December 13 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

F rom recent happenings in the IPOB Family, you will clearly see those that came into this enigmatic IPOB, with their eyes on "what they will get", that is, coming to bury the dead with a concealed bag (ndị ọ nya akpa e nyi ozu).

For such ones, please be informed that this is freedom FIGHTING.

In a fight, you don't cry "my eye, my eye". This is because, it is your eyes that are the target, meaning that you don't decorate a fight, since it is a matter of life and death. You don't equally wait for consensus before taking any decision/action, as the opportunity to undo the enemy, or be undone, might exist for just a fraction of a second.

The above being the case, you don't look at any person's face in taking decisions, since any little slip can be catastrophic.

Now, for those who claim that they came to "sacrifice and to serve", why are you offended that you are told to withhold your sacrifice and your service in the meantime, and you get so enraged that you want to pull the house down?

Why does it pain you that you are saved the pains of losing your resources for the benefit of others?
Is it not enough for you to tell you that you never came to build in the first place, not to talk of sacrificing?

You only came to feed on the carcasses of your kinsmen, who are determined to pay whatever price it takes. For you, the more they die, the better for you, as that would amount to a larger booty for you and your paymasters (whoever they are).

For you to clearly see your treachery, hollowness, detachment from the vision/goal, your inherent desire to sustain yourself through the pains of others, your insatiable gluttony with regards to sustaining the bondage, for your putrefying crumbs, your unwavering and determinate desire to continue to work with the enemies for the ceaseless flowth of your bloody compensation, and your resolve to pay the price of facilitating and accelerating the death of your own kinsmen, truncating their pursuit, so that you can be rewarded with the promise/agreement reached.

You can now see that your effort is no longer geared towards what you deceitfully, hypocritically, and mischievously proclaimed, but your target, focus, preoccupation, obsession, and DELUSION, is now shooting down those who you claim to be in the same boat with, to ensure that their boat capsizes, with the consequent death to them and their "dream".

If you still pretend not to have understood it, what on earth stops you from desisting from peeling melon, (ịgba egwusi, which is market women's level of imbecilic gossiping), and focus on those things that you claim as not being done right, do them exceptionally well, add new impressive templates, delight everyone with your innovative and result oriented approach, and shame all the laggards with quantum outcome?

With this positive result, you don't need to preach to anybody about how your approach is superior, and must be adopted, but all will see and naturally tilt to your methodology.

But where you insist that it is IPOB that will be your focus, to the point of threatening to expose, disorganize, collapse, crumble, disperse, and erase IPOB, and deal a death blow to the top hierarchy (which you consider to be your enemy), you can clearly see how you are inadvertently telling the world who you are working for.

Therefore, check and know where you belong.





Biafra has come!

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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