By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia writers)
Edited by Nwabunwanne David
It is on record of history that the white Europeans and Americans brought Christianity to African. During this era of colonialism, the same whites on a rampage of slavery taught the blacks their indigenous languages like English, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish, respectively. They also gave Africans diverse orientations about media. They mouthed the severity and the great importance of media and what the press stood for. They said the truth is fundamental for the enlightenment of the citizens. This very discourse became baggage of intuition, garnishing the mission of colonialism with white cultures and traditions as well.

What drew attention to their deceit is the goals and objectives of media, which is "to inform, educate, enlighten and enrich the public". The press the colonial masters presented as the key to unlocking ignorance and illiteracy in the minds of Africans was not sincere at all. Africa experienced the voice of Jacob and hand of Esau from the scenario of colonialism. The situation generated mixed feelings in the minds of Africans because the whites never practised what they preached nor defended their own culture given to us in the aftermath.

British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC) and Cable News Network (CCN) were the media platforms that pretended to help Africa. They were tools used to drown Africa in the ocean of slavery and ignorance systemically. The foreign media contributed to the backwardness in Africa today. They tacitly support tyrants who commit all sorts of atrocities with impunity by looking the other way. They see no evil when their stooges indulge in senseless killings, divide and rule system, which ensures the inescapable chain of mental slavery in Africa.

In 1967, Britain sponsored genocide against Biafra was not done in a corner. Still, Britain ensured the world did not hear about it. They ensured 100% media blockade and used the BBC to misinform the world. This unfortunate situation was hugely responsible for the death of over 5 million Biafran civilians, including 3 million children. They died of starvation and bombing soft targets like Hospitals, Churches, Markets and Schools. BBC and serially undermined and covered such atrocious act, and hid the information from the rest of the world.

Presently, none of the mainstream media deems it fit to report the ongoing killing of Christians and Biafrans in Nigeria since this APC government came into power in 2015. BBC, CNN, France24 and Al Jazeera never deemed it wise to utilise their media preponderance to report the carnage going on in Nigeria. Does it mean that the lives of Christians and Biafrans don't matter to the world media?

Nigerian Christians have gradually realised that the global media with their fallacies are working with Nigeria government to wipe out Judeo Christians for Muslims to take over their land. The Nigeria bribery virus has deeply affected the likes of CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera. The virus has sealed their mouths, thereby rendering them impotent to perform the job of real journalism with professionalism in Nigeria.

The international media feigned blind, deaf and dumb at the latest Aso Rock Villa gangster festival of shootings. It is a dereliction of duty and has exposed, "the world media mute conspiracy (WMMC)" of both local and international media. You could barely imagine to your chagrin that only Radio Biafra and individuals on social media reported such heinous crime and made the news go viral. The past and present actions of the mainstream media have mentally forced the common man to jettison their media poison in the name of news and credible information.

The corrupt media mentioned above are fully aware that, if they eventually report the charade, animalistic and barbaric display in Aso Rock, millions of inevitable questions will arise. If they fail to provide correct answers to the questions, protest that will collapse the contraption will surely emerge. The fight for supremacy between Aisha Buhari and the cabal will worsen the situation, which will automatically push the country into oblivion. The sentimental attachment between BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and the fantastically corrupt Nigerian government made them not to identify with the reality that is right before them.

These media platforms boldly appear when it comes to craftily destroy the effort of IPOB, the most massive freedom movement in the world. IPOB is fighting for the freedom of Biafra nation, the weak and those that cannot speak for themselves in Nigeria. This wicked BBC is only in the business to discredit the relentless work of IPOB and truncate the Biafra restoration project. Both local and international media collectively apply the same "media mute conspiracy". When unarmed IPOB was tagged terrorist group for exercising their God-given right, which is part of the Nigerian Constitution, the BBC kept mute. They jettisoned the rudiments of journalism to keep the free oil and gas flowing in the land because Nigeria is a British company and their money-making machine.

People have lost confidence and trust in the information and news of these media platforms because they are not fans of truth and transparency, but rather portray deceit and lies. The only voice for voiceless and hope for the masses in the world are Radio Biafra and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB and the 45th President of the United States of America Donald J Trump. Others are various social media warriors who disseminate correct information with live videos and pictures. These videos and photos spring out from many sources to counter the edited or doctored works of these purveyors of fake news.

Europeans and Americans have realised that their ancestors unjustly maltreated Africans, especially Biafrans in the past. That is why they are destroying and damaging the statues of White slave merchant and their tyrants. The next thing is for their mainstream media to start doing the right thing in Africa. Truth has only one chapter that is why the name Nigeria will be obliterated from the world map like Carthage and the rest.
In Biafra, we stand.

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