July 03 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

In response to Mazi Agu Nwa's many worries about IPOB

Truly, with every sense of humility and utmost honour, I am baffled that you do not understand the connection and the relevance in the concept, methodology, and application of IPOB's strategy. As a matter of fact, I do not (personally) think of any other approach that will give a better result, based on the target.

The Biafra we are dreaming of is not a replication of Nigeria. For us to nurse any hope of achieving that, much work needs to be done in the psyche of Biafrans, so that they can be purged of Nigerianism. This work of purging is akin to the process of refining a crude product, necessitating it to pass through intense heat, at the end of which all the dross will naturally be separated, and the pure treasurable substance available for usefulness. (Many people will certainly not understand this).

For the reason above, certain hard truths are said so that EVERYONE can know that where we are aiming at is not where "some animals are equal, but some are more equal than others". It is where the rule of law is sacrosanct. It is where what is good for the geese is good for the gizzard (courtesy Zebrudaya). It is where no criminality of any degree is tolerated, condoned, concealed, supported, or sponsored by the state, nor any one.

The above mainly count for the exposure of religious fraudsters, who hide under "Christianity or Church" to commit untold iniquitous abominable atrocities. All the failed business men, who resorted to religious scam, sorcery, and various criminality, are being told in no uncertain terms that it is not going to be business as usual.

You know that when things like these are said, it will be difficult to be understood, but when time is taken to digest it, it may be clearer. When a general statement is made too, even with a blanket conclusiveness, you also know that those who are not affected will never be jittery or panicky, but those who are culpable will do everything in the world to hide behind the cacophony of voices, to advance their mischief, in the name of the defense of those affected, or exonerating themselves, just as many criminals are doing now in the name of defending Christianity and Pastors.

Agu Nwa, nobody is insulting the elders. You know that old saying about how the king should be talked to, after a meaningful period of waiting for him to act aright. As a grown up, if any person does not stand firm and talk to even his own biological father in certain ways, (especially when it is apparent that the said father is derailing), things will definitely go seriously wrong, or get aggravated from what is presently obtained.

On the issue of IPOB choosing someone to refine a few things "democratically". Agu, IPOB is neither a democratic nor political party. This is a FREEDOM FIGHTING FAMILY. The hierarchical principle here is COMMAND AND CONTROL.

May I submit that it is this command and control principle that has enabled the family to achieve this VISIBLE success that EVERYONE is testifying of today, which invariably is terrifying the world. Is it now proper to change the success strategy?

Many people, who are very likely to be working for the predatory Britain, through the Janjaweed terrorists called Nigeria government, will be attempting to cause deflection and distraction by highlighting the autocratic tendency of our Supreme Leader, right?

This, they will constantly harp on, but they can never mention for once, as our Supreme Leader, Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has repeatedly said, that HE IS NEVER GOING TO PRESENT HIMSELF FOR ELECTION, NOT TO TALK OF TAKING UP ANY POLITICAL OFFICE.

He says that his assignment is to restore Biafra, and that Chukwu Okike Abiama will bring those that will LEAD Biafra. He says that his job gets terminated at the point of the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra.

Finally, on the matter of IPOB not doing many things right. You will recall that sometime in the past, we have said that the sky is too wide to contain ALL the birds at THE SAME TIME. Everybody agrees that we need to restore Biafra, even on an urgent note. We have not yet restored Biafra.

IPOB does not have the exclusive right (or monopoly) to do so. The earlier we have Biafra restored, the better for us all. Now, instead of urging IPOB to change its strategy that has brought tremendous, if not unprecedented success, why not start another viable, vibrant, and victory-focused group that will do all those things being suggested for IPOB, at least, to complement what IPOB is doing?

I have been saying that if we have ten other groups that can be half as genuine, serious, sincere, focused, dedicated, and determined, as IPOB, that it is a great asset for every one of us. I'm sure that you know why.

For clarity sake, and the erasure of every shadow of doubt, nobody is attacking Christianity, or the Pastors, or any form of religion. As has been with us (republicanism), everyone is entitled to his belief, and mode of worship. But those who hide behind Christianity to commit atrocious iniquities, and those who happen to be their victims, must be brought under the light. Put it another way, when the blind leads the blind, they end up in the ditch. This is the context in which the "controversial" statement was made.

Don't forget also that having a divergent view is different from sabotaging what will benefit the greater number of people, for personal, myopic, temporary, if not ephemeral gains. Sabotaging a cause is different from having a contrary diversified or divergent view, and many people hide under the cover of "divergent view" to work for their masters, to truncate the project, to the detriment of the generality of the people.

No sane people will tolerate that.


Biafra has come!

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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