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Two family members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra [IPOB] at Azu Uda Ezza Inyimagu community in Izzi LGA was arrested on Thursday December 3th, 2020 following the order issued by the Local Government Area Chairman of Izzi Hon. Paul Nwogha to search and arrest IPOB family members in the area.

Pau Nwogha has on Friday December 4th, 2020 ordered for immediate arrest of the IPOB family members in the community following the alleged threat to the Fulani Herdsmen occupying the community bushes and farmlands by unidentified youths suspected to hail from the community, the Fulani Herdsmen in the area has been destroying rice farms and crops of the farmers of their host community for long yet they bear it due to lack of assistance from their government either local government area or state government.

They were abandoned and ignored by those who ought to protect and fight for their helpless rights, this act of negligence and destructions of farms prompted the youths to mandate the Fulani Herdsmen in the community to vacate with immediate effect or face their wrath and negative reactions, reporting the threat and the stand of the aggrieved youths to Izzi local government area chairman Hon. Paul Nwogha, by the Fulani Herdsmen.

He instantly ordered the Nigeria police and the community leaders to go after IPOB family members and arrest them anywhere sighted, without ascertaining what really happened or the plight of the people even to carryout investigation over the matter to know the damages done on the farmers by the Fulani Herdsmen with their cattles; which has led to the destruction of rice farm and crops worth millions.

In carrying out the order of the local government area chairman, the community leaders of Azu Uda Ezza Inyimagu in Izzi LGA Ebonyi state, Mr Nwamini Edwin and his vice Mr Linus Nwofe on Friday December 4th, 2020 invited the coordinator of IPOB family unit in the community, Mazi Ugbo Samuel and his deputy Mazi Peter Nwofe for a meeting at the home of Nwamini Edwin for briefing,  when they honoured the invitation for the said meeting the community leaders handed them over to the Nigeria Police.

Mr Nwamini Edwin the community council can be reached on: +2348037431717. His vice Mr Linus Nwofe can be reached on: +23481480201700, they have to explain why they are persecuting the innocent people of IPOB.

Since they were arrested till the time of this report, no one has heard from them, either the police or the community have come up with verifiable allegations against them or any IPOB family member in the community of why they'll be arrested and detained in like manner, the reason for their illegal arrest and current incarceration was based on carrying out the order issued by Izzi LGA chairman, Paul Nwogha who's seeking favour in the sight of his political masters and sustainability in political appointment after his tenure as the chairman come 2023.

Unconfirmed speculations had it that Mazi Ugbo Samuel and his deputy Mazi Peter Nwofe were taken to Iboko police station, though not confirmed by family of the victims and the family of IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Izzi and Abakaliki province as at the time of this publication.

Mazi Philip Uguru, the Ikenyi IPOB family zonal coordinator and Mazi Jacob Ishioko Izzi LGA coordinator of IPOB, confirmed the arrest and missing of the two coordinators but they assured that efforts are being made appropriately to ensure that they regain their freedom in no distant time, because they have not committed any crime against the community or the Nigeria law, Mazi Jacob Ishioko added that 'they were illegally arrested because of the unwarranted hate on the family of IPOB generally'.


Illegal Detention and incarceration of  innocent peaceful IPOB family members in any disguise and any reason or  whatsoever by anybody or any group as witnessed in the entire Biafra land and Nigeria since time immemorial till date is illegal and questionable, it is totally against the fundamental human rights and the whole world need to rise up unanimously and stop this level of evil and injustice meted on the IPOB family members across Biafra land and beyond before it becomes too late.

IPOB is a peaceful organization only seeking self-determination and the restoration of Biafra from Nigeria as enshrined in the United Nations charter on the rights of the Indigenous Peoples across the globe. IPOB firm determination to restore Biafra as a sovereign nation is the only reason why her family members especially in Biafra land and Nigeria are being haunted by the Nigeria government and her controlled securities, get them killed and incarcerated frequently.

Biafra people the oppressed are no longer pleased with what they're going through and could rise in anger to fight for their rights and protection of lives and property anytime soon should this level of evil and silence is being maintained towards their plights and mayhem, the people are getting ready to implement the fundamental human right for self defense,  should nothing be done about it and this will cause more harm and damages on the entire Africa.

Many has called for the peaceful dissolution of the British contraption called Nigeria to end the extrajudicial killings and maiming of the innocent people trapped under the contraption, there has never being any day that came and gone without a report of one killing or abduction of innocent people in Nigeria especially in Biafra land, if it is not the Nigeria army perpetrating the mayhem it will be the Nigeria police or Fulani Herdsmen roaming nooks and crannies of Biafra land villages looking for whom to devour like wolves among the sheep, many has fallen victim of rape, murder by these terrorists yet nothing done about it to address it.

The Biafran politicians serving in the Nigeria government which ought to stand firmly to protect the interests cum lives and property of their citizens and brethren  align themselves with the Fulani  oppressors both in the bush disguised as  headers and those in Abuja ignorantly controlling over two hundred million Nigerians supplying those in the bush with funds and weapons needed to carry out their terror attack, the Biafra politicians do this ugly things against their people who elected them to office with the goal to secure their political appointments and offices to the detriment of the helpless indigenes of the land. Sadly, they care for their selfish interests and immediate household's welfare more important than the millions of citizens which confined in them for protection of their precious lives and property.

Indeed, there's no better time to end Nigeria and let Biafra go as an independent nation than now, this will help to restore peace and ensure maximum development in Africa to compete healthily with the western world, because in Biafra Africa died and on Biafra restoration Africa will be restored back to its economic glory.

Many politicians in Nigeria and Biafra who wants to secure their estate and empire wants the continuation of One Nigeria to the peril of the people, this has done black race and humanity more harm than good since it tremendously benefits the few wicked politicians and their masters in the western world especially the Britain which created the expired contraption called Nigeria.

It's high time the world governing organizations such as United Nations, United States of America, European Union, Africa Union and others do the needful and support Biafra exit from Nigeria and recognize her as an independent nation for peace to reign in Africa.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media

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