Wike Has Ignorantly Created Another Sambisa In River State

Author: Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 03, NOV 2020

It is so unfortunate that Governor of Rivers State Nyesom Wike has made his State ungovernable, turning it to a war Zone and a slaughterhouse by bringing enemies of the Citizen the Nigeria Army, police and other security apparatus that shoot unarmed peaceful #EndSARS protesters to death at Lekki Toll Gate on 20th October, to hunt IPOB members for allegedly killing security operatives in Rivers State, Obigbo precisely during EndSARS protest. A similar event occurred in 1999 when the regime of Obasanjo sent troops of soldiers to Bayelsa State to innocent villagers Of Odi for allegedly killing Police officers, the soldiers as of then moved into Odi, a community of perhaps 15,000 people, engaged in an exchange of fire with the young men alleged to be responsible for the death of the policemen, and in the process killing thousands of innocent villagers including women and school children.

The troops demolished and burnt every single building, barring the bank, the Anglican Church and the health centre. While the soldiers reportedly shot and killed some of the armed youths who brought trouble to the town, most of the gang is reported to have fled. From 1999 till date the animosity of Niger Delta people against Obasanjo is still fresh, many vowed never to forgive or forget this inhuman treatment by Obasanjo regime, the scare of that genocide against Biafran people in the coastal region they referred to as Niger Delta people remain constant. Here we are today, Nyesom Wike the Governor of Rivers State has continued the same Genocide Obasanjo did, thereby Supporting Fulani people Ethnic cleansing, championing war and killings with Nigeria cowardly security men that derives joy in shooting unarmed innocent Citizens all in the name of fighting Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) that happens to be the only immune protecting the Old Eastern region from the Fulani conquest, in their quest to Islamize and Fulanize the Zone.

This few days, series of verifiable reports have been received from numerous resident of Obigbo, that Nigeria security operatives comprising of the Army, Police, SARS and DSS were going around in Obigbo breaking people's doors killing and abducting people especially young Igbo youths from the age of 10 up, it has been confirmed that buildings in Obigbo have been razed by this same happily triggered Nigeria security men, that alleged those buildings are IPOB meeting ground or home. The report gathered also revealed that Nigeria Army, Police etc rape women and young girls they captured during this ungodly Extrajudicial killing spearheaded by Nyeso Wike the Governor of Rivers State, While 24hours curfew is imposed in Obigbo, giving Nigeria security operatives opportunity to kill at will, the residence has testified that decaying corpse of Igbo people and others were littered on the streets, footages obtained shows Security men going around with Armored Cars, Hilux and weapons killing and taken away corpses of those they shoot dead.

More so residents in Obigbo are deserting for fear of being killed by Nyesom Wike hired assassins to eliminate citizens in Obigbo all in the name of hunting IPOB members, whose mission is Biafra restoration and to liberate all oppressed people within and outside Nigeria. Is so pathetic that Nyesom Wike has made himself an enemy of the state by declaring war on IPOB Knowing fully well he originates from Igbo, in other hands, Wike is also an IPOB member by birth. Wike shoots himself on the foot the day he declares war on IPOB. Nyesom Wike has indirectly and ignorantly created another Sambisa Forest in Rivers State, making it a War zone, a slaughterhouse and ungovernable. This evil act of Wike will surely hunt him and his family in the nearest future because no one has ever betrayed or killed his people just to please Fulani people ever succeeded. Fulani people are now boasting on how they ordered Wike to kill Igbo people and Wike did, meaning Wike is more loyal to them than those he was elected to protect. Even in Borno were Boko Haram terrorists, Fulani Herdsmen and Bandits go about killing innocent people the Governor of that state never ordered the military to kill his people because of Boko Haram the way Nyesom Wike does to his city in Obigbo.

Boko Haram terrorists are been tagged repented Boko Haram terrorists and released by Buhari Government integrated into the Nigeria Army just because they are Fulani people and Muslim fateful while Wike is killing innocent people in Obigbo all in the name of hunting IPOB members for allegedly killing Nigeria security agents. Wike has soaked Obigbo with the blood of Igbos and other people living around it, surely this dastard act of him must be avenged in due time because no blood of Innocent people is worth wasting. Nyesom Wike you are warned to stop the killing of innocent citizens now or time shall tell when you will face the consequences of your evil act against the people.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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