The Air-Peace CEO, (Allen Onyema) is a clear message to you Saboteurs because he has been used. "No matter what a slave does, he can never be the heir apparent to his Master." I think it was actually Elochukwu that wrote this, I read it and felt it was appropriate.

Tonight, people have actually asked me including the Deputy, to clarify something about the visit of Allen Onyema to my House. I believe that what I said in that very Broadcast may have precipitated this very investigation by the zoo through FBI and instigation of the US department for Justice. What some people do not know is that, Allen Onyema came to my house, he visited me. We talked about the Zoo and what was happening in the Zoo, he talked about the consequences of the Quit Notice (Hate Speech) by the Almajiri, those Babiallah kids in the North, but of course I knew that it was their masters speaking through them.

One thing he forgot was that I am a BIAFRAN first and foremost and I am Incorruptible. He said he wanted to see how there could be peace and at least our people would not be killed in the North. I said to him, anything you want to do, do. I'm also against our people being killed in the North. That was it. The next line I heard was. Of course, people love taking pictures with me when they see me, he Allen said we should take pictures with the Almajiri he brought with him. I can't say no, I am an Igbo man and grew up in the village, you don't say no to your visitors. I said yes, we can take pictures and he started writing rubbish.

As soon as he went to BBC and granted interview, basically when I read that he said, those he rescued from SA were singing the National Anthem, some of the lazy Youths online working for APC descended on IPOB saying: "can you see one of you? You claim Allen is a BIAFRAN, he was happily singing the National Anthem". I knew his days were numbered and then he gave the interview to BBC where he maligned my person and basically lied against me. That was when I decided to remind him of whom he is. I know more about him than he can ever imagine. That was when they decided to move after him.

So, one of them wrote online, Alhaji Danjuma, I think he came to my house with Allen. "Today, we paid our brother Nnamdi Kanu a visit in Company of Allen Onyema and we agreed to stop any form of Hate Speech or action that would promote violence".

He came to my house and he has gone back writing that we all agree to stop any Hate Speech (of course, I am for Peace) for the wellbeing of every Nigerian. I have said it severally, I want all of you to be free from the shackles of Fulani hegemony and British neo Colonial slavery. I have said it many times, I want the Hausas to be Free and I want everybody to be Free.

Do you think I'm looking for BIAFRA just for myself? Of course, not! I want everyone to be free because if they are not free and developed, they will all flock to BIAFRA, to come and seek a living. I don't want that, I want people to be in their own land, practice their culture and religion and sit back and do what they want to do, so, I'm for peace in that regard. I am not a Terrorist, so why should I not be for peace?

They misunderstood me, or deliberately chose to misrepresent my discussions with them, and that angered me, made me very very upset. In my place when you come and say you have a proposal, I will listen. People came to prison to see me with proposals and listened to them. People brought proposals to me when I was in DSS custody, I listened to them. I can't tell you to go away. I will always listen to people, always but what I always do remains the secret with me. But to compromise what I stand for and the BIAFRA struggle for Independence is not something I will do. I will be dead seven times over.

I have sacrificed a lot and will continue to sacrifice more until BIAFRA is restored. I don't care or mind what people say or do. Allen Onyema made a very big mistake, very huge one by delving into a topic that is entirely above his station in order to please his Fulani Masters by telling them that he had a meeting or discussion with Nnamdi Kanu, that was a very big mistake. A lot of people come to see me in secret and they do not tell anyone about it, we don't publicise it for their own good. He would have gone ahead in that way, knowing fully well that IPOB will rise against him, and that we would seek to defend our honour.  Now, we have done so, the Fulanis have moved against him because they know that IPOB can never defend somebody who deliberately sort to undermine the effort and the integrity of this very noble effort. Allen Onyema is in a very serious mess. Look at him today and the mess he got himself into.

As captured by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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