Biafra: The Security Consciousness Is a Duty to Biafrans in Biafra Land 

■Author:  Onwe Ozioma 
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 17, June 2020

Considering the level of threat to the entire Biafra land – lives and properties, it has become very pertinent that every Biafran become a watchdog as well as improvise to ensure that the land is secured for us and for our generations unborn. Over the years there have been speculations of Biafra land being under siege.

But perhaps due to the subtle method the invaders employed, many persons did not take the claims seriously. Around 2015, an electrician in Abakaliki who was hired to work in a mosque reported seeing many refrigerators in the mosque.

Because he was closely monitored as he did the work, he could only open one of the refrigerators out of curiosity, and to his amazement, it was filled with firearms. Such reports have continued to filter in, and now the Fulani whose stock in trade is invasion, land grabbing, and conquering have become so emboldened that they now make open statements reiterating their obligation to dip the Koran in the ocean.

They now occupy many forests in Biafra land in the guise of herding cattle. Sadly they enjoy the support and protection of the Nigerian state, and the many traitors in the land are at their service. In Africa, things are always upside down, especially in territories under the control of the perpetually backward Fulani. The good is bad, and the bad is good. Terrorists enjoy the privileges of law-abiding citizens while the citizens take lots of terrorists. Nigeria, where great Biafra is forlornly trapped in, is a perfect example of Africa I am referring to.

As proof, the continued invasion, killing, rapping, and sacking of villages in Biafra land by the Fulani terrorists have continued with none of the perpetrators ever arrested. Instead, it is the victims of these crimes who get to face the Nigerian kind of law anytime they attempt to take actions that will stop the mayhem as was seen in Enugu a few years ago and many other places.

Even the governor of delta state not long ago said that the Nigerian military protects the Fulani terrorists. How then shall the ordinary indigenous people who have become victims of state-sponsored and maybe globally aided terrorism escape the dangers that are already at the doorstep? For now, those who are keeping the terror at our doorsteps are the traitors.

They are being used to ensure that the conquering of Biafra land is total and absolute. The strategy now is: since Biafrans are complaining that the Fulani are occupying their farmlands illegally, the Nigeria state in conjunction with their foreign aiders ably led by the British spots the traitors among us hand them positions of authority by all means like they did in the case of Hope Uzodimma - mandating them to legally acquire and sell or gift lands to the terrorists where they will have the freedom to plan and strike.

These traitors are promised both the possible and the impossible. For instance, the eastern governors are promised the 2023 vice presidency, but it is not possible for more than one person to be vice president of Nigeria at the same time, are they not fools. As further proof, the traditional ruler of Ogbunike in Enugu state has been reported to have sold some plots of land to the Fulani terrorists before he died and the president general of the same place is continuing in that direction.

In the same vein, our reporter on June 13 June 15, 2020, reported the occupation by Fulani militia group a piece of land behind the Oasis of Love Orphanage Home, Iriebe Obi-also in Igweocha province. It was confirmed according to the report that the very land was giving to the terrorists by the traditional ruler of Iriebe, His Royal Highness Jeremiah Worenmu. The report warned that this militia group could strike any moment from now. And the list of traitors and their evil works goes on.

How then shall the ordinary indigenous people who have become victims of state-sponsored and maybe globally aided terrorism escape the dangers that are already at the doorstep? In the face of the above-highlighted threats, Biafrans must know that the protection of our land lies in our hands as individuals and as a group "Onye di iron bara guru n'eche du ya the". Everyone should consider himself or herself as security personnel. All suspicious movements should be reported to those who are serious about keeping our land safe – the Indigenous people of Biafra. Everyone must see the need to join IPOB and give the movement every bit of support in the quest to liberate the indigenous peoples of Africa.

It must be known that taking any form of security threat to the Nigerian security agency is an act of foolishness because these agencies are under the control of the terrorists. Similarly, Biafrans in the diaspora must not grow weary – they have a very crucial role to play. Those of them who have identified with IPOB in their different countries of residence are duly commended. Those who have not should see it as an obligation. The diaspora based Biafrans are reminded that the Rwandan genocide was ended by the Tutsis who had previously escaped from the country and built a formidable army even in exile.

They have a duty to place the defence of Biafra as much as possible above everything else. More so, they should assist in ensuring that every nook and cranny of Biafra land is covered by radio Biafra on FM as it is the most powerful weapon at our disposal now. Our e-warriors have a duty to disseminate information. Furthermore, Biafrans the world over must begin to improvise materials for securing the land. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention - The security of Biafra land is the mother of all necessities for us now. Therefore we must call our ingenuity to action.

 That inventive and innovative mind with which our father's refined petroleum, manufactured arms, and ammunition, built and maintained an airport, turned palm oil to fuel converted aeroplanes to fighter jets, produced communication gadgets even in the face of war must come alive in us.

We must not only pray and hope that lovers of freedom elsewhere will supply us the military hardware and software that will be necessary to meet these devils because they may never come. We must not wish that the terrorists repent and go back because that will never happen.

They have come, more are still coming. They mean business and they will surely strike even in a greater dimension. Fasting and praying alone will not save us.

We must individually and collectively resolve to secure our land by any means possible or lose it to the Fulani like the Hausas and Yorubas, among others. It is a do or dies, affair; therefore, you must be ready to defend yourself and the land at all times.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John Odinaka
Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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