This response was made to my great friend, Clement Chigbo, when he concluded a submission by saying that we should pray for the peace and unity of Nigeria...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Prof Clement Chigbo!

I think that you are deliberately displaying sheer ignorance, or like the Yoruba that you are working for, childish ostrichism. Do you mean that up to now, you have not been able to ascertain that nothing makes Biafrans and other victims trapped in the British cage and graveyard called Nigeria compatible?

Do you mean that despite all the undisguised actions of fear, hatred and disdain from the other victims of the British inhumanity in the toxic cauldron called Nigeria against Biafrans, you are still living in the illusion of the possibility of gathering the spilled oil that Nigeria has become?

You sound very ludicrous when you say that anybody should pray for the unity and peace of Nigeria. It actually makes you look like a laughing stock. On what grounds will you be praying for peace, when the gangsters and bandits, who are operating in the name of the late Mohammadu Buhari, have, by their action, consistently told you that a dead cow is of greater value than your entire generation?

Are you saying that you are not aware that all the terror groups in Nigeria are owned, sponsored, and rewarded by the gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock, called Nigeria government? So, on what basis will you be praying for peace when the instruction to kill you is coming from those you purport to be praying for?

If there should be any prayer made for Nigeria now, it must be a prayer of speedy, but peaceful dissolution. The truth is that Nigeria is CERTAINLY going to disintegrate VERY SOON, but everybody's prayer should be for a nonviolent disintegration. This is the only meaningful prayer that can be made for Nigeria now. Any other prayer is like calling God guard, which certainly will end up in the house of the ‘maiguard’.

You greatly spoiled your case when you mentioned Awolowo among your greats. So, when an armed robber goes to kill millions of people, seize their monetary and other assets, and distribute same among his kinsmen, then, the victims of his robbery will classify him as a great man? For killing and robbing them?

Clement, although I have confirmed that your mother came from Nnewi, you are giving me cause to question where your real biological father came from. Yes. I can fairly manage Soyinka and Awojobi, but for you to include Awolowo among them makes the whole presentation cogitative. If you are left, you will soon include Amoda turned Tinubu in your list of great men.

Do not deceive yourself, by trying to employ the weapon of subtle blackmail or threat or coercion, by bringing Rwanda. Let me remind you that the Rwanda genocide was not anything near the Biafran genocide, in which over six million Biafrans were massacred. Now, you can see that despite the humongous number, we are undeterred in our insistence on the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra.

Let me put it very clear to you. There is nothing that we say here about any person or ethnic group that is not the truth (if you like point out one single one). You may accuse us of verbosity (lack of finesse, as to tend towards political correctness), but I have told you that if I can find a way of making these presentations more acidic, I would rather have it so.

Of course, the strategy of presenting these packages so bluntly is deliberate. It enables those concerned to know clearly that there is no compatibility, and nothing on earth can ever make us same. It will also make them know that I am aware that they are afraid of me. It equally helps them to understand that I am not, and can never be carried away by their decoration of the outer part of the sepulchre, whereas the inside is full of rottenness (hypocritical friendliness). It also helps them to know that nothing on earth can make me condescend to apologetic disposition, despite their cruelty towards me (Biafrans).

Based on all the above, the only reasonable thing left for them to do is to get angry and excise me from among them. Until they do this, I will not relent in confronting them with their lewdness and abominable atrocities. No apologies.

Biafra has come!

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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