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I think is time we speak up and die or we continue suffering and smiling. The African Continent is blessed with a rich bounty of natural resources. The Continent holds around 80% of the world’s known mineral reserves. These include coal, granite, tin, Copper, Black Gold (crude oil), diamond, Gold, Cobalt, uranium, and significant oil and gas etc.

Given this natural wealth, it comes as no surprise that with the tripling of global mineral and oil prices in the past decade, mining has exploded on the African continent. Over the period 2008 to 2016 resource extraction contributed more that 30 percent of Africa's GDP, while the annual flow of foreign direct investment into Africa increased from $9 billion to $62 billion (most of this into extractive industries).

However, despite being so richly endowed, and despite the mining boom of the past decade, Africa has drawn little benefit from this mineral wealth and remains one the poorest continents on the globe, with almost fifty per cent of the population living on less than $1.25 per day.

Exploitation and Corruption

So, why is it that a continent with such vast potential wealth can remain so poor? It's in large part down to 'Illicit financial flows'. The illegal movements of money or capital from one country to another.

The exploitation of mineral resources has all too often led to corruption, and a large proportion of the continent's resources and revenues benefitting local and foreign elites rather than the general population. Trade mispricing (and in particular transfer pricing and trade misinvoicing) is the most common way of transferring illicit funds abroad.

Through trade mispricing companies seek to maximise profits artificially through maximising expenses in high tax jurisdictions and maximising revenue and income in low tax jurisdictions. This enables corporations to minimise tax payments illegally and transfer the funds abroad.

Such illicit flows undermine social development and stymy inclusive economic growth. Instead of investing resource revenues into improving infrastructure, health and education, political elites, often in collusion with mining companies, have siphoned off proceeds from the continent's mineral and oil wealth – lining their own pockets, to the detriment of ordinary Africans.

However, we can’t continue this suffering and smiling altitude. Are you aware the West & South (America, Britain, China, Germany, Japan, France, Italy and the rest solemnly depend on Africa continent for survival while Africans were fooled to depend on them for survival. They claim to be clever but they are the problem of Africa.

Oh Yes! We can’t continue blaming the West for our stupidity, we have refused to revolt against bad leadership, tyranny, dictators, marginalization, killings and against numerous injustices. We can’t fold our arms and allow the western world continuously exploit our God given mineral resources, exploit our thinking faculty and imposed illiterate leaders on us.

Like Fela Kuti of blessed memories would say, they will crown a man with low mentality and give small chop so that he can attack the wise. The west crown those they can easily remote control against the wise ones. They pretend to aid us but in the real sense, they want an uprising that we continue to fight each other’s.

Bad Leadership In African

African problem is bad Leadership, uneducated puppets found themselves in the sit of power. They lack the educational background check to governor the citizens. Most especially Nigeria. The Nigeria system has produced more uneducated illiterates as leaders than the educated ones. Leaders without foresight. All they know is to loot the treasury and bank the money abroad. Illiterate Fulani’s has been on the seat of power for decades, nothing to show for it.

Revolution Must Start First With Bad Leaders In Africa

Africans must revolt against these bad leaders who has been messing up with power for decades, we must chase them out of power. They are truly our enemies. Revolution is inevitable.

Our Stupidity

African continent has continued to be ignoramus on what is rampaging our land. Indeed, our ignorance is a multi-trillion industry. We must wake up to this mess we find ourselves. The western world created different organization to milk us dry, we have organizations like, W.H.O., Red Cross, etc. They created this organizations to act as if they are helping us as they claimed but in the other hand, they stealing from us on daily basis.

We are not allowed to print our currencies neither are we allowed to choose who leads us. They devalue our currencies over ordinary dollars, pounds etc. They trade our minerals with ordinary tissue papers called money. They portray our continent as a poor continent but in the real sense, they are behind her impoverishment. Since we have failed to revolt against this tyrant they imposed on us. I doubt if we wished to continue suffering and smiling.

However, I know vividly we are waking up in Mass but they are afraid of the awakening, the use the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and the rest of them to fight us and suppress vital information’s. They can’t stand us revolting against these injustices.  The imperialists aren’t relenting either but shall we close our mouths while we allow these monsters continue exploiting us? The answer is as good as mine.

Her Redemption.

Biafra is the only saviour to all the mess we found ourselves. Biafra is the only nation that could put an end to this mess. Every true African who has Africa liberty at heart must come together to fight for African redemption. We must beacon on the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to redeem us all from this almighty mess we are into.

Lastly, we must continue propagating the Goodness of Africa to the world. We must tell them without their aid we can survive. We have survived for centuries past. And we can do it again. The African puppet elites must be dethroned and the conscious ones must all stand up and say enough is enough from all these forced taxes they impose on our continent. We have continuously paid enough. Our redemption is now or never. All hail Biafra the children of light.

To be continued!

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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