October 29 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

The Ebonyi state governor Engr David Nweze Umahi on Wednesday October, 28th 2020 in a meeting with the thirteen local government area chairman and council leaders in Ebonyi state, charged them to fish out IPOB family members in their respective jurisdictions for arrest and prosecution within the interval of seven days from the day of the meeting.

They secretly planned to arrest IPOB family members in Ebonyi state and tag them hoodlums criminals and accuse them of being responsible for the burning of police stations in the state.

The governor assumed that it was IPOB family members that engaged in the series of police stations burning in Ebonyi state which was actually done by the angry Nigerian youths who were frequently killed and wounded by the same Nigeria police and soldiers during their protests to #EndSARS, #EndPoliceBrutality, #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria and to #EndNigeriaNow across Nigeria and Ebonyi state inclusive.

The youths who got angry with the security personnel that often open gun fire on them starting from Lekki toll gate massacre on October 10th 2020, during the peaceful protests to display their displeasure over the deteriorated state of Nigeria and had governance, had no option than setting ablaze some police stations on fire across Nigeria and other facilities belonging to the government that causes them pains and suffering.

Other governors and leaders in other parts of the contraption called Nigeria understood the situation and the anger in the minds of the youths, hence they set modality and plans to move on as that is part of democratic Government, as people have the right to Protest for when their fundamental human rights are being violated.

But the so-called treacherous power drunk  governors of the South East led by Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi state has continued to hold series of meetings to plot on how to keep their youths below the kneel, setting their selfish 2023 political ambitions priority to the yearnings of their people especially the young ones who are roaming jobless in the streets of Onitsha, Enugu, Imo, Abia and Ebonyi after suffering to graduate from the University or done learning a skill and apprenticeship,  as a result of unfavourable policy by the government which doesn't allow young people to thrive, thereby creating room for the rich to be richer while the poor get poorer every day in the Contraption.

Be it as it may, the ever gallant and resolute family members of IPOB in the nooks and crannies of Ebonyi state and beyond are fearless even before their enemies, the family in Ebonyi state warned that further attack on their members who are on their own by Ebonyi state government under Governor David Nweze Umahi will result to great catastrophe and quagmire which will blow the ear of any one that hear the news, because non among the politicians from the councillors upwards will be spared from the looming doom should they refuse to leave IPOB alone in the state.

The group equally made it clearly known to the all and sundry that they're not afraid of the military and high security operatives deployed to Ebonyi state which has been moving about harassing innocent people in the streets of Abakaliki. They maintained that further attack and molestation of their family members across the state will leave them with no option than to make the state ungovernable, because they're going to unleash hell on the perpetrators irrespective of who they may be and wherever they decide to hide.

They maintained solidarity with the Nigerian  youths that are on revolution movement, affirming that IPOB family is fully with the revolutionaries, nevertheless the Government either state or federal should desist from accusing the family of being responsible for the activities of the thugs which they recruited to disrupt the peaceful protest aimed at bringing the desired change everybody long anticipated for in this side of Africa, reminding the public that IPOB as a group is a peaceful organization and remain peaceful, but should not be taken for granted based on their peaceful nature, that the slow movement of a lion is not out of sluggishness but a mean to calculate the accuracy of the road.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media

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