·        Opia, Delta State (1999)
·        Ikanya, Delta State (1999)
·        Odi community, Bayelsa State (1999)
·        Ogulagha, Delta State (2003)
·        Elem Tombia, Rivers State (2004)
·        Odioma, Bayelsa State (2004)
·        0gbudugbudu, Delta State (2004)
·        Ogodobiri, Delta state (2005)
·        Kula Town, Rivers State (2008)
·        Okochiri, Rivers State (2008)
·        Gbaramatu Kingdom,17 Communities were destroyed, including Oporoza Kuritie Kokodiagebene etc. in Delta State (May 2009)
·        Agae, Bayelsa State (201O)
·        Biri, Bayelsa State (2017)
·        Azagben, Bayelsa State (2019)
·        Kelekekuama, Rivers State (2019)
·        Birabiri, Bayelsa State (2020)

A host of many other Ijaw towns and villages too numerous to mention. Aguiyi Ironsi is indeed a Saint for not unleashing terror in Boro community in 1966.

The Ijaw ethnic group is the highest victim of ONE NIGERIA Madness!

I, am Comrade Tamuno-Belema Daniels

Me: Yet some uninformed and corrupt Ijaw Youths thinks IPOB that is fighting against this injustice is their first Enemy. It’s such a Shame!

The Igbo communities have suffered same fate and the most recent was the burning down of a town in ABA in September 2019 and also invasion of Barr. Ejiofor's Community in Anambra State.

If it is right for NIGERIA Military to burn down communities each time their men are killed, why is same measure not applied in the North?

A Soldier was killed in Rigasa area of Kaduna on January 16 2020, but Rigasa has not been burnt down.

On March 22 2018, 12 soldiers were killed in Kaduna, the military is yet to burn down Kaduna.

In November 2019, 13 soldiers were killed by Boko Haram and given mass burial in Kaduna, but Kaduna is yet to be burnt down.

January 9, 2020, about 8 soldiers were killed in Monguno town in Maiduguri but Monguno is yet to be burnt down.

In November 22, 2018, about 100 soldiers were killed in a Metele village attack, but since then, the military has not burnt down Metele village in eastern Borno state and failed to compel the community to produce identity of the attackers and many more.


Written by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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