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■ 15, DEC 2020 


Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are listening to us from, lovers of freedom all over the world, I welcome each one of you to this exceptional address this very day. Today's date is the 12th day of December in the year of our most high Elohim 2020.

This is a live presentation and an unforgettable day that Chukwu Okike Abiama has designed that we must do all we can to save our ourselves from extinguishing from a people who are determined to come down to take over the lives of the children of the most high, a day that we have drawn a line in the sand for which we can not never ever retreat, we are not going to surrender our land to janjaweed is not going to happen, not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

I welcome each and every one of you, the whole world is listening, on all our platform they are listening, and if you are doing so, it's very very important that you pay particular attention to the announcement we have to make this evening, very very important that we do so.

But as always before we go any further, we must hand over our proceedings to the most high Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru Ime Ihe Nile, but before we do so, I must as always say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you. This is a very special broadcast.

And of course, we must pray!

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor (Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra) echoed Isee! Isee!! Isee!!? To all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the special address to all the Biafrans worldwide and to the whole world at large.


As I said this very evening, we are going to announce our preparedness to defend the land of BIAFRA. And having waited for very many years for the Governors in our land the entire East by which I mean the South East and South-South to do what their counterpart in Yoruba did, and even what the terrorist Miyetti Allah also manage to do which they have failed to do upon this very day, we have decided to take it upon ourselves to defend the land of BIAFRA.

We are determined, and we are resolute, and we are not going to stop until we eradicate every trace of Fulani terrorism, every trace of hegemonic janjaweed in our midst. Until that happens, we are not going to waver, and we are not going to retreat not one inch. We have come that we may do the bidding of the most high for that which we are sent, or should I say born in the first place.

We are going to defend our land against the ravages of Fulani terrorism; we are going to defend the lives of our people against state-sponsored extrajudicial killings by the zoo arm forces. We can't allow what happened at Obigbo, at Nkpor, in Aba, in Afara Ukwu, in Emene to happen anymore, and it can no longer happen in our land.

Today we are sending a note of warning, or should I say caution to all those that delight in shedding the blood of Biafrans and innocent people right across the entire length and breadth of the Zoological Republic called Nigeria. That from this day onwards any attempt to kill innocent people will be kindly reciprocated, any attempt by the zoo army or police to kill innocent population the same way they did in Obigbo will be meet in equal measure.

Therefore it has fallen upon this very generation to defend our land against the exercise and ravages of Fulani terrorism and the hegemonic tendencies of the Sokoto caliphate. For the year, our mothers have not been able to go to the farms, and our daughters have been raped and cut into pieces. Everybody is aware of what transpired at Nimbo, at Uzo uwani, what is happening right now in Delta, what is also happening in Ebonyi State and also in parts of Abia we can not allow it to continue.

We have cowards and idiots as Governors, they have given our land over to the janjaweed to occupy in perpetuity. This very generation, this very IPOB will not tolerate it. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. We will rather all parish and die than to allow our land to be taken over by the janjaweed it can not happen, this is a warning to all the Governors who are conspiring due to one political consideration or the other to give our land to infidels, and blood-sucking demons from the Sahel it can not happen, not under our watch is not going to happen, not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

Our invaders were being told come from Senegambia; we are being told they come from Mali, some are from the Nigel Republic, some are from Chad according to the Governor of the Kaduna State El Rufia. Therefore we are setting up the Eastern Security Network to combat the exercise of this vagabonds and criminals from across the Sahel. Along the same lines as Amotekun and even the one set up by the terrorist themselves Miyetti Allah.

What we are launching today officially before the congregation of a global audience is the Eastern Security Network, not a Biafran Army no, anytime this Army will march we shall let the world know. But for now and for our present purposes we are there to defend the land of BIAFRA against this murderers from the Sahel against a very determined incaution been led by a terrorist, Fulani terrorist to be precise.

What we are doing is not different from what Amotekun is seeking to achieve in Yoruba land, what we are doing is not far from what Miyetti Allah the terrorist themselves are seeking to achieve in the Northern part of the damnable Zoological Republic.

Our response to the endless cycle of insecurity, lawlessness, mayhem, destroying of lives and properties in Biafra land is the launch of this very Eastern Security Network this very day, in the coming days which you will see them in their uniforms, you will see them performing the very critical and vital function of ensuring the security of our land, I urge each one of you to give them your maximum cooperation.

Just a few days ago we received repot that Delta State under Governor Okowa launched what he refers to as Delta State operation Delta Hulk, only for Delta State, whereas Yoruba launched Amotekun to safeguard the whole of Yoruba land, Miyetti Allah launched their own vigilante group to safeguard the interest of the Fulani Janjaweed all over the Zoological Republic. When you come to the East by which I mean the South East and the South-South all the Governors there are cowards, they have not done anything to secure our lives and our properties that is why we felt it's necessary for us to do the right thing to protect our land or else we will go the way that the Hausa people went, and we are not going to allow that, not under our watch.

They have managed to fragment our people, they have managed to divide us, no Governor in the South-East or the South-South have the courage nor the conviction to stand up to defend the people. Therefore we must. Therefore IPOB must defend our land to the very last blood in our bones; we are not going to stop, not now, not tomorrow, not ever until we raid our farms and our forest of every vestige of Fulani janjaweed.

This evening is announcing it that our forest and our farmland shall be free of Fulani terror presence, they can not dwell in our bushes. If they decide to venture into our forest and into our farms they will have us to contain with we do not care who they come with; we don't care if they come with their Army, their air force or whoever is supporting this caliphate relentless incaution unto the South we shall meet them head-on, we shall confront them.

I do not want to hear about any rape of any mother starting from this night; I don't want to hear that any daughter of BIAFRA has been abducted anywhere in our territory because starting from this very evening our forest and our farmland are no go areas for Fulani terrorist masquerading as herdsmen. Because Fulani cleverly discovered that the only way they can defeat our people is by dividing us, that is why all the Governors of the South East and South-South never got together to float any security outfit capable of defending our land, none of them did, absolutely none. 

Even what their counterpart is doing in Yoruba land they can not replicate, what ordinary terrorist group like Miyetti Allah is doing your so-called Governors can not do it because they are cowards, they are beholding to the caliphate, they have come to do the bidding of the Fulani caliphate, and we can't allow them in our land, if they want to serve the Fulani caliphate they can go to the North and do it not in Biafra land, not anymore, not from this very night that's why this very announcement is being made before the full view of the international community that they may understand how serious we are, how determined we are.

As somebody quite rightly said, the only way to eat an elephant is by cutting it into pieces. The only way that the Fulani Janjaweed can overwhelm us is by dividing us, if you are an agent of Fulani caliphate, if you have come to do the bidding of the Fulani Janjaweed in our land I am asking you this very evening to retrace your steps because again starting from this very day anywhere Biafrans are killed, any Governor, any Police Commissioner who tolerate the massacre of innocent people will pay very dearly for it. 

Do not underestimate our resolve because this evening, first of all, I speak as a human being and with empathy with the suffering of human beings everywhere, especially in the Zoo that Britain created called Nigeria. Second, I speak as a witness to the suffering of Biafrans at the hands of their so-called fellow citizens in the Zoo called Nigeria, and what we want to make abundantly clear is that we are warning everybody who is a stakeholder in the Zoo, about our determination and our resolve to ensure that our land is defended. This is a resolution we have reached, and it's cast in stone.

Our land is under occupation; the land of BIAFRA is under occupation with the special approval of those you call your political leaders. They have sold us down the drain, they have benefited from the relentless onslaught of a Govt determined to exterminate Biafrans especially their youths, we are not beholding to them, because today we present to the world our first and our last line of defence against Fulani janjaweed inspired murderous anarchy and mayhem across the entire Middle Belt. The Eastern Security Network is here to bring to end years of Fulani Miyetti Allah terrorism in our land.

Therefore we are going to secure the entire South-East and South-South, which is the former East. With the necessary assurance that crime such as kidnapping, arm robbery, illegal abduction of the innocent people is brought to an end very imminently, we must bring all these things to an end. We must understand that the years of torment has come to an end.

I also appreciate the fact that some of you those who are in the service or in the pay of the Zoological Republic, I know that some of you can not fathom what we are about to unveil this very evening, you thought that pictures were overwhelming? After this broadcast, the entire video will be released that all of you may understand how serious we are, that we have come determined to do the will of the most high Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru Ime Ihe Nile.


Our story is that we been killed for very many years, just days ago Fulani Muslims. Call them herdsmen, call them Miyetti Allah, call them Boko Haram, call them ISIS in West Africa they murdered over one hundred farmers purportedly Christians in cold blood in Borno State, am I upset about it? Of course, I am, are we grieving? Of course, we are grieving. But it's very very disheartening, very very discouraging that upon till now the international community have failed to do something about the murderous outrage perpetrated by Fulani terrorist on a daily basis against the innocent indigenous population in the Zoo called Nigeria.

Our people we do not learn, we have never learnt and until we raise up, all of us one after the other to support this glorious effort we are making to secure our land, our enemies will triumph over us, but heaven will forbid it, we will ensure that that will never happen in our time.

You might ask, what is history? There were those in the Middle Belt in the years gone by, who stupidly committed genocide against the people of BIAFRA, they call it a civil war, they said they fought that very war to unite Nigeria. That same Nigeria is now killing everybody, or should I say presiding over a rain of terrorism from Fulani Janjaweed, all of you are now regretting it, history is now repeating itself. What transpired against Biafrans, all the conspiracy against BIAFRA is now being visited upon those very people that helped the Fulani Janjaweed terrorist caliphate to inflict what amounted to the II worst genocide in the history of the world. 

Some of them are weeping, we were all weeping, but none of you wept for Eastern Nigeria so to speak, which is the land of BIAFRA, none of you wept for the IGBOS when they were being massacred, none of you wept for the Efik, none of you wept for Anang, none of you wept for even Ijaw and other ethnic groups that made up Eastern Nigeria, none of you ever wept for us. We died that your useless Nigeria maybe one and today all of us are dying, but one-day weeping must come to an end. We have decided not to weep any more, and we have decided not to cry anymore, we have decided not to complain anymore, we have decided not to petition anybody anymore, but am sure by the time the Fulani Janjaweed gets exactly what they are looking for in our land, the world will be forced to intervene.

This very security outfit is very very proactive it has been set up that very way, we are going to confront every enemy, we are going to confront anybody who will come to kill us because trust me they will come. As somebody once said, there is a method in our madness, and we will draw their Army down into our land, their flanks will be opened up, their villages will be occupied by bandits and terrorist that they themselves created, that by the time we are done and have sent them packing from BIAFRA land they will have no home to go to, all of them they will have no home to go to. The Zoo is finished, and there is nothing anybody can do about it. We are not going to keep on weeping.

This very evening we want to remind the world that Fulani terrorist massacred us at Nimbo, they killed us at Uzo Uwani, they came to my house with uniforms and killed over twenty-eight people as a result of which my parents died, these people will continue killing. All of you are witness to what happened in OBIGBO, and we can not allow such to happen again, any Governor who foolishly sides with Zoo to inflict death, pain and suffering upon our people will be held personally responsible, himself and his family.

And all of you that participated or encouraged the slaughter of our people at OBIGBO you all will be held accountable at the right time, you can not g free including Wike, you can not go free I assure you, am saying it so that the world can hear. So that the day you meet your nemesis, they will know that I announced it live on air. If they want us to go to ISIS we go to ISIS, any court in the world they want us to go we will go there, but Wike can not go free, not now, not tomorrow, not ever and the same goes to any other idiotic Governor that may want to kill our people, it will no longer happen.

In the coming days and weeks, people are going to come out to protest, and this very Eastern Security Network will provide much-needed security for protesters across Biafra land, I repeat they will provide Security for peaceful protesters across the entire Biafra land. Any idiot in uniform that wants to dare us you are more than welcome to do so, but you will bear the burnt, and the consequences will very very dare I assure you. 

Those of you that bear witness to what happened at Emene, OBIGBO, Isiama Afara Ukwu, in Aba, at Nkpor must know that we can not allow such senseless State sponsored massacre of the innocent to continue, we can't allow it, we will never ever allow it. Therefore I am placing the United Nations on notice, the EU, British Govt, the US Govt that wherever the Nigerian Army goes in again to massacre innocent people, we are going to retaliate, we will retaliate. OBIGBO will be the last time any seating Governor anywhere will give the order for innocent people to be killed, should that happen again? That Governor will die, I am saying it so that you will cut out this very clip and send it to ISIS so that they can have it there.

And all these criminals, all these murderers we shall meet them there should the need arise, you can not go about killing innocent people, and you expect them to do nothing, is impossible, absolutely impossible it can not happen. We have come to die for what we believe in; we have come that we may be free. The Zoo called Nigeria was created by a white man and not an African, the name by a white woman, not a black African woman. It has no right to exist, anybody that kills in the name of Nigeria will be held responsible by us because it seems that ISIS doesn't want to do anything, it seems that all the world are silent as innocent people men, women and children have been slaughtered on a daily basis in Nigeria, we can't allow that to continue, not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

This very Eastern Security Network is not, and I repeat is not an army of BIAFRA. When the time comes for us to raise the Army of BIAFRA we shall announce it to the whole world, it's merely a vigilante group the same way you have Amotekun and Miyetti Allah National vigilante group in Nigeria that is why we must all be very very measured in how we approach the issues that confront us at this very critical time of our history.

We must remain resolute and determined, all those in the pay of the Fulani Janjaweed they will come to try to discourage you from supporting this very wonderful initiative that none of your Governor was able to do, as some of you will see in the video that will be published after this very broadcast, you will see that we are united, all the way from Kogi down to the Atlantic ocean we are one, one family and indivisible. We are not going to allow ourselves to become distracted by pay agents of the damnable Zoological Republic.

Self-defence is a constitutional right; self-determination is not a crime but a right under the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and customary International law. Therefore I make no apologies for pursuing BIAFRA relentlessly and determinately it can never stop. Those who underestimate our resolve do so at their own peril.

As I said before we are not alive we are dead already when you see men you will understand how determined we are, but there is one thing we have resolve to do, from today onwards that death of every Biafran will be avenged, if you kill a Biafran you will be killed, no matter who you are we will keep pursuing you until you die, you will have no peace, and you will have no rest. Am saying it on video that the whole world may understand. In 1966 the world kept quiet as Biafrans have been slaughtered in their numbers 300,000 in the North, 1967-1970 over 3.5 million were killed nobody stood trial for it. Rwanda lost less than 100,000 people ISIS, and International Court was convinced to try those who were responsible, the same thing in Liberia, but because you killed us between 1945 and 1967-1970 and nothing happened, that is the reason why the Fulani will keep coming to kill us on a daily basis, right now from this day onwards If you kill us we are going to kill you. The men are ready, they have come to defend Biafra land not to separate from Nigeria no, we are going to accomplish that via a referendum, but If you come to our villages now to rape our mothers, or to abduct our daughters, you will die in the process.

Any Governor found aiding any of these people or giving our land to Fulani janjaweed will be in trouble with us. Let me make one thing abundantly clear to some of you listening, we have resolved to die for what we believe in, and our belief is very very simple, that we are going to defend the land of BIAFRA with all our might, not in pursuit of the session as the idiot would say but in pursue of the defence of our land so that our mothers can go to the farm without the risk of been raped and torn to pieces. Some of you saw what happened at Uli how a very beautiful young Biafran lady went to the farm and never came back, and she was not only raped, her body was cut into pieces strew all across her farmland, none of you did anything, Anambra State Governor did nothing instead he went along to appoint the same people that committed such heinous crime against the land itself into his cabinet, these are the idiots we are having to contain within the land of BIAFRA and us at saying enough is enough.

I know that the Fulani Janjaweed they are not highly educated, they at not polished, they at not discerning, they can not reason very well, let me make this very very clear. The Eastern Security Network is what it's, an organized vigilante outfit rather restricting the activities of the defence of our land to maybe only Enugu State or Delta State, or even Bayelsa State, for instance, we have resolved to defend the entirety of BIAFRAN territory,  allow me to repeat because some of you are not educated enough to understand what we are saying. I am addressing this to the Fulani Janjaweed allow me to repeat, the Eastern Security Network I there to safeguard our land, to stop the Fulani terrorist from Mali, from the Gambia from coming into our land to kill us. Our mothers must return to their farms, and our daughters must be able to move about very very freely.

The only way out of the mess people are in Nigeria is that people should stop talking and starting doing the work necessary to free everybody from this Fulani inspired bondage. Today a lawmaker was killed in Yoruba land, this same day today in Benue State four people were killed, even in Katsina young boys and girls were abducted from their dormitory's that is the level of insecurity in Nigeria people are dying on a daily basis, are you going to sit down just lament, talk about it and nothing happens, or are you going to join us to ensure that this rain of Fulani terrorism and insecurity is brought to an end? That is what we are for, that is why this very security outfit has been set up, and that is the work they are going to do, and nobody is going to stop us.

Extrajudicial killings will no longer be tolerated, and Police Commissioner, any Commander in whatever army unit you are, you bring out your men to come and kill innocent people you and your family will also die because that is the only language you idiots understand. When people keep quiet you kill them, you have killed peaceful protesters, you have lied about it, and you think you will go on killing innocent people, it can no longer happen not in BIAFRA land, elsewhere you can try it not in BIAFRA land.

If you are a politician or a Commander and you are involved in the killing of people know that your life is no longer safe that I can assure you, cut out what I am saying and send it to ISIS, send it to the US Govt, send it to everybody. I want us to go to that court in ISIS, and we present the cater lock, and destruction, and mayhem, and of terrorism perpetrated by the Nigerian Govt itself, and we will see who will be convicted.

If you think that the likes of Wike can do your dirty job for you, then you are grossly mistaken. Because Wike understands the mess that he is in, he can never be a free man until the days he dies am saying it in the public so that the whole world can hear. Wike doesn't deserve to live, he doesn't, and that goes for any other Governor that will preside over the killing of innocent people, our job is to defend our land, and that is exactly what we are going to do. You know they love doubting us all the time, they think we are joking, but from tomorrow the music will change.

Those who doubt what we are doing or the sincerity of our effort must understand that we have come and there is no going back and that BIAFRA is going to be restored in our time, not through the efforts of the Eastern Security Network but as a result of overwhelming support for the independence of BIAFRA via a referendum.

Anywhere you attack our mothers again in our land we will attack you back. If you leave us alone we will leave you alone, we are not going to go into any war no, not at all, but we are going to defend our land.

I thank all of you for listening to this very evening, morning, afternoon or night depending on where you are. And for those who can appreciate the enormity and gravity of the mess we are in as a people we welcome your understanding, if you know, you can not do anything you stay out of the way.


I have a very special announcement to make this very evening, from today going forward my social media secretary and principle privet secretary is Uchenna Okoroafor who is domiciled in Huston Texas, from now onwards she will manage all my social media accounts and handles and will be responsible for making sure that each and every one of us is part and parcel of this very effort we are making. In other words, she is going to be our social media zar, so to speak, and you will join me in wishing her the very best.

Once again, thank you very much and may Chukwu Okike Abiama keep, preserve each and every one of you as we move forward into a land that is blessed, into a land that will once again be free, thank you very much and goodnight to you all.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

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