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This was originally a comment, in response to one of our great friends, Handel, on the wall of Nnamdi Asomugha Snr.

Handel, Nnamdi actually supported and voted for the tyrannical jihadistic terrorist called Buhari. Soon after, he came face-to-face with the catastrophic cataclysm that he contributed in foisting upon Nigga-area. I know the tortuous drilling to which I subjected him before I could convince my fellow wailers to admit him as one of us.

Now, what prompted me to make this response? Your opinion that the Great President Trump (the greatest American president ever), tacitly or verbally supports the supremacists, thereby creating the impression that blacks are inferior.

Nwanne, blacks are not only just inferior, but to me, with their present mindset, it is doubtful whether they are full human beings. Why won't the supremacists feel superior, and consider you inferior?

About 20,000 of them came from Europe and colonized the whole Africa for over a hundred years, after subjecting you to the worst form of slavery and enslavement for the previous more than two hundred years. So, why won't they feel superior, and how are they not superior?

You have probably fled on exile to the country of the supremacist, which he made enormous sacrifice to build, and after having built it with his sweat and blood, you assume that he will regard you as equal stakeholder with him, right?

Do you think that the man, whose country you have invaded, in your flight from your own rotten home, does not know that you are fleeing from the mess that you have made of your own home?

Do you think that he does not know that your home is as rotten as it is putrefying? What makes you think that he does not know that you fled your own country that you have riddled with all kinds of fraud?

Do you think that he does not hear how you die in the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara Desert in your quest to submit yourself for voluntary enslavement in Europe?

Do you think that he does not hear about how the terrorists in uniform, called Nigga-area armed forces, under British support and supervision, massacre innocent people at random, without any consequences?

Don’t you know that he hears about your electoral fraud, that makes the fourth positioned candidate to be "awarded" Governorship, by Sharia court clerk turned Chief Justice of Nigga-area?

Do you think that he does not hear about the discriminatory scores that admit candidates into your so-called unity schools, and the methodology of "sorting" that causes degrees to be sexually or monetarily transmitted, and how those that score least in examinations end up heading every establishment?

Don't you know that he hears about how few nomadic barbarians and savages have confiscated or usurped all the vestiges of governance, with audacious and unapologetic support of the exploitative, parasitic, genocidal, and predatory #Britain?

Do you think that he does not know that you depend on him for as little as toothpick, cotton bud, toothbrush, nail clipper, pencil, chalk, wooden plank, hammer, plier, knife, machete, hoe, rake, not to talk of wheel barrow?

Don't you know that he is aware that you depend on him for the extraction and refinement of crude oil and other mineral resources, production of tricycle, sewn clothes, newsprint, bicycle spoke, and in fact, everything, including chewing stick?

Why do you think that he doesn't know the challenges you are facing in food security, housing, environmental degradation, and your present terroristic nepotistic madness called governance?

Are you deluding yourself by thinking that the "supremacist" does not know about your moronism, docility, and indolence, which you not only displayed, but publicized, when the feudalistic hegemonic vampire, Muhammadu Buhari, died in 2017, and Theresa May of Britain, in collaboration with all the other exploitative parasites around the world, imported, and imposed the impostor from Sudan, for the purpose of impersonating the dead and buried Muhammadu Buhari, in advancement of the economic genocide against the Biafrans, by Britain, through their Fulani proxy?

You want the person you address as a racist to regard you with honour and dignity when your women, which symbolize your value and value system, are falling head over heels to look like the racists by annoyingly degrading themselves with all the absurd attachments that portray them as not just lacking in self-esteem, but of doubtful sanity?

How can you explain the dependence of your women on these reprehensible attachments, manufactured by "the racists", to look like the racists, as applicable to their hair, eyebrows, eyeballs, eyelids, nose, lips, breast, buttocks, hips, nails, and worst of all, their skin? (I pray that you understand this particular paragraph).

We do not want to talk of how beggarly you have presented yourself to them, (by seeking and obtaining loans for virtually everything, including paying salaries), and after, you want them to regard you as equals with them, right?

How are you not inferior?

I will not have any doubt that even as we are dying for the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra, you could possibly be one of those saying that IPOB family members are either miscreantic rabble rousers, or youthful delinquent warmongers, or lily-livered nonentities.

I will equally not be surprised if you are not contributing a dime for the pursuit of Biafra, because I know that people like you will not just be failing to contribute, but will ensure that those that want to support are discouraged and dissuaded, and after, you will be expecting those who sacrificed their lives to build their place to treat you preferentially above themselves, OK?

What is ever wrong in you building your own home, bringing it to a standard that is equal to that of where you have fled on exile to, or even a higher standard (as we are going to do in Biafra), and the people that you have run to their place will run to yours? Do you think that when this is done, that the word racism will still ever exist?

Have you asked yourself why this racism is always or mainly against Africans, and not against Europeans, Americans, Asians, or Australians? Which single African country or nation (built by Africans), is today the African pride?

Concerning the baseless, infantile, and imbecilic propaganda by the Democrats in the US, they are only sulking that the Great President Trump has dismantled and uprooted all their satanic machineries that have kept the people in the dark, making them unnecessary preys in the predatory hands of the Dems, which they have always deceitfully presented as a safe haven, or place of refuge (wolves in sheep's clothing).

Do not forget, for the avoidance of doubt, that it was the Democrats, which the terrorists Obama, Clinton, Biden, and Pelosi represent today, that owned slaves, supported slave trade, and did everything to thwart or truncate the abolition of slave trade, through many deceitful manipulations.

On the other hand, it was the Republicans, which the Great President Trump represents today, that vehemently opposed, assiduously withstood, resiliently fought, and tenaciously upheld the abolition of the evil enslavement and slave trade. Unfortunately, the manipulative "spell" cast upon the lineage of the "slaves" by the foxy Dems, has not cleared from their eyes.

The rage and fury of the Dems against the Great President Trump, is the fact that he has stood stoutly as a barrier against them in implementing all their animalistic and inhuman policies, including the obscene gay marriage, boosting the support for worldwide terrorism, and "chipping" of every individual on earth, for the benefit of, and easy availability to Satanists, as well as the sustenance of indirect enslavement through the current neo-colonialists.

In conclusion therefore, it remains incumbent on all lovers of freedom, all lovers of humanity, and all lovers of the progress of mankind, to, not only vote to retain the Great President Trump in the White House, but equally ensure that all their acquaintance equally vote with this vision in view.




Biafra has come!

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
(Twitter @biafra4ever)
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Mazi Chukwudi Okeke
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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