafraland for many years now, but are quick to condemn the action of ESN for killing an ordinary cow, it is simply hypothetical.

Do you think that what ESN did in Isikwuato is outrageous and unacceptable? 

Then wait for it, because very soon the main cause will be served. 

After all your useless Nigeria constitution forbids open grazing, so it's a very good case to hear. ESN is there to make sure that our ancestral land is safeguarded. 

Stand on their way and see yourself crushed to dust.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Published By Udeagha Obasi 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum

For Umuchiukwu Writers

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