■Author: ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra) 
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 17, June 2020


Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet earth, we welcome you, I welcome you I use the word we because is not just me. There are millions of people working very hard all over the world to ensure that this very effort we are making to restore BIAFRA comes to fruition outcome.

We are the only people emanating from Africa been to listen to across the entire 24 time zones on this very planet. Millions listen to us live all over the world.

Tonight program is going to be something slightly different. If before we finish, we have not heard that relationship is being terminated, that people are taking their own life, in so far as I don't want anyone to take their life but this very evening is going to be remarkable because we have promised to preach this very gospel of truth, this very gospel of restoration and that is what we are here to do, and that is what we are going to accomplish in our time.

Those that came before us did not understand the meaning of consistency and resoluteness that is what IPOB epitomises, that is what we have come to represent, and that is why regardless of what our distractors try to do we are zeroing in the root of Aso Rock and with it the inevitable precipitous collapse of the zoo, Elohim is in charge of course.

And before we go any further to give thanks to Elohim in heaven. I must tell you that my name is Nnamdi Kanu.

I am the leader of the indigenous people of BIAFRA, I am the director of Radio BIAFRA, director of BIAFRA Television and by the very special grace of Elohim a servant of the wonderful people of BIAFRA, we are under oath to speak the truth always even if it leads to our death, we are also under oath to restore BIAFRA, or we die doing it.

And like I keep saying and with permission from heaven I can confidently declare that should we fail to usher in BIAFRA this year is no longer God's fault is ours.  That is why we must do everything we can humanly possible to ensure that BIAFRA is restored as soon as possible because the zoo is empty, absolutely empty and today we have come to do justice to the mess that it has become.

We must, therefore, hand over our proceedings to the most high Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile, and by so doing invite the spirit of heaven to take charge of what we are doing here today and we must pray in the language of heaven of course.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, he said all the prayers in the language of heaven, which is the IGBO language. And after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee! Isee!! Isee!!! to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

We must preach this very gospel, and as we do so, we must do it in truth and every honesty, this very day we have come to do justice to the decaying dying zoological republic.

Had the majority of those in the Northern part of zoo been sensible, had our Yoruba brethren in the West be slightly brave with the grace that God has given them with media we won't be where we are today. But the zoo is a mess, anybody who is unfortunate to part of the zoo is now a laughing stock all over the world, mankind is laughing at us, and sooner we bring the miserable existence of the zoo to an end the better for everybody, and that is why we are here this evening.

You must pay attention very close attention; it's very very critical that you pay attention to!

We are living through an era of Fulani inferno never in the history of Government. The last time what is happening now in the zoo ever occurred in the annual of history was in Spain in the dark ages. There is a man called El Cid; the Spanish were fighting the Arabs, the nouns he was a great warrior, he led Spain into battle he won famous victories over the Arabians, over the nouns, some of you don't know that the reason why Italians have black hair especially the Latino which is Portugal, Spain, and Italy the reason why they have black hair is that they are a mixture of Europeans and Arabs. That is why they have black hair, unlike the Swedish, the Germans and all the rest of them.

The Arabs were there for nearly 400 years, and when it was the time to push Arabs out Spain raised a Hero, his name is El Cid, the Arabs called him El Cid. That is exactly what Fulanis are doing. Do you know what happened? El Cid died in battle he had an arrow shot to his heart he died, and when they brought him back to the castle, the wife said that he must raise and ride with the King the next day. He was dead, why they did it was because of the Arabs know that El Cid is coming to battle they will become weakened, and the Spanish will overrun them, in other to maintain that weak El Cid that was dead was brought up on his horse, his arrows put on him and he runs into battle, a dead man on a horse running into battle, so when the Arabs saw his banner and his armour they fled and the Spanish won the war because of the fear of a dead man that is what the Fulanis are doing.

We are living through an era of Fulani inferno, an era of shame and of disgrace, an era where a little boy barely 30 years old can be brought out in the blood daylight not hidden, they didn't even disguise it this time around to try and get a better mask to put on him at least to try to convince or should I say decisively the gullible 200 million that Buhari is alive.

They shamelessly brought out this boy put him in front of a Camera and Televisions, those who claim they are leaned, those who claim they are educated those are there watching this charade, watching this disgrace unfold before the whole world. None of them felt any shame, no trepidation because people are now living in through a culture of unprecedented impunity, they do anything they like they get away with it, and that is why what is happening is happening. An 80 years old man in blood daylight became a 30 years old man, not even 40?.

And I know that what is giving everybody believe is those body doubles is not a new thing, has been existing history, in every political era they have had body double I understand that I respect that, but nobody double body ever addresses the people, nobody double ever sighed any undertaken or enter into an agreement on behalf of the country that he is impersonating their President.

In Africa our education and our morals are highly fraud, this is a country supposedly of 200 million people you have Imams, you have pastors, you have Bishops, you have Archbishops, you have custodians of morality, you have those who are commentators, you have analyst, you have Journalist, and you have the elders. All these people lay claim to one degree of relevant or the other based on what they perceive to be their place in that very society, be it by age, be it by profession, be it by power, be it by pedigree call it whatever you like.

In a country of 200 million people, a little boy was brought out shamelessly to represent somebody they claim they voted for; I told you this before there is something wrong with an average Nigerian, Yoruba's are very good, the Hausa people are very good the Nope's, the Tiv's, the Bacama's everybody is very good, the IGBO'S very good on their own they are very good. As soon as you bring them together, you see the worst in each, and every ethnic group is like chemistry.

That is the Same thing about Nigeria, Nigeria is a very terrible experiment that has gone wrong somewhere. And if you put all these people together in one cage, in one basket you get the worst of each tribe; every tribe loses its conscience, that is why the Fulani people can perpetuate this level of fraud, and nobody is talking because there is something fundamentally wrong with us as black people.

At the time when the whole world is campaigning to get ride-off racism, at such a pivotal time in history, what are we witnessing in Nigeria? A return to the dark ages. And who are the people responsible for this? The Fulani, the same people all the time they are responsible for it; what we are encountering right now is despicable behaviour.

The whole world is listening they know how foolish we are, and am even going to make them realise it more and you will be shocked this evening as the result of what you are about to hear. Those who are handling this whole fake Buhari saga is Abba Kyari; I told his Abba Kyari when he died our Yoruba friends started saying he was the de facto President. When Abba Kyari died, I told you that Aisha has taken over. I told you what happened? Aisha took over; I told you Osinbanjo was missing what is happening today have you heard from him live? Is all photoshop after photoshop, deep fake video after fake deed video they don't know how determined we are.

Before I started campaigning that Osibanjo was missing, I knew where he was, as I said I could never ask you a question that I don't have an answer to I knew where Osinbanjo was in that place called Banana Island. You will be shocked this evening, Osinbanjo aunt died in Ikeja Osinbanjo when he ran away from Aso Rock he attended that ceremony, so as they were issuing fake videos Osinbanjo was in Aso Rock, he was in Lagos living in Banana Island. Osinbanjo attended the aunt funeral, and I will tell them where the aunt used to live, is arowosegbe in Ikeja after Mafoluku, If you are travelling from Oshodi itself and you are going towards is it called 9-11 or whatever it's there is a junction you get to arowosegbe I know that place very well.

Inside the estate called arowosegbe estate Osinbanjo was there. He came with a black Mercedes Maybach and two Hilux vans full of security personnel, after attending that very function, or should I say condoling with the family of his aunt somebody they took as their mother anyway when their mother passed away he went back to Banana Island not in Ask Rock Osinbanjo is not there, and do you know the reason why I have been saying that Osinbanjo is dead and the Yoruba's were not talking? Is because they know where he is this is the type of country you have where people approach every national discuss on a parochial viewpoint you must defend your people, you must defend your interest is that how to build a country? Is that how to build a nation I ask?

Why must we live in an era when we feel comfortable lying to ourselves? Everybody knows that Nigeria is not working everybody knows that, we know that, you know and I know that is not working why don't confront that problem the same way that whites are doing? Whites are disgusted with racism, and they are fighting back; you can see it all over the world, not only in the USA I said all over the world they are fighting back. They are holding people who are racist accountable, to the point that the great and almost immortal Winston Churchill that they went to go and attack his statue to tell you that evil is evil.

And I want Yoruba's that holds Awolowo to High  Esteem to understand that they are doing themselves a great disservice Awolowo was a very horrible man he was a mass murderer the same way we've just discovered now that Mahatma Gandhi also was a racist, I said Mahatma Gandhi of India is a racist that is why a university in Accra is taken off his statue are you following? That is how humanity functions, once you are guilty of a heinous crime every prestige, respect self-dignity and honour is stripped from you that is the sanction you get so that others coming behind you will not be evil as you are. Awolowo and Gowon presided over the death of 5million Biafrans, nobody wants to talk about it, but we are talking about it and will continue to talk about it.

And now an abomination is happening inside Aso Rock as we speak, their pastors, there are elders, there are Imams, yet the truth can not be spoken, you go to church every blessed day, you have pastors, you pay your tithes all the biblical nonsense, all the rubbish from Quran you have to be truthful, you have to be honourable, you have to be decent, in the whole of Nigeria those who are calling sinners to come and repent are worst than sinners. Every pastor in Nigeria is evil you are there you saw a 30 years old boy; they gave you a 30 years old boy as 80 years old, you Claim you are elders, you claim you have grey hair, you claim you are knowledgeable, you claim you have PhD you have all these things you can not see a 30 years old boy and ask those in Aso Rock why are you doing this? Why are you giving us this little boy this is not Buhari? We know he is not.

Let me tell you something when the white man painted the black man Lucifer some of you thought it was racist; it was not racism he wasn't. They are trying to deplete the state of consciousness of a black man that is what they are trying to do, by depleting Lucifer as a black person.

Now you are in Nigeria, you are a Nigerian, and in that Nigeria, there is an understanding of the sanctity of the electoral process, people go to vote, and they vote for somebody all be it in a fraud election, and people are sworn in into office to uphold the constitution this is why I condemn all of them. The worst people you have in the zoo called Nigeria are the pastors; they are the worst of the worst all of them. If you wake up and you go to church, you are going to hell direct because the massage you are receiving they are from agents of darkness, of liars and deceivers. Are you telling me that Adeboye can not see that little boy? Are you telling me that even the man that I respect so much T.B Joshua are you telling me that that little boy there is Buhari? Those of you that go there and be clapping and jumping up and down, jumping up and down inside deceit, inside fraud, you are inside fraud, and you are jumping, and you are clapping, you are inside fraud, and you want God to bless you, you want God to hear your prayers when the truth is in front of you.

I told you what was happening from day one because is an IGBO man saying it because Nnamdi Kanu is a Biafran every Yoruba paper they refuse to acknowledge the fact, but you claim you want to be in the same country with me? You want us to be in the said country but in your heart is deceit, in your heart is a cheat if not deceit and cheating why was it that when I announce that Buhari was dead, nobody bothers to investigate? Instead, you ask them to go and kill him because you have your eye on the presidency after Buhari but am in the same country with you? You claim we are Nigerians; you want us to love each other do you see how fake your love is? Yoruba do you see how fake, fake, fake your love is? So the reason why you love Nigeria is so that you will be President in 2023? I am asking you all of you with you PhD from Yoruba land, are you not seeing what is happening? Even the pastors you can not see? Are you that wicked and also very blind that you can not see the truth?

You know people are afraid to speak the truth, and I speak, if am in the zoo I will tell you, anywhere I meet you I will tell you to your face that all of you are evil, very very evil all of you.

Now understand this carefully, those who are calling you their fellow Nigerians, let's make Nigeria great remember them, let's make Nigeria great, let build roads bridges and schools. If they can not speak the truth, have seen this little boy now tell me how they can run a country? Now tell me how you expect to develop a country lies? Tell me where in the world lies actually work? For you shall see no the truth and the truth Shall set you free that is what we are doing this evening.

Ask this person that calls themselves elders why I should call you an elder when impunity is happening in Aso Rock, and you just kept quiet why should I call you an elder? Why just tell me? They can not answer, because I am an IGBO man, am a Biafran that is why the truth I have been saying from day one even some Yoruba E-rats can not bring themselves to say what this man is the saying is true. Somebody wrote today and said oh it was predicted that Aisha would take over after Abba Kyari, and somebody cleverly reminded him, but Nnamdi Kanu said so or you are not following? He asked the commentator why are you finding it difficult to say it was Nnamdi Kanu that said it?  The commentator was Yoruba. But you want me to be in the same country as you? You claim you love me and you want to be together let's build a happy one Nigeria but look at your behaviour, is your behaviour that of somebody who wants to grow and progress with somebody? Or is it that of somebody who wants to cheat, to deceive and to lie? Common credit, you can not give me on social media, and you want me to build a country with you how is that possible?

You want me to be in the same country as Fulani? The same people that a president died in the office instead of Osinbanjo to take over they said no, they paid that little, little boys to be sleeping with Aisha you want me to be in the same country with you how is that possible? When the bases of our relationship are just falsehood and lies. If you love Nigeria as you claim the caliphate, the Janjaweed you should have allowed Osinbanjo to take over simple, next time you bring a healthy young man maybe like Tambuwal to contest and to run so he will not die in office.

Fulani you are cursed you don't know this? Anybody who goes into Aso Rock will die there, am telling you now once you are Fulani you go into Aso Rock as a President you will die in that very place try and see.

I am a black person; I am from Africa, I am a Biafran, so when I condemn black people I am also condemning myself do you know why? When I go back, and I think about it, I try to become a better person.

How many churches do you have? When you go to church or to all of you in the so-called zoo Nigeria go and ask your pastors or the Imams in the mosque because they are claiming they are holding the holy book, in the mosque go and ask them why can't you speak out against what is happening? You are a man of God, men of God and women of God so to speak should speak the truth always that is why they are a man of God. Why is it that you are there in your mansion in Abuja or in Lagos with money and tithes people gave you hoping you will pray them to heaven, and you saw impunity happening, and you kept quiet.

All these pastors you claim you are worshipping God through Christ, but Christ epitomises truthfulness? Christ was epitomized of truthfulness. You are climbing the pulpit you see evil, what concerns you is tithe and offering, and you think you will go to heaven? None of them, no pentecostal I said none of them both those putting bleaching cream none of them will make heaven they are evil, Christ was honest he told the Pharisees what he saw to be bad, went to the house of God to temple of Solomon and drove away those changing money. What matters to you is tithe and offering, there is an abomination happening, and all of kept quiet, abomination upon abomination and you claimed you are a man of God, all of you should pray I don't meet any of you anywhere be it airport, anywhere I meet any of you criminal Pentecostals pastors the fire of God will consume you, God will punish you, I will put my fingers into your eyes you people are evil.

You are in a country of 200 million people they are held hostage, there is no head of state, people are being slaughtered everyday, everyday people are dying because there is a vacuum in Aso Rock nobody is there that is the reason why there is no leadership.

You have seven terrorist group seven of them, and there is no head of state, there is no vice president, there is no Chief of Army staff what do you expect that terrorist to do? They will do anything they like. That is why you have killings everywhere, and nobody has a clue as to how to stop it, but this liers and deceivers Imams and pastors, those who claim they are elders and politicians, elder state men to tell you how evil they are they understand the problem, any day you have a president a physical living president inside Aso Rock things will change.

Somebody died in the office instead of you to come to the people and say oh this man is no longer there what do we do? People are dying. Instead, you are holding on to it you want to steal money, you want to loot and treasury dry, you want to spread Islam Jihad by force, and people are dying because there is no President and you know it, all of you know, but you keep pretending to lie.

A man of God you have aircraft, you have everything you can not speak the truth how do you expect me to respect you? You are a deceiver; you are a lier. In the year all of you will go to jail, all of you will go to prison.

But that is men of God in Africa, black, (Ndi oshi ojii) black evil now you understand why the white man painted Lucifer black, because of our evil nature inside us. And you want God to bless you? You want God to save you? You are a hypocrite an abundant hypocrite you are. All of you are hypocrites; black people are hypocrites they don't believe in the truth they never see the truth and embrace it. Nobody from IGBO land even world Igbo Congress (WIC) all of them, Ohanaeze, PANDEF no has ever come to say what is happening today you predicted it many years ago we are sorry. Instead, you see them planing, conniving talking rubbish every day, you will see grown-up men gossiping that is what makes you black, and that is why you are backwards in Africa.

In a country of 200million people a group of people are holding everybody hostage, and instead of those with the sword of truth which is journalism Yoruba to raise up and say evil is evil a whole nation Yoruba they went into a cocoon waiting for their turn in 2023, and you want me to respect you? I think you are mad I can't respect you, you are an evil person, you did not speak the truth because it is your turn in 3 years time and you want me to respect you as a human being how is that possible? Just tell me how? It is not I can never be.

Somebody wrote that Aisha Buhari is going mad, Maman Daura called her a suicide bomber in the leaked audiotape, and am asking people today can't you see that war is coming? Can't you see that men are going to die? Can't you see that terrorism flourish where there is lawlessness? Can't you see that terrorism also grows where there is vacuum leadership? Are you no longer children of history? Go and check it everywhere in the world. Right now in Nigeria, there is no President, no Government what you have is a gang of criminals.

Why is it that black people never act to make what is wrong, right? I am asking black people why don't you act?

IPOB was banned proscribed never killed anybody, never picked up arms all of we're dancing celebrating especially Yoruba media, but you went to school, you are a good Christian, you are a born again Christian, some of you are Muslims you travel to mecca to do hajj, you believe in the word of God, and you know that God can never side anything that is wrong. But all of you that go to church, that go to your mosque, even in IGBO land with Ohanaeze and Governors what happened? They said you must ban IPOB that is a black man for you, proscribe IPOB, tag them terrorist group but not ISIS, not Miyetti Allah these are murderers on a daily basis they kill, on a daily basis they are killing nobody have ever said come and proscribe them.

A young woman brought her lover, put her lover in front of national TV and all of are clapping and you are telling me you are normal? I tell you that you are an animal, you are a big fool very big one I must tell you. Because the zoo is collapsing and you watch and see.

It was because I lamented a few days ago that was why the senior advocate of Nigeria for the first time since they started the persecution of the innocent people. Let me tell you what the legal profession is now saying in Nigeria, 21 years of democracy there is no rule of law. Is now that you know there is no rule of law? When they charge me to court for nothing, and I told them I committed no crime some of you said go and take him, he wants to bring trouble in the polity, he wants to destabilise the polity but now what are the bandits doing? What are the kidnappers doing? What is the terrorist doing in the North? Who are they? Where do they come from? Did they come to destabilise the polity? Oh, I forgot they brought the blessing of Allah, they brought Allah blessing to Nigeria. This is the people of judiciary why are they talking now because I said it a few days ago because I lambasted them.

Yesterday there were gunshots in the Presidency; I ask you this question last week where in the world have you seen fire outbreak in a Presidential Villa before? Now gunshots and do you know what really shocked me as a human being? Is the very flippant way that so-called Nigerians deal with these issues. In other words, your education system is defective, I think that the biggest corporate is the education system in the zoo, they train you to be animals they don't train you to begins.

Gunshots in the presidency anywhere else in the world the Senate will convene emergency section to investigate, and during the course of the investigation you will discover there is nobody dead, but this one everybody is in on it, once you gave them money to buy a house in Dubai or invest in China for themselves and their families you've made their life, they can tolerate any evil, any evil goes. Gunshot inside Aso Rock is pathetic. Who knows there is no Buhari after this incident who knows there is no Buhari there? Your wife was nearly shot dead, even you as an ordinary person you are not a President your wife narrowly escaped been shot what will you do as a man? Am asking you a question? All the signs are there that there is no Buhari, but everybody is burying their heads in shame.

Do you know why? Because they are black people they only support the evil that is why Africa is poor, that is why we are being killed there is nothing called racism. That is why year after year you will not hear that a Singaporean was killed, the Malaysians were killed in the West, you will not hear that a South Korea was never killed or that a Russian was never killed only blacks. Have you ever ask yourself why? No, you don't, is because you are foolish, is because God punishes you with stupidity because God looked in your heart and knew you were evil.

Gunshots in Aso Rock Aisha came out are you telling me that Buhari is inside Ask Rock? Now listen to this story, Buhari is inside Aso Rock there is a gunshot inside Aso Rock Aisha ran out with Zara, Yusuf. They are so foolish when they plan all these their lies they don't plan it very well. They forgot to mention Buhari that Buhari also came out, they said the President was not touched, so but your wife ran out? Your kids ran out? But you the man that gave birth to the kids.
You stayed inside 😂😂😂 Africa who did this to you?
Black people very very deadly, they proscribed IPOB, they said we are a terrorist group, but today Janjaweed are slaughtering, they are killing you nobody is saying proscribe them ooO, no is IPOB they want to proscribe that is the black man for you. Satanic (Ekwensu) is in them, so when a white man draws a black man as Lucifer the white man is correct I support him you people are evil umu Ekwensu. Tomorrow you will see them carrying bible what a mighty God we serve talking rubbish nonsense from their useless mouth rubbish, you think you can muck God in heaven is that what you think?

Do you know in that 2017,  had the Yoruba media taking up the campaign that I started by now Osinbanjo will be the President, and they won't be all these killings everywhere, so every Christians that have died all these years is as a result of Yoruba duplicity, you don't expect Hausa to do anything, Hausa doesn't exist Fulani have conquered them completely they don't exist, Is only Fulani and Yoruba.

Do you remember a few weeks ago when the report of the speech of Jubril leaked? Do you know that the person responsible for that speech leaking has been killed? Google it Aso Rock assistant director of an administration assassinated killed in Abuja because she leaked the speech of Jubril that's all she was killed in blood daylight. Killed and assassinated and her name is Laetitia Naankang Dagan. Some of don't even know all these things. Am asking those that want one Nigeria is this a type of country you want me to be? Those of you that want us to be together is this how the country is run? You chased away your vice president Osinbanjo he is in Lagos, I don't know if they have found him now or not because they will kill him once they get hold of him.

If you don't know that Buhari is dead then may good Lord have mercy upon your stupid, foolish black soul, am telling you the truth because the whole thing is becoming annoying, very very annoying and we must preach this very gospel.

People can begin to appreciate the depth of idiocy in the zoo, remember, so people said Joe Biden is a good man, Joe Biden of Democrat is a hardened racist, I told you about the Democratic party forget all that nonsense black lives matters, they are the real racist. Republicans are your friends do you know why? Republicans will tell you what am telling you because they want you to change, it was the Republicans that ended slavery, not Democrats do you know who the slave's owners are in America? Democrats.

I want Nigerians to be looking at their flag wherever you are if you are in Abuja, if you are in Lagos if you are in Kaduna bring your green, white green flag closer please, we are about to do a very simple experiment.

What is the Latin meaning of the word black? It means Niger, nigreos, I want to tell you why you are black in Africa all of us, and I want to prove to you that the name Nigeria is cursed and after tonight program you will see need and reasons why Nigeria should not exist am not going to add anything to this.

Those who brought the word black this Negro and Niger- Nigeria what did they have in mind? Who are they trying to describe? Now you are in for a shock the name Nigeria. It means black, we know, it means something that is dark we know, it means something that is ill-Omened bad luck, so Nigeria is bad luck not from me ooh, is according to the Google.

Nigeria means ill-Omen, pitch black, Nigeria means unlucky the people that coined the word black and called you Nigga-area so a name that is banned in America is Negro is what you are answering in Nigeria? Do you see your life? Oh am intellectual, am a professor that IPOB they are miscreants, I have four degrees from  Priston, from Harvard do you know the meaning of your name is ill-Omened?  Do you know that you know that your name is unlucky? That you are a Negro-Nigga. I am proud to be a Nigerian that nonsense, that Is why If you call me a Nigerian Satan will punish you, upon the punishment you have. The fire of God will consume you on top; the thunder will fire you. All of you that refer to me as a Nigerian God in heaven will punish you and punish your family.

A name a white man gave to you, a name you are fighting very hard to maintain. Do you see how foolish you are as a Nigerian? Your name is unlucky; it means black, gloomy, it means dismal, obscure, you can not see it no light that is the meaning of the word Nigeria.

Now Nigga-area who named you Nigeria? A racist, Whit is Niger State? It means unlucky; it means Ill-omened, dismal, obscure. Your name is darkness, and you think napper will give you the light? What is the origin of black? Who originated it? Is from Europe. And now let us look at what white means? It means purity, clean, pure. What is the meaning of the colour black in the Bible? What does it tell you about Nigeria? The Bible says that Nigeria is a place that lacks brightness; there is no light; it does not reflect any light back, Nigeria means in the Bible a place of backward.


They said I am arrogant and I said no, I went to school, I am learned, I am refined, I am polished if you stand me in a debate within two minutes I will demolish you, in two minutes I will obliterate you if you are intelligent to let's go and have a debate. You didn't go to school, and you want to challenge somebody who is educated, how is that possible?

Black is for death and mourning, so when Boko Haram is killing you, they are just fulfilling the name you answer.

Abacha has a stadium named after him, Edwin Clark is an influential man in Ijaw land, but he was a traitor, he sold his own land for money, and he was rewarded with the chairman of PANDEF, Nanai Nwodo his father was a traitor during the war he was rewarded with Ohanaeze Chairman are you surprised? That is why they are killing us they can't speak.

Democracy the world know today started in IGBO land, the whole world over, from a white man an American.

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Now, do you see the reason I tell you that we are the oldest people on this earth? And if you don't have the grace of God, you can not read and write, a white man doing research in America. This is why CNN will not carry our news, if you are wondering why CNN won't carry our news this is it because white man understands what BIAFRA means, blacks in Africa don't know they don't know the purpose of God in their lives they have no idea.

The first written constitution in the whole world  IGBO land, the first organise Government in the world IGBO land. There are two people that God control from heaven the Israelite and those that he sent to Biafraland only two. The Israelite revolted and said give us a King so we can be like other nations and Chukwu Okike Abiama gave them Saul. Do you know the funniest thing? The IGBO race never asks for a King instead they named their children Chibueze (God is King) that is why if you come out in Biafraland in those days and say to somebody you are a King they will tell you to go and be it to your wife and your children, now you understand how special we are, now you understand why I fight for BIAFRA to be free, and I want my Yoruba brethren to understand this that when BIAFRA is free, you are also free, you will be very rich I assure you because is a blessing from God in heaven, not man, and this is what the British don't want you to know they don't want you to know this never.

Some of you don't know the reason why we fight for BIAFRA. This is the why, we are an ancient people oldest of the oldest, when I tell you that the IGBO language is what they are speaking in heaven you doubt me. That is what they speak in heaven; the angels address God almighty in IGBO language, this is the reason why, the oldest civilisation in the world started in IGBO land, the centre of the whole world. God sent us into Africa to bring light into Africa that is our job, do you now see who we are?

BIAFRA means fairness; you can never cheat anyone and get away it never in Biafraland.

The light of God in Africa without BIAFRA Africa can never be developed, Britain knew this and killed 5million people with the help of Gowon and Awolowo, fellow blacks they killed 5million Biafrans, to stop the light of God to be shining in Africa ancient people.

BIAFRA will put to an end to the demonic racist construct you have in Africa. Also, BIAFRA will put an end to the capitalisation of Africans ad Niger's do you see why I tell you that the name Nigeria will go it can't stay.

Elohim went to Aso Rock and destroyed it; he said I had created a great pathway for BIAFRA unstoppable do you understand? The God in heaven told me that Buhari is the pathway to BIAFRA have you seen it? Aso Rock has been destroyed beyond repair; it will only take the courage of Yoruba media to write about it and is over. And BIAFRA will come because the situation in the zoo called Nigeria is unsustainable you can't sustain it.

The name of Nigeria is the darkness that is the little meaning of it when we call it a zoo you don't understand, but now you understand. The zoo is over is just Coronavirus, to resume flight and the whole zoo will crumble because of God in heaven, not man.

I enjoy envy; I love when you are envious of what IPOB has achieved. I love it so much; you can't stop us; you can gossip all you want that is not relevant to me. You can't stop us, are you going to stop us? Who has gossip ever stopped before? Your gossiping will it stop me from going to the US after Covid19 lockdown has been lifted?

Where did Ijaw people come from if not IGBO from where I ask you? The day I will give you that history most of you will commit suicide or you will go and drain in the creeks because you know nothing, I respect your age because you are a father, but you are a disappointment to this generation and next.

Am Edwin Clark asking you the Fulani people did they betrayed their people the same way you did?  You should be ashamed of yourself and stop begging, and I thought you said IGBO man is your problem, not Fulani? But now you are writing, and you are begging you are not ashamed. Now you are begging for the position after betraying BIAFRA, betraying your land now you are writing to that Aisha little boyfriend, a little boy of 30 years old boy. You love legacy the only legacy you love is betraying your people you sold BIAFRA, and they gave you ordinary minister of information, and you think they love you, you betrayed Jonathan.

Treachery never pays, there is no gain in been a saboteur never in life, look at Edwin Clark 93 years old as a traitor he is writing a love letter.  Dear President, please give us one position nah you have taken everything, please give us one nah. I feel sorry for you people.

When BIAFRA comes, there will be no Kings either unless God will destroy it. Once you call somebody a King in the land of BIAFRA God will destroy Biafraland, there will be no Kings in Biafraland; it will be traditional rulers, custodians of our culture that all, no Kings because of Chibueze.

The reason why Nigerians are suffering today is because of Yoruba people that is the truth, and I will prove it to you, Yoruba politicians their media, their commentators the so-called intellectuals they are the reason why Nigeria is in a mess. Do you see what is happening today with Osinbanjo? It has happened before. The name of the man is brigade Ogundikpe it should have replaced Ironsi the same Fulani people pointed a gun at him, and he left accepted to be a diplomat.

Osinbanjo is now missing is Yoruba's asking after him? No, they are afraid of the Fulani, they are scared is only one or two or three people of them.

Awolowo killed 5millio Biafrans, now listen to what Awolowo did why Yoruba is a problem if Nigeria listens carefully please, why if you don't have night tonight you blame Yoruba they are the problem I have to prove nah, Ogundikpe #1. Awolowo killed with Gowon 5million Biafrans through hunger and starvation and direct violent he wasn't happy. Awolowo was not happy he wasn't happy, Awolowo went further to take our money but funny enough they did not take the money belonging to the father of Nnia Nwodo by his own admission, every family after the war they took all our money, but in Nwodo's family their money was intact, showing you that they are saboteurs that is how you know saboteurs when I said it before they didn't believe me. Their own money was still in the bank, but everybody's money was taken why did they not take his money? Because his Family are known saboteurs, those of you that called yourself and elder open your ears 👂 👂 and listen carefully, the fact that you are old doesn't mean you have common sense somebody can be old and be foolish.

You see this generation we will not forgive you, people you are a disgrace and disappointment for 50 good years, you waited for your grandchildren to go and fight this very battle for you, and even now we are fighting it common help you can not utter, how wicked are you people, you claim you are elder.

Yoruba listen carefully, Awolowo killed 5million Biafrans none of you was remorseful at the end of the war you were jumping up and down dancing in Lagos that BIAFRA has been defeated for no good reason, we are not at war with them, we don't hate them the same Yoruba's drove Azikiwe away from Lagos the same in one so-called Nigeria, it was Awolowo that did it Yoruba man whereas Fulani man served in Enugu nobody drove him away, Azikiwe won they pursued him. Yoruba wants the destruction of an IGBO man. The destruction of an IGBO man is the highest achievement of his life, Yoruba I don't hate you but must change.

Yoruba am asking you tonight is that boy there is the Buhari? Is that boy in Aso Rock Buhari Yoruba answer me? If he is not Buhari, then what are you doing about it? Why are you people been so deceitful? Because if you expose what is in Aso Rock, the world will give Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB the credit that's all. Forget about who takes the credit go and tell the world Yoruba newspapers that Aso Rock is empty so that your brother can go and takeover, tell the whole world because people are dying your silence is killing people, because of you Miyetti Allah is running rampage because you have failed to acknowledge and speak the truth that is a fact of life, I wish young radical Yoruba's can emerge that is my prayer everyday people we can work with.

There is something they are bringing now with Sahara reporters all this nonsense game that Buhari is sick, do you think you are dealing with children? If it's the time to announce to the world that Buhari is no more you tell us straight not all this game that is rubbing, you can't people with this, not us you can't deceive me. That telephone communication was staged to plant it in your useless zoo brain that Buhari is sick. Buhari is dead in Saudi Arabia now you are looking for a way to patch things up, but the problem is that Tinubu doesn't want Osinbanjo to takeover, And we must expose them.

And that brings us slightly to the end of our program today. Some people are saying, but I didn't watch it on CNN? Do you know why we are not in CNN? Yoruba are the ones causing, how? Because Bukola Adebayo is the CNN correspondent from the Southern part of Nigeria, Bukola Adebayo he will never write about BIAFRA these are the people that Satan is using to suppress our march for freedom so don't blame CNN is Yoruba.

Everybody who is a Biafran, friends of Biafrans all over the world there is going to be a campaign in the next four weeks as long as you use a smartphone you must be on Twitter and Facebook, including our grandmother's we are going to bypass Yoruba media and pass our message to the whole world, whatever I ask you to do, please do it. Everybody must be on Twitter once your phone is a smartphone you must be on Twitter; that's how we defeat the zoo.

And this evening I can not thank you enough for persevering and staying and listening to us, there are many things I could have gone through, but I can not continue, I will continue on Wednesday. I must thank you for listening, and if you are Yoruba, if you are a zoo animal by tomorrow, I expect you to change and embrace the truth because Aso Rock is empty, and because we have been mandated to speak the truth that's what we speak at all times without fear nor favour, that's is why this very evening it gives me pleasure to say that has been an honour serving you. And this truth we will continue to preach until BIAFRA is restored and beyond, I thank you all very much for listening and from me from here it's a good evening.


Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

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