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Oh, Elohim in Heaven! As our enemies even, Facebook are doing all they can to suppress the truth from coming out. As our enemies are gathering and plotting, please pay attention to our prayers, because the prayer we offer to you, do not just come from me, it represents the collective yearning of every BIAFRAN on this very earth. It represents that very hope in the lives of those who are passing through intolerable operations.

You must hear our prayers, Elohim because they are coming from honest lips. You must declare us innocent. You must declare IPOB innocent, for its only you that see those who do right. You have tested our thoughts. You have examined our hearts. Even in the darkness of night, only you can see in dark and hidden places. You have scrutinized me, you have scrutinized this very IPOB. You have scrutinized this very movement and you have found nothing wrong, that is why when we pray you answer us. That is why we are determined not to sin.

From what we say, we follow your ten Commandments, that is what stopped us from following crude and evil people. They came to us they tempted us. They offered their monies and their bribes. They did everything they can to steer us away from this very divine calling of yours but our steps have stayed on your part.  We have not waivered one bit. We have followed that part that you laid before us.

We are praying to you because we know that you are God in heaven that existed before time came. That is why we say that you are the Ancient of days, the ancient of the Ancients. Because we know you would answer, you are the God that answers prayer. For we pray all the time that you should bring the Zoo (Nigeria) to an end and you have demolished and destroyed the Zoo. As of today, ASO ROCK has fallen and there is nobody there anymore because you are God in heaven and you answer the prayer of your children.

Show us your unfailing love in ways that we cannot understand. By your mighty power you have always rescued those who seek refuge from their enemies. Our enemies are the Zoo. Our enemies are those neo-colonialists scattered all over the world, they do not just hold BIAFRA down, but they hold the whole Africa down, to hold the black race down. Come and guard us Oh Elohim! Come and protect and shield your Children from the machinations of their enemies. Hide us under your wings and protect us from the plots of the wicked, because they are murderers and evil and have surrounded your children, they are flying in from China, they are coming in from all over the world, not only are we contending with Coronavirus, there is also hunger. There is also hunger and people are desperate.

People in leadership are without pity. Those in Abuja are without pity. They are evil, they have surrounded your children and watching us from everywhere seeking to bring to an end that which you ordained. Even from before time began, by the power of your hand oh Elohim, destroy them, destroy those of them that say BIAFRA will not come. Destroy them like you have destroyed the Zoo, but you will feed your children in this time of hunger, all those that you treasure.

We have sinned against you, in our actions, speech and thoughts. We ask thee Elohim to be merciful upon your children, do not judge us by the sins of our mortal flesh oh Elohim, but by the love you have for us, by virtue of this very special position we occupy in your heart, that is why we say we are Biafrans because we are your chosen children. You decreed that we must come from Africa, that your light will come into Africa. That development must come into Africa. That reason must come into Africa. That truth must come into Africa. That is what we pray for, that is our mission and that it must be accomplished in our time to the glory and exultation of your name, CHUKWUOKIKE ABIAMA puru ime ihe n'ile, Abasi Obong oh Heavenly Father accept every adoration and every praise, every honour and every Glory, now and forever more we pray.

Iseee Iseee Iseee!

As captured by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media
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