October 16 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

T he ongoing #ENDSARS protests in Nigeria is an organic evolving movement that is currently multifaceted. Truth be told, there are serious clandestine plan by the government to infiltrate, nix and apply mission creed on the original intentions of the protests. History especially of the contemporary has shown that the protest if not nixed by the current confused Government, might lead to results seen in most Arab countries and of late Sudan and Mali which Nigeria poorly mediated recently. The case of Sudan which led to the end of Al-Bashir's hegemonic powers, remains the conservative reminder of those occupying Aso Rock that things might get worst if nothing technically judicious are applied to diffuse the current tempo.

If there are things anyone would be smart to learn on the ongoing #ENDSARS protests, it is the simple fact that the Southern and Northern Nigerians are in deep away parts in approach of handling issues and seeing things. While the protests are approached with relative descent mechanisms among many of Southern Governors, their comrades from north are busy paying their thugs to attack the peaceful protesters or standing in a clear position against the protesters. Some southern Governors and politicians are calling for an inquiry on the heinous crimes committed by the murderous SARS operatives, the northern Governors are insisting the terror inflicting Nigeria police outfit remains and continue with their killings and "harvesting of their victims’ organs for India hospitals".

Why are northerners often in romance with anything that is on terror outlook? The same way they unanimously supported Boko Haram and other terrorists’ outfits by tagging them "our brothers" is the same way they and their Governors are marshalling out resources now to support the brutal human organs harvesting SARS. What does that tell you? It is simple, as far as you remain in same country with such barbaric elements, your future and that of your kids will be met with terrorism of all degrees. How one delinks himself and future generations from sharing same country with such elements, should be a serious concern not just SARS. Having a society where deeply wrong mindsets are in control of affairs, makes one not different from living in Taliban control Afghan Government and society. At a time, the members of brutal Nigerian Police "Force" who committed these crimes would have been worried of being indicted on investigation, we are seeing Northern Governors supporting the horrific SARS. Shame on them!

Sometimes one is forced to ask if these Northern elements are in touch with reality? They seem not to be part of this world as their approach to things oftentimes comes with great disagreements with the right things. Regrettably, they end up intimidating their southern colleagues into submission due to the servitude competition mentality among the southern politicians. As it stands now, the retrogressive northern Governors have taken a position and you have to watch them using the progressive southern politicians to achieve it. They have already intrusted the mandate in the "Governors" to engage the protesters which due to the cash involved, will make most southern politicians to be much committed to achieve the northern agenda. It is a pity!


In today's Nigeria with multiple agitations, the Fulani controlled presidency is seriously worried over the protests as evidences have proven in the past that protests metamorphose from what it originally started at, unto what the power class never anticipated. For instance, the Arab spring that swept a lot of Arab dictators off power started from protest against police brutality in Tunis against Muhammed Ali whose cat was confiscated by Police. From protests against police brutality, the whole middle east was engulfed with demand for regime change which western countries backed up even against some of their friends. Like chess, they sacrificed their queens (the leaders) for their kings (the people). If USA, Britain, Israel, AU and European Union could sacrifice a reliable friend (Mubarak the formal president of Egypt), while would anyone think that they will not abandon the fugitive Buhari's regime if only the protesters can keep the ground hitted for a while?

To the western nations, the current Nigerian regime is not just useless only, but most terrorists friendly Government to be compared with the Taliban afghan periods. If the protesters give the maximum pressure and Nigerian Government marshal out the military as currently ill-advised by the Communist Chinese forks who have taken grip of the contraption, then you know that the end of Nigeria has come. That is the red line the world wouldn't tolerate from Nigeria and the Government knows it. The current desperation by the Government to open NYSC camps and Universities in spite covid-19 pandemic presence, proves how confuse the Government is. These wrong choices only bring to the limelight, how jittery the government has gone!

Come to the threat on using the military, I only that as a message to IPOB leadership in case she decides to join the protesters. What we currently know is that both IPOB and ODUDUWA agitators are on non-physical participatory supports to the protesters which the Government understands too well how events will change any day IPOB mobilises her numerous supporters to join the protests. As a warning gun shot, the government is threatening for application of military might in lieu of IPOB decision to join. This is a serious one and hard time to the Government as such utterance of use of military can only anger and draw more supporters both domestically and internationally for the protesters. But the Government chooses to mention IPOB specifically which they are avoiding to do, then the make more hero of IPOB. This is serious game permutations by IPOB against the Fulani power grip.

The Eastern Governors are coming out to address the protesters knowing the grip of IPOB in their lands. They understand that IPOB leadership is just standing by monitoring and assessing the events for final surgical procedures. To these Governors, being hard on the protesters will be playing into the hands of IPOB just as FG is cautious of now. If there is anything too worrisome now to the Government, it is how they get rid of IPOB on the way as it is currently showing that majority of the protesters seems to be Nnamdi Kanu oriented due to his unlimited influence on their minds via Radio Biafra programs. It is true that there are no Biafra insignias within the protest’s areas, but clear psychology proves that majority of these young men and women are Nnamdified and this is a hard occasion to manage as "there is no art to find man's construction on his face".

The world is keenly interested and observing the trends which a lot of western countries platforms are currently raising funds for the protesters to sustain the ground which IPOB is also doing her very best in strategic positioning as she in more in mental appearance on the ground than anyone could fathom. As it currently stands now, ABUJA and Lagos are in the hands of the protesters which makes it a good positioning. If Nigerian Government presses crudely, they will make monsters within the seats of powers for themselves which will speed up heavy incineration. What one is seriously concerned of is how FG will manage these protests as the protesters seem not to be of ENDSARS only but end to bad systems which are benefiting to the Fulanis alone. We are watching and are waiting....

Written by:
Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

Edited by:
Obiageli Vivian Mboma
For: Imo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media

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