July 26 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

What is happening in Nigeria? There are so many troubles in this Country and we are losing patience. Day and night there are no rest for the people. We are suffering too much.

They keep lying to us about everything. As Covid-19 came we are worse hit, Lasa fever came, same thing. We in the North are always at the receiving end. Every sickness that comes, we are worst hit. When you try to contest the many lies, they will quickly use our Religious Leaders to calm us down.

Now we are battling with Poverty, no good drinking water, not even good for bathing, no good health facility, no single drug in the hospital, hospitals have shutdown, nothing at all. We are tired and we must change our ways. We have suffered enough and we need to do something. We are battling with all sorts of Evil, bad omen.

At least they should leave our Market square alone, a place where we go to find something to eat and feed our families by buying and selling.  The markets are no more safe. Fear everywhere.

Even our poor and miserable lives that we were managing and trying to live with it, is no more certain for us. Even the common small Generator we were using to power electricity since they have refused to supply us Power, they have banned it. We cannot use it again. Petroleum products are so expensive. No income, no job, no good thing with this Government.

All the big men their children are abroad, schooling and enjoying their lives but look at us.  They don't care about us whether we live or die. What did we do to suffer all these punishments? What is our offence to God?

We are tired of this Government and the Leaders. We are running out of patience. Where are our Governors and Leaders? They are Criminals, they are useless. They don't wish us any good. No vision. No idea of Leadership. They specialize in lies.

In this very Mosque that i am standing today, they came and asked us to do everything humanly possible to remove Jonathan. They said he is the cause of the bad Security situation in Nigeria, okay we agreed and voted him out, but now you have become worse off. Jonathan is this and that and now he has gone and you have become worse. How about you resign since you don't know anything about Leadership?

You (Buhari) asked Jonathan to resign. You that asked us to vote Jonathan out, why can't you resign now? Resign now, resign now and let us know what ...where our problems are coming from. We must tell our people the Truth.

Even the life God gave us is no longer worth living. It has become meaningless, miserable, horrible, unbearable and what do they want us to do?

There are dead bodies every corner of the land. People are dropping dead and many killed in cold blood all over the places. People are buried like chicken every day. You can't even see Government speak about it. They only go to burial ground and they will not grant a speech.

I stand on my feet inside this Mosque to swear in the name of Allah, to tell you the TRUTH.  There are no Governors nor President in this country. We must stop deceiving ourselves. Let's face the reality. Forget the tribe and speak the truth. Let's face the truth. Let's stop listening to these lies. These lies are too much. I don't care where anybody comes from, let's stand on reality on ground.

We don't have a Leader in Government. Nobody is living. Everybody is Dead. Governors are Dead, President is dead. Everybody dead. they keep lying to us. No single truth in their mouth. Nothing is working. Lies upon lies.

Where is our President?

All our Soldiers, where are they?

The only time you see Governors and officials is time to bury People. They witness burial and go away. That's all. People are dropping dead, People are slaughtered like Chicken every day, no value for life anymore.


Today, let's start telling our people the Truth. The country is like a Ship without a Captain. Moses led Israelites out of Egypt when the suffering became unbearable for the people. God should help and give us a Moses to lead us out from this system. I am asking everyone to go home and consult God, confess your sins and ask for forgiveness, so that God will kill all the evil men in the country who are causing these pains and install a very good Leader. This humiliation must stop. We must stop pretending while in pain.

Written by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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