June 25 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

This piece was written in response to my dear friend Nath, with whose indulgence I seek to make this Publication.

Mr Nath has always wondered at my transformation from a reserved taciturn, introvert, and indifferent "Gentleman" to fiery Biafran activist and fanatical extremist".

I smiled at his Inquisition which is not out of place and unfortunately, I have received same from many of my friends and those who are close to me (including my wife) had equally expressed same surprise.

Certain things may appear inexplicable, but considering the circumstances that necessitate the contemporary contingencies, one can only but be compelled to get acculturated with the demands of the time.

In the first place, we all agree that we (Biafrans) need to exit the extreme (though systemic and systematic) strangulation, suffocation, and asphyxiation of this British cage called Nigeria. We also know that it is not something one person can achieve, meaning that we all have to contribute.

We then decided that since everyone can not contribute from one angle, that each person can contribute from whichever angle he has ability.

Instead of sitting down and finding fault, thereby discouraging those that are sacrificing even their own lives, I decided that we must synergize with them, so as to unite for strength (Igwe bụ ike).

Nothing gladdens the heart of the enemy like division within the camp of opponents. You know that any team work requires focus and concentration, and the moment that concentration is lost, it usually results in giving the enemy the loophole.

You also know that sometimes, even the coach or captain of a football team may make a mistake. Does the whole team continue to dwell on the error and not restrategize to move ahead? Not refocusing and restrategizing will definitely result in a more catastrophic disaster. Even concentrating on that error equally has its own drawbacks.

You can now see the destruction those that have agreed that we need Biafra, but decided to be arm chair critics, are doing to the restoration efforts.

It is for this reason that I resolved that in the little way I can, I must contribute, support, encourage, and sacrifice all that I can, for the benefit of OUR DEAR NATION, BIAFRA, AND OUR UNBORN GENERATIONS.

Of course, no price is too much to pay for freedom, and considering what others have sacrificed, including their lives, it will be sheer wickedness, insensitivity, senselessness, or even sadistic treachery for any person to refuse to join the struggle, and worse, if somebody elects to be a mere critic, and worst, with cataclysmic consequences, if one decides to sabotage the cause.

On my decision to root or pitch with IPOB, I have testified on this my platform, which however is primarily, if not solely dedicated for the pursuit of Biafra, that on the first day that I heard Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for the first time on Radio Biafra (which my friend introduced me to in 2015), I was expressly told that the voice I was hearing was not the voice of human being, but OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD, and that the vessel bearing that voice was on an assignment by God. (I was still telling my wife this encounter when somebody called in and asked him whether he was a spirit or a human). So, since then, I threw my hat into the ring.

About the dexterity, vigour, and energy with which I am focusing on the pursuit of the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra, it is only predicated on one conviction. That conviction, which is a statement of fact, is that...

Somebody may find this laughable, but it is a personal vision, which is as valid as it is even verifiable. One clue to verifying this fact is studying the quality of the human resources in the countries in question.

No country on earth has the quality of human resources available in Biafra.

No other country in the world has ALL THE MINERALS in the world, as Biafra has.

No other country in the world has the favourable weather as Biafra has.

No other people LOVE TO WORK as much as Biafrans.

These are verifiable facts.

So, when you are given this vision, as I have been, NOTHING ON EARTH can ever make you to look back.

With the gift of God for this generation of Biafrans, for the purpose of the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra, in the person of our Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the project has progressed tremendously, confirming the fact that it was God that sent him, just as he sent Moses of old. Don't forget that in the days of Moses, there were opponents as you have them today. But then, did it stop the accomplishment of God's program?

Likewise, ten million billion trillion opponents of today cannot stop the accomplishment of this restoration program, because it is of God.

Any person can believe what he likes, carry out treachery as much as he likes, criticize as much as he likes (without offering alternative solution), or even liaise with the British, through their Fulani feudal caliphate Agents, as much as he likes. That can never vitiate, frustrate, nor truncate this divine project. The truth is that Biafra is already here.

In the days of Pharaoh, it was Moses and Aaron.

In the days of Gideon, it was only 300 men with musical instruments.

In the days of Joshua, it was going round the walls with musical instruments.

In the days of Jephthah, it was with Area Boys.

In the days of Sisera, it was with a woman.

In these days of Biafra, it is with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who has made it clear that it is only 100 men that he needs to get the program of God effectively executed. The job is almost totally done.

Biafra has come!


Written by:
Mazi Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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