■Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ 16, December 2019
Nigeria electricity distribution companies is another set of criminals and fraudster, after Nigeria police, the next in line is their electricity distribution companies, they rob you without arm's, honestly speaking I doff my cap for Nigeria electricity companies, what is left of this criminals is to bill Nigerians for using generator set, Nigeria remains the heart and capital of darkness, there is not good about their electricity distribution companies if not fraud and darkness.
It shall never be well with whosoever that concocted this fraudulent entity called Nigeria, his generation will never know peace until Nigeria is dismembered and obliterated from the surface of this earth. Nigeria is worst and greater than hell, it's a crime against humanity, who the hell have we offended that we cannot boost of 24hrs power supply, will Nigeria seize to exist if our electricity companies should allow electricity for 24hrs? It's only in Nigeria that you hear of electricity companies going on strike, while as there is no electricity for the past three months, will such rubbish happen in civilian countries? Our electricity power station is now a place where Jubril and Buhari do I.T, thereby blowing our electric appliances with there epileptic power supply, sometimes I don't blame them, in a situation where our electricity distribution companies are using generator set in there office's what else do you expect from them?
Nigeria is a scam, her electricity distribution companies are all scam and criminals who robber the masses daily, it's only in Nigeria that epileptic electricity cannot carry ordinary phone charger without possession of stabilizer, a country where candlelight is brighter than the so-called electricity, the most annoying part is that the electricity is not steady, it's either epileptic power today and the next five -one month is total darkness, I have a question for Nigerians that needs an urgent answer, I want to know when God said let there be light, was Nigeria included? I grew up in Nigeria only to be shooting up NEPA every 1hr, very soon my children and grandchildren will join me to be shooting up NEPA, when will this madness of up NEPA stop?
The privatization of electricity company in Nigeria is a scam, it's barbaric, shambolic and fraudulent, the government has debited another means of looting and milking the masses off there hard earn money, Nigerians must rise against this indiscriminate act perpetrated against them by electricity distribution companies, this criminal's with ladder perambulating every nook and crannies of our land should be dealt with, this people don't have conscience, very wick and crook individuals. As long as humanity is concerned, Nigeria electricity distribution companies are not rendering any service to Nigerians, if Nigeria electricity distribution companies are not fraudsters why should they bill a community with electricity?
Or are they billing them for staying in darkness? It's only in Nigeria electricity distribution companies will bill you for staying in darkness, if they are not criminal why should individuals be the one's to buy transformer and hammed cable? After which it will automatically become there own after installation if they are not fraudsters why should they send an outrageous estimated bill to you without checking the meter reading? If these people do not cooperate with criminals and fraudsters, why should they set revenue individually for themselves every year, as to how much they intended to steal from Nigerians every month, with or without electricity? Nigerian's should rise and protest against this Criminal's and fraudster billing them for the electricity they did not consume, is high time we say enough is enough to Nigeria electricity distribution companies, we are not their slave and can never be, #Say No To Estimated Bill #Say Yes To No Light, No Payment #Nigeria Electricity Distribution Companies Are Fraudster Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Udeagha Obasi For Umuchiukwu Writers
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