The blood of our men has flowed upon the sands of our ancestors like the rivers of old. The tears of our women have equally constantly poured out like the waterfall in an ancient ranch of a forgotten wood. On the side of our youths, they have made groaning their breath, and the maidens of our land have had their pride turned into the deepest mourning.

All these are obtainable in these our days when darkness has become the light of the black world, when all hope seems lost, our old men weep like children and plead for mercy, while our mothers cry till blood becomes their tears, as they pray for deliverance.

But the voice of the righteous touched the heart of the Almighty, and turned his face of mercy towards the children of the rising sun, the Biafra people, and He decided to send them a saviour, the Messiah of the new age through whom liberation, emancipation, and independence would come, and the new government would rise.

But "who is worthy to father the promised messiah and whose womb is fit to conceive him"? This question from the council of divinity, spurred, ignited, or triggered a search by the Angels of the Most High and Ancient being.

A torch was beamed in the dark, in search for a medium. Among the millions of men, he was found worthy, from the royal line of Afara Ibeku in God's own city of Abia. Eze Israel Kanu was found to father the Messiah of the new age. And among all wombs of women, she was found worthy in heart, soul and spirit, blessed among women and greatly favoured among the living. Lolo Ugoeze Sally Kanu was chosen to mother our hero Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his conception and birth became possible through the union of this blessed couple Eze and Ugoeze Israel Kanu.

For the future to hold, a lot was required to raise our noble leader and they overcame every challenge to make him fit for the mission ahead. They raised him under the platform of righteousness, and when he grew up, truth became his watchword and song. In the chosen time, as the prophecy had it said, the mission for the retrieval of the freedom of the people of Chukwu Okike Abiama began.

Soon, on the appointed time, it fell on the shoulders of man of prophecy, Ohamadike, the Hero of our time, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and so he took up the mantle of leadership, as divinely programmed. Because he was called, he won the heart of all truth seekers, and just like the dust of the wind, his people swarm around him.

Automatically the parent of the Messiah became the parents of the Biafra people. They ever remained strong in their position as our father and mother. They became the pillar of our success without a crack, and were ready for every challenge.

In the time when Ohamadike was abducted, they were not shaken, when he was imprisoned and tortured, they were strong as ever, and when the protests began, their encouragements never seized. When the massacre came from the oppressors, they fought side by side with us to set us free.

In the charade and show of shame that was termed court proceedings, which was indeed a kangaroo colourless and tasteless drama, they took the lead in vehemently protesting against the display of confusion by the rogues at Aso Rock.

When we lost our homes, because of the struggle, they took us in and fed us constantly with joy of hope. Because of our freedom, they accepted all sorts of humiliation. They even rejected the offer of about the highest office in Nigeria, and multiple-billion-naira bribe to denounce this fate of freedom. For their "stubbornness" against our oppressors, their palace was raided, the royal house of Afara Ibeku was defiled, desecrated, and the blood of their people spilled.

As they witnessed the people they care for and protect, slaughtered before their very eyes, they had the highest shock of their lives. Everything needed to be sacrificed for our freedom, Eze and Ugoeze Israel Okwu Kanu have sacrificed them all for Biafrans, and Biafra restoration.

To crown it all, to make sure they are free from every demand for sacrifice, they gave their lives for us to live. Indeed, they are worth more than what they seem to the Biafran people. Eze Israel and Ugoeze Okwu Kanu, truly if wishes were horses, beggars will ride. We had hoped that, considering the inspiration, motivation, vigour, resoluteness, and indefatigability you injected into the Biafra restoration project, that would live to see the materialization of BIAFRA nation.

We had hoped that you would grow older to see the smile of the rising sun in the coming kingdom of God on Earth. Elohim saw the need and allowed it, and we must accept every decree of divinity for the restoration of Biafra, for we have neither ability nor capability to question nor argue with Heaven.

In view of the legacy you have bequeathed us, we shall continue to fight till BIAFRA is fully, totally, and completely restored, as we have covenanted to ensure that your fight can never be in vain.

Forever, we shall always remember you, and from generation to generation, our children will celebrate you. May you find peace in the blessed land designed by the Almighty for our ancestors till the end of time. Ise Isee Iseeeee!

Written by:
King Ike Nwajiaku
For: Anambra State Media

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Anambra State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Anambra State Media

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