■Author:  ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra)
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 14, June 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on this very planet earth, we welcome you to another exciting, explosive live presentation of Radio Biafra. By my humble self this very evening of the 10th of June in the year of our most high Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile 2020.

Regardless of where you are, where you are resident, where you are domiciled, where you are working even those who are travelling, I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you. Radio Biafra is not like any other we are listened to across the entire 24 time zones of this very earth that we inhabit.

What we are doing is unique; what we are seeking to accomplish is divine without the mandate from heaven, we would not be here today to spread this very gospel that we have been mandated to preach.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of BIAFRA, I am the director of Radio BIAFRA, I am the director of BIAFRA Television, but above all, I am a servant of the wonderful people BIAFRA.

Without any hesitation I will call upon Elohim as we always do, Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile to come and take charge of our proceedings this very evening.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always. After which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the Broadcast.

This evening as it has now become customary for us, we are going to lay a fundamental foundation. You must pay very closer attention as it has now become customary for us to do.

Here we preach, here we tutor, here we lecture and here we impact knowledge and wisdom. We are very proud of this precious gift by the highest; massages are given to us daily. And as I have repeatedly said whenever am sat behind this microphone, we are under divine instruction to proclaim the will of the most high that his children may be set free on the face of this very earth.

Our enemies understand how irreplaceable we are, they attest to our formidability they understand it.

Somebody wrote something on my page I felt that the essence of this very gospel this evening will be anchored in this very or should I say timeless proclamation by no other person than one of the very few people that I regard in the history of humankind Bob Marley. And he said. How we never know, nor live with the truth so long, we never lived well, how we failed in learning is why we grow ignorance, in knowledge, not even only our sense, conscience could free our minds.
From mental slavery.

We must all look at ourselves and begin to ask very critical questions and by way of summary, having total regard for what Bob Marley said. I anchor the difficulty, the problems, the tribulations, the pain, the anguish and suffering of your average black person man/woman resident in Europe, in Asia, in America, in South America, in Africa, I sum everything up as only one single deficiency ignorance. And we are here to treat and cure our people of this very ignorance this evening, morning, afternoon depending on where you are listening to us from.

Pay very close attention, please. Because in the Western world, when they make somebody a saint. You hear them talk about St Patrick; they talk about St George they talk about a million sense that they possess in the Western world am telling you. A Saint is somebody that slays a dragon, and Dragon is a beast a very fearing beast this is something they don't teach you in your primary, in your second or even in your Universities, but here this evening you will understand it.

This is the secret they keep away from you, but here on Radio BIAFRA, we unravel everything that the world thinks can not be explained. When they call you a Saint in the Western world is it in Europe, be it in Britain, be it in the USA even in Russia it means you have done something that no other person has been able to do, you have slain one of the three deadly Dragon you have in life. White people call it a dragon so that you will not understand what it means; you don't see those things they are the things that keep you oppressed and locked down in poverty and destitution.

They are ignorance, the other one is hunger and poverty, and the other demon is homelessness understand it very well. When you can slay any of this Dragon, they will call you a Saint, that is why the Western world will always maintain they're preeminent in resilient they invest so much in education because is in the infect of everybody that everybody else is an only educated but able to reason appropriately because only those who are reasonable and sensible can practice real democracy. That reasonability or ability to possess common sense doesn't necessarily come from a paper degree. It comes from the way you discern, the way you analyze, the way you read the problem and what solution you apply to them.

This evening having regard for what Bob Marley said about our failure to learn and why black people are always growing in ignorance, the only place where we grow is in ignorance, people think that having a PhD, having your masters, having whatever degree you may posses somehow confers on you a recognition of intellectual powers that is not the case. What it means is that you can read and you can write in English, the language doesn't mean you are intelligent; it doesn't mean that at all.

Because if 200 million people who are in the zoo called Nigeria if they are intelligent as they claim there is no reason why before we came on air newspapers and media houses are carrying the news that 60 were slaughtered in Katsina, the home of the dead Buhari 60 people killed I thought I would say 60 people killed in one day, but that wasn't enough. This is a country where only a few days ago their so-called presidency without a President went out and told the whole world that IPOB was deceiving them and feeding them wrong information.

In that same country, in that same contraption, I must say is a contraption, of course, only today in Katsina 60 people dead I want you to follow very very attentively, in that same country or contraption not too far from Borno another 69 people were killed 60+69 that is129 souls lost, This is those that we know, this are the ones you are aware of, there are plenty one we have not heard and not likely to hear because of lack of media coverage.

Now tell me why a country of 200 million people allegedly, will seat down every day, and such news will keep coming through, 50 killed, Churches burnt, Mosque attacked everywhere people are dying on a daily basis. The same people who are killed have not summoned the courage to say enough is enough; only the few Hausa you see yesterday in Katstina by burning the billboard of the late. Something that in a few years ago you wouldn't have heard of because people have failed to reason, people have failed to comprehend, people have lost the ability to critically analyze their situation that is why we are in this mess and am trying to point out something here so that you will understand the relationship between what Bob Marley said, you will understand how that correlates to people dying in the zoo every day because unless you raise up and do something about it next time, it could be you or your children.

And I want to let you also understand how this whole thing correlates to the death of Floyd George in Texas in America, that all these things are self-inflicted, that black people are poor today is because black people want to be poor or should I say we are lazy, that laziness is not about been critically fit or be able to move 500 bags of cement in one day no, that laziness comes from the way you absorb information into your brain, how we analyze it critically.

I posted a video a short while ago on my Facebook page about the audio violent that Facebook actually blocked, if it's anything to do with pornography they will allow it, but when it comes to educating and sanitizing our people to understand the danger that we face at the hands of Fulani Janjaweed Facebook will raise up. And I keep saying it all the time those who are doing these things are Yoruba people working for Facebook, and it's very, very sad that they are doing this. They have steadfastly refused to learn from history, What transpired in Ilorin will happen in Ibadan they should mark my word, if they continue to support evil, using every instrument at their disposal including their preeminent in the management of social media fans and mainstream media in Nigeria, what they encountered the way they lost Ilorin that same way they will lose Ibadan mark my words.

After posting that very video short while afterwards coincidentally  Mike Pompeo spoke and addressed the issue contained in an executive order signed by President Trump a few days ago.  Mike Pompeo spoke: before Pompeo spoke and having gone through all the death in Nigeria. 50 in Kastina, 50 is the consecutive number. Having regard also for the video I posted on my page and also given with what is happening with Coronavirus I was left with no choice than to conclude that the reason why there is this criminal silent over what the Fulanis are doing in Nigeria is that some people, believe it or not, want to see the number of people who inhabit that very geographical contraption reduced, so if Coronavirus can not kill them if Ebola can not kill them if HIV can not kill them let us give them direct death.

The only reason why nothing has been done by the international community except Donald Trump is that some of this country want to see as many people as possible killed inside Nigeria. Why do I say so? Because Pompeo said this evening before I came on air, he said. In Nigeria, ISIS and Boko Haram continue to attack Muslim and Christians alike. And that is true Christians are targeted and killed yes, but also Muslim has also been killed that is true I agree.


People will maybe think that I saw his speech before, I tweeted earlier today about the beheading of 10 Christians by ISIS if you go to my Twitter page you will see it. I tweeted it this morning and this evening the Secretary of State.
Mike Pompeo talked about the same thing I have Twitted about early in the morning it was a pure coincident I am not saying I was previewed to what he has to say not at all.

Ambassador Brownback also mentioned and said. In Nigeria, conflict and Carnage continue the free predominantly Fulani herdsmen and predominantly Christians farmers in the North Central states, which means that all the campaign we have been making along with many other groups, is now hitting home at last and it is only under a president like Trump that something like this will be done. Let us not also forget as we all are going all over the place saying I can not breathe, fighting racism don't forget that the man who put us in this mess that white people are now seeking to fix is a black man, the person who made it possible for ISIS to behead 10 Christians in Nigeria, the person that made it possible for all the attacks against the Christians right across the Middle Belt and South to continue is a black man Obama. Headed by other black men in the background. The dead Buhari, Abba Kyari, the Fulani Janjaweed all of them

What I find very shocking, what I find very distressing is that Donald Trump is a white man, Pompeo is a White man, Ambassador is a white man.

The United States of America is saying they are deeply concerned about what is happening in Nigeria, so we are getting there. A white man that you are calling a racist, Trump that you are calling a racist is the one fighting to defend you from the people you claimed you voted for your fellow blacks. Who brought Buhari into power? Obama, I will prove it tonight. I said to you before that this evening I will shock the establishment of Nigeria. When am done this evening if they don't begin the process of releasing of Olisa Metuh in the next 11 days, oh my goodness maybe after tonight they will understand what am about to do to them.

Now listen, Brownback said.  Am deeply concerned about what is happening in Nigeria remind you a white man, because of the escalation of violent and Carnage and lack of response from the APC Government, we really need the Nigeria Government to step up and act much more effectively in their State do you know why am so happy? Because nobody can act. Do you know why nobody can act in Nigeria? Because you have no President, you have no vice President; you have no Chief of Army staff forget about all the deep fake videos, we knew that that was what they are going to result to, we knew that in advance and I warned you.

In that very zoo, people say am a bigot I don't like the Fulani I hate them that is far from the truth, what I hate is the stupidity and the complicity of Fulani fiddle laws with the massacre, the mayhem, the nepotism, the backwardness and the primitive going on in the zoo.

This is the people you respect those of who are not in the right frame of mind I want to ask you a question this evening. I told you before the reason why they need Fulani in every position of authority is to cover their shortcoming, to make sure they retain power until they deep that Quran in the Atlantic Ocean are you following me?  This I just incredible because some of this things when is happening you begin to seriously wonder what type of God actually created these people, you wonder what God made them do you know there is a price to pay for mediocrity? And that is what everybody is paying, you people saw the truth and kept quiet over the years. When Prophets came and told you that what you are doing will lead to your doom, you said to bring him to let's kill.

I came, and I told you that they would eat you alive, they have not come to implement good governance you didn't listen, some E-rats mostly from the West rose up and said no, hang him, arrest him hang him. And I want anybody to stand in front of me and tell me that all the things I have been saying over the years that none of them has come to pass, they have all come to pass everything that I told you.

And this is the reason why these people do what they do, and this is the reason why they are evil as they are, this is why there is no repentance for them you don't know who they are, but we know them very very well. And this very evening we will continue to expose them. This is what the Fulani does; this is what they do the best nepotism. Somebody was appointed the Director-General of raw material research. Do you know there is raw material research and development institute that a Fulani man is in charge his name is Ibrahim Hussaini? And I want to ask this very simple question, everybody, listening to this program millions of people all over the world, have you heard of Fulani scientists before? Simple question yes or no? And I know the answer is no. Now if there are no Fulani Scientists of note can you tell me why Ibrahim Hussaini was appointed the Director-General of raw material research and development? And when he was given that position what did he do with it? You will be shocked, very evening.

I want people to understand the meaning of mediocrity, and I want people to understand the damage the Fulani Janjaweed administration, the senator the one that Aisha is leading how empty they are, how vacuous they are, how inconsequential they are, how primitive they are, how ruinous they are and how their stupidity and political impotence is affecting everybody up to the extent of giving rights to 7 terror groups.

They are asking a man appointed to head raw materials research in Nigeria. Tell us what your department has done, tell us what they have been able to achieve, you are appointed to head raw materials research, you are Fulani now tell us what you have been able to achieve over the years that you have been there, over the years you have been there telling us what you have achieved that is what they are asking him.  For over 30 years, Janjaweed has been there in charge of research. This is people that can not boost of any prowess, no writer, no Scientists, no engineer of any reputable founding none whatsoever but when it comes to appointments, they get everything. So they are asking him after 30 years of raw material research under your watch now that you are head of what have you manage to produce do you know what he said? He said that they had optimism the production of kilishi do you know what is kilishi? Kilishi is Suya meat. So for 30 years what they were researching is how to slice Suya so it will be very clean and dry it in the sun. In 30 years that is a country that people are telling me they are proud of, this is one Nigeria that some fools come online to write rubbish praising.

For 30 whole years and you are wondering why George Floyd was killed why won't George Floyd be killed by a white racist? Why won't he be killed and many more before him and many more will be killed after him why not? When in Africa the giant of Africa the so-called giant of Africa for 30 years the only thing they have managed to accomplish with their flagship research is how to slice kilishi meat Suya so it will be very clean, you will put it in Pepe, and you put on the roof so that flies and everything will converge and the sun will dry it. Kilishi from a Fulani man, I am ashamed to be a black person, I am terrified.

This level of stupidity is why white people are racist, and you may not know the reason, you, maybe wondering but how? Let me ask you how come they don't kill other people as they were killing black people? Because every other part of the world is doing very well. You can not be a racist towards a South Korean if you disturb them they will go home, even if they are from North Korea if you give them too much problem they will go to South Korea and find themselves, how can you be racist towards a Chinese they are the second-largest economy in the world, and the second strongest military in the world respect, how can you be racist to a Japanese in London. Do you understand it? You have not done anything that people will look at and marvel and say okay let respect them. I have been preaching this for many years respect is earned. The fact you are a black walking all over the world doesn't convey upon you any special status or make you be deserving of Worthy of respect. It's what you are able to do. After the second world war, America was the only nuclear power Russia knew that for America to respect Russia; they needed their own nuclear power too, and that is exactly what Russia did.

Why won't they kill you? Tell me one African country that you are proud of I said name one? All of are protesting George Floyd against racism and in your own country that same day, a place you claim is your country as you were protesting saying you are angry about a white man killing a black man, black people killed over one hundred people and known of you protested that is the Haight of hypocrisy.

A black man is a reason why other races look down upon them; a black man Is a reason why people are being killed all over the world if you are a black you are in danger, because of the behaviour of all of us of black people, if nobody will tell you I will tell you our behaviour stinks. The policeman that killed George Floyd is fulfilling his duty because you are useless; you are nothing. Africa must do well.

Do you know that the first woman billionaire in the whole world was a black woman In America? Did that change the lives of black people? No.

Not the likes of this man that killed George Floyd, those that I call racist are those that believe that Nigeria should be one, are those that come and tell me that something a what man created should be preserved they are the real racist. Black people are the reason why there is racism in the world, especially black Africans and their failed Government all over the place because all of them are the agent of the racist. Before you become a president in Africa you must be serving the Americans, the British, the Chinese you must serve somebody or else you can never win that election is impossible, somebody must be standing behind you and be telling you how you run your policies and do you know the funniest thing? If you disagree, they will kill you.

The reason why you are created and named Nigeria is that Lugard and flora shaw has no regard for you. And instead of you to wake up one morning and say enough is enough.

There are seven terror group in Nigeria. I will name that for you:

1.  Jamaat Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen (JNIM)
2. Islamic State West Africa (ISWA)
3. Islamic State Greater Sahara (ISGS)
4. Al Qaeda In the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)
5. Al Murabitoun Ansarudin (AMA)
6. Boko Haram
7. Miyetti Allah (Fulani Terror Herdsmen)

From one people so when Buratai ghost said we are fighting them, I Borno I want to ask are you fighting Boko Haram? Are you fighting Miyetti Allah? Are you fighting Al Qaeda? Are you fighting Islamic State Greater Sahara? Are you fighting Islamic State West Africa? Are you fighting Jamaat Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen? Are you fighting Boko Haram? Who are you fighting? Do you see the mess you are in? You are a Nigerian, do you see how hopeless your life is? How can a Nigerian survive?

This is the demons you can not see for you to be classified a civilize people you must be able to slay all of them. And the most difficult demon to kill is the demon of ignorant.

I want to give you a clue why IPOB is formidable; we are formidable because we started from scratch to school and to educate our people on how to reason critically. That is why IPOB is undefeatable by man, not in trillion years you can not undefeatable because we started from the bottom we identify that ignorance is the greatest killer disease you have in the whole world.

Before Jonathan came, Obama wanted Muslim to be in charge of Nigeria to understand it very clearly. It should have taken the so-called Nigerians to understand do you know those that saw that thing coming? Biafrans they said no, they never voted for the dead Buhari because they saw something that others couldn't see.

Why do I say that blacks are the main problem if black people all over the world? Don't blame any white man if you are blaming a white man; you are foolish. A white man came all the way from Europe, Arabs came all the way from Arabia came to Africa you saw them you gave your mothers, and you sold everything how do you think they will accept you? Let's be honest; a black man has no shame.

They are calling us secessionist I want to demolish the stupidity of African people tonight that is why I am here. To demolish the idiocy of a black man, somebody is calling me a secessionist I want to deal with all this nonsense. You are calling me a secessionist because I was trying to become the way I was before the white man put us together. I don't understand black people. I was on my own; my ancestors were there a white man came and said your name is now Nigeria and I am asking who were we before you came? We were Biafrans now you are calling me a secessionist because am trying to dismantle something a racist put in place.

Are you telling me that Lugard had your interest at heart when he was building Nigeria? Nigeria was a racist construct; every country in Africa with the exception of Ethiopia or maybe now Southern Sudan is a racist construct. I don't understand you people, why do you reason the way you reason black people? I was on my own, and somebody came stole something from me my identity, my sovereignty, my value, my worth everything and put it in one nonsense called Nigeria, and I want to go and take it and go back, and you are telling me am seceding? Why must Nigeria be one when all these killings are going on you don't see it because you are blind, you are not intellectually gifted, you are not intelligent, you are not unreasonable. You don't know that you say that you want to be a Nigerian; it means you are supporting the policeman in Texas that killed George Floyd. If Nigeria is good, then the killing of George Floyd is also good.

You people are not educated enough to challenge IPOB intellectuals you have not been born. How can I be seceding from myself? I was in my village, am from Ibeku a white man came and said your name is now Umuahia, Umuahia doesn't exist what you have is Ibeku, you have Ubakala, you have Ikwuano these are clans it's different. Somebody came and said your name is Umuahia and you answer Umuahia that he gave you, and you travelled to the person village maybe Scotland or wherever and you want to claim you are equal to the man that gave you a name who are you? Blacks are not intelligent.

I was in my village, and a white man came and said to you, you, you from today, your name is Nigeria. I can not begin to comprehend it, am asking you if you believe in one Nigeria as built by white man if Nigeria wasn't a racist construct why you would ask the white people to leave? And then get independence in 1960. If it's a good thing, didn't they stay? Why did you ask them to go? You ask them to go because Nigeria is illegal. Africa is a disgrace because you can not reason, but hereafter tonight you will begin to reason.

Who toped BIAFRA from going they are racist because they know that once BIAFRA survived Africa will survive. Do you know the funniest thing? Those they used to fight against the Merchants of black people are fellow blacks in Gowon and rest of them Awolowo. Had BIAFRA stood in 1967, George Floyd will not be killed by a white man in Texas because BIAFRA will be a reference pint and a beacon and the same effect that Japan had in South East Asia BIAFRA will do same in Africa. Because once we have BIAFRA and we are working hard, Fulani Janjaweed will be forced to abandon their cattle, to go to school and to work hard is a simple common sense, is called competition they took everything away, took all the competition away they think we are fools?

Anybody who is against a secessionist is a racist; if you are against me, you are a racist because I had an identity because the white man came. That identity is what they are afraid of they don't want me to return to it, Because in a space called Nigeria they have defined everything, they can control me both in the physical and in the spirit they own you. But if I go back to the land of my ancestors, I will be guided by the rules and the laws of the land that is how it is.

The reason why they kill Christians and Biafrans is that they are doing the work of racist in Europe and America, especially those in the democratic party you know I call a spade a spade? If you are in a democratic party and you don't want to see me because of what I am saying then so be it, I look at you, and I tell you the truth. You may not like it, but I will tell you the truth, are you greater than God? Elohim is the one directing what we are doing.

White people joined a protest all over the world to protest against the killing of a black man by a fellow white, now how many times have heard black people protest the killing of a black man by another black man? Never 😂. Who is protesting for the 50 people killed in Katstina? Who is protesting for the 59 killed in Borno? Are they not a human being? Is it because they weren't killed by white people? All of you are hypocrites.

We are going back to how we were before, I don't care what anybody says Nigeria is not visible a can never be, was never a country and can never be, It's a racist construct. The reason why some diplomats will say oh one Nigeria is because they see you as a fool. If you doubt me then go to their own country and say you want to create a country you will see what they will do to you, because you are a slave, you are a black man from Africa your own stupidity is out of this world.

Those lobbying and saying Nigeria should be one are those collecting oil and gas for free now do you understand it?

We are learned, as we were studying in the library a white man came and switched off the light and said we should leave. They said he is arrogant, why won't I be? I am learned, I have class, I have shame, so why won't I be arrogant? I am not a black baboon who can not reason.

Anybody whoever tried before to make black reason they have always kill that person, apart from myself because they know they can't kill me, they had their meeting, and they know, the only thing white racist is afraid of is your capacity to reason. That is where they have the edge over black people, reasoning. That is why they killed Martin Luther King.

Nelson Mandela only survived Apartheid onslaught do you know why he survived? Because white people all over the world took up his course, it was not because of the blacks in South Africa that South Africa became free, they may have provided the resilience, the backbone and the impetus. But the bulk of the work in terms of awareness, consistency, campaign, potency and drive all came from whites all over the world. That is why I said that they have a conscience, they may be evil sometimes, but when you with everything white people they have a conscience, let's be honest about it.

The greatest racist act in the world is the creation of State in Africa; the greatest tragedy is that Africans don't know that this is the root cause of their problem. What is racism? What could be more racist than naming a country after a River? You want to Obliterate the history, the culture and the tradition of the people in one masterstroke. What could be more racist than naming somebody who is a Biafran a Nigerian? You come one day you say is a Nigerian, and he is lost, and when our fathers ask the British why are you doing this? You document everything who are we? The British told our people in Arochukwu that you have no history. Anybody who wants you to remain in Nigeria is a racist.

Janjaweed is in Sudan; that is why going to Sudan is the height of their achievement. If you are in doubt go and ask Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, going to Sudan is the highest because that is the headquarters of the Janjaweed and the next headquarters they want to build is in Biafraland. These are the things you must understand; you must also begin to appreciate that that is why we do what we do.

Now I want Aisha to listen very carefully and those of you that Coronavirus have not killed yet in Aso Rock I need you to listen and listen very very carefully. I want you to know what I will do to you, after this Broadcast, you will know if you don't release Olisa Metuh I want you to know what I will do to you because tonight for delaying the release of Olisa Metuh I gave you 14days before but I thought about it and I said no is too long, is too far for delaying the release of Olisa Metuh am going to expose to the world a history you have been hiding for long. And am giving you more 12days and if nothing is happening, then I will release it.

I don't want Nigeria to break down in violent's no, I want BIAFRA to be instigated peacefully; that is what I want I want BIAFRA to go peacefully.

I want to now begin to name who the agents of racism are. I want to make you understand who the agents of racist are, and they are the people you call your leaders inside Nigeria listen carefully. We need not look any further, the form of president Jonathan was what gave me a clue as to who the real enemies are within, and you must know that Jonathan was toppled by a black man Barrack Obama, you must also know that it was in a bid what Barrack Obama was doing was to return white supremacy over blacks, forget all that nonsense of him working for George Floyd when he was there more people died at the hands of the police, white policemen than Trump that is the. A fact of life go and check it.

All this sentimental rubbish am not a part of it, you know we blacks we love feeling sorry for ourselves is not for me. Now listen, in a bid to sustain white racism Barrack Obama been an agent of racist overthrown Jonathan, he did the same thing in Libya and killed Muammar al-Gaddafi. Gowon was an agent too as I told you he had a hand in the killing of Murtala Mohammed now I'm letting them know today he is a prayer warrior.

The Fulani elites they are agents of racist, Fulani those you called the cabal, Fulani they use to call them the Kaduna mafia before. All those that are in seen been controlled by Abba Kyari before he died they are the agents of racist abroad, they are your problem, a white man is not your problem I want blacks to understand this. Your problem is stupidity number (one)  secondly the treachery of black people.

How do they ask me? Good Luck Jonathan was Inaugurated in his own right after the death of Yaradua he contested and won in 2011; he was sworn in on the 29th of May 2011. May and Jun the same year after less than a month in office Boko Haram struck, Boko Haram was unleashed, they struck, and I want to give you the reference, there was news carried by VOA the heading of that news is 4 Islamic groups claims responsibility for  Nigeria bombing, 15 days after Jonathan was sworn in 2011, and am making this assertion that when I go to the US Obama will see,  I am making it clear here right now that President Barrack Obama is a Jihadist, he is a murderer, and he is a killer. Obama never loved black people or loved Africa No! No!! No!!! And am proving it to you now, with facts and figures.

Jonathan was sworn in in May and in June the Fulani Janjaweed started to kill people, they did not agitate like IPOB, they were not peaceful, they wanted power by all means and they started to kill, their so-called Southern Nigeria received and who was helping them? Obam. This news was reported by VOA on June 16th 2011. Militant Islamic group Boko Haram is claiming responsibility for a Suicide bombing outside police headquarters in Nigeria capital Abuja on Thursday, who are the sponsors? Mohammed Ali Ndume, who is their chief negotiator? Muhammadu Buhari, who said an attack against Boko Haram is an attack against the North? Buhari knowing all these things, knowing that Buhari was in there with terrorist group Boko Haram why did you advance with him? Yoruba why did you vote for him? Because you are all agent of racist, you want to hold people down; you don't like justice.
Jonathan was removed Because Nigeria is an Islamic country some of you don't know this, I was told when I was in detention in DSS custody that Nigeria is an Islamic nation, they don't want any Christian in Aso Rock, so you don't know that? They used Obasanjo to compensate Yoruba for the killing of Abiola. Jonathan was a mistake, and after that, they sealed it. Now from then onwards in 2011 Boko Haram intensified their attack and Jonathan kept paying them money, they kept extorting money from Jonathan, Jonathan gave them billions of dollar. IPOB only came out with a flag, and they kill us, hypocrisy, and you want me to be part of that country are you not insane?

Jonathan After calling Obama on the phone and begging to help him, Jonathan travelled to Washington to go and meet Obama, it was then after all the effort Obama said no I would not help you point black Obama said no I would not help you, Obama wanted Jonathan out and for a Jihadist to come in. What is happening in Nigeria today the killings, the massacre, the mayhem Obama is aware of it he planned it, Barrack Obama am travelling to the US after the whole Coronavirus nonsense I want him to kill me, I will be in America, and I will say it in the US I want him to kill me in America.

Good Luck Jonathan after enduring all this nonsense remember the Christmas day bombing 25th of December of 2011 have you forgotten? After that, the next year been 2012, according to BBC Good Jonathan said that Officials in his Government, the Fulani people in his Government were sponsors of Boko Haram he said it BBC 8th of January 2012,  Nigeria Good Luck Jonathan Officials back Boko Haram. Who are those behind this? Barrack Obama with Muhammadu Buhari and Islamic Janjaweed movement.

Dasuki that gave Olisa Metuh money is not in prison, but Olisa Metuh is in prison do you see how Nigeria works? And you want me to be apart of Nigeria? You accused me of stealing you jailed me why the person that gave me the money you claim that you cut me with is walking about freely is that justice? Is that fairness? Who will love to be in such a country am asking you? Olisa Metuh never took any money from anybody, not from centre Bank but they are holding him because he is an IGBO man, he is a Biafran, they know nobody will stand up for him.

No weapons came instead of Obama to give Jonathan weapon directly to Jonathan to go and fight Boko Haram; they ask them to go and bring money and buy. Before Jonathan could get at the money they said you must put Dasuki and Sanusi Lamidu and that was the end of it, and instead of fighting Boko Haram, they were busy looting all the money and people were dying. That was how Jonathan administration crumbled.

The full list is here, and Miyetti Allah is a terrorist organization, no one has proscribed them; they are still there.

Anytime there is killing in the Northern part of the zoo called Nigeria, the person that should come to your mind first is: 👇👇

1. Obama
2. Buhari
3. Ibrahim Babangida
4. Ibrahim Dasuki
5. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
6. The northern Governors the Sharia North

They are the reason why people are dying today, and they have the temerity to blame Jonathan, and they have the temerity to blame the terrorist when they themselves are the ones sponsoring it.

The revolution IPOB is carrying out everybody will be free.

If they were to rule in the North one, one year each. It will take 305 years for the presidency to rotate. It may not get to you or your people until your lineage wiped out on the face of the earth, did you see what white man did to you?

To maintain that thing white man created you have failed for nearly 60 years, you are a failure, and you will continue with it. Every four years you renew your idiocy you call it election and voting because you are a black man Because your brain cell doesn't engage Because you are not analytical because you are not critical. We Don't have Government in Africa that reflect the essence of what Africa should be, Africa should not be like Europe no I say no, it shouldn't be like Europe, let everybody go back to their ethnicity, go back to where you come from and start from there, go back to your village, go back to your home not converging at Lagos, at Abuja like a bunch of idiots.

Hausa people learn how to build a gun before any white man did in the whole world you will be shocked, they came to the land of nock in present-day Benue state, they learnt how to smelt and they learnt how to forge tools. And do you know the funniest thing? They were doing these things 500 to 1000 years before Christ was born. When the white man was still grumbling all over the place, before they came down from Russia, black people in Africa were building guns. But when God saw the wickedness in our heart that we don't love each other, we are very evil; he took the grace that gift he took away from us and.

To preserve who we are, our culture, our way of life we must prepare to defend our land because those that want our population reduced they are working very very hard, but we have prevailed.

Am announcing this evening that IPOB is one family, not two, not three I want us to come together as one people. Fighting our enemies and defeating them as we have been doing please we must show an example for others to emulate and to copy. 

And on that note we have come to the end of today program, and as always I thank all of you wherever you have listened to us from but do not forget, never ever question nor doubt the fact that for us here fighting to restore BIAFRA we have no other religion, BIAFRA is our religion here on Radio BIAFRA is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile is our God. I thank you very much for listening and from me from here good it's evening.

Don't forget as always Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 
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