Facebook has shut down the Live streaming that we are using. Yoruba people working for Facebook have shut down our Live stream. But are we going to give up? Of course not. We shall continue. We shall continue, that is the marvel of what we are doing, we are going to continue. They are incapable of stopping us. Today, they have shut us down completely. They do not want us to continue to preach this very gospel on Facebook. Do you see the problem we are encountering? They started by removing people, forcing people to leave.

How are we going to fight Facebook? Just tell me, can anybody tell me how we are going to fight Facebook, as powerful as they are?

These are part of the things our people do not understand. The enemies of Biafra are numerous. If you know the forces that fought against our head of State, Gen Odumegwu Ojukwu, when you see him you bow, of course he is late, we know. He is a man that deserves every respect, every accolade, I'm telling you. He did not have the chance to expose all these evil conspirators against BIAFRA, but we have that unique privilege and that is why we are utilizing it, and we are back on Facebook, if they like it or not. We are still streaming, we are back on Facebook, must continue to preach this gospel on Facebook, if they like they like let them shutdown the platform, we shall restart it over again. That's how evil they are. But we must continue because this very gospel is very important and must be preached all over the world. We are not going to relent.

Now has Britain said anything or USA? But they are running around asking for Unity. Let's reunite in Peace. Unite around what, I ask them? Unite against a bill that says "If you say a thing they do not like, we hang you". So, instead of legislating for jobs and infrastructural development to make sure that people have all the necessity they need to live a decent and honourable life, all they are doing is to say, they will hang you, and I'm saying to them, when you say you are a Nigerian, what do you expect? As long as you are a Nigerian, you have accepted that the Fulani caliphate would rule you forever and ever. If they are not in Power, as they did with former president Jonathan and Gen Obasanjo, they determine, and tell you whom they want to be in power and they control that very person.

A bill to kill people for speaking out their minds, something that is contained in the Constitution and my concern is this, some of you may think this is nothing but it is actually something because as soon as this bill or a legal suit that goes to Supreme Court, of there is a legal challenge that goes to Supreme Court. What do you think the Supreme Court would do?

The Chief Justice of the Federation has no certificate. He didn't go to school. He went to Sharia night school. They asked him about his certificate and he said it was eaten by termites. Therefore, what you need to do now to become a Lawyer in Nigeria, is to buy that Wig and sew a black gown. Make sure you are entering into a court room every blessed year and maybe after two years, you go and say you are a Lawyer. If they ask you where did you go to school, you go and swear to an affidavit and that's it, and then you are a Lawyer. That's what the supreme Court said because people are in a Zoo, they talk about HATE SPEECH, when they themselves have been merchant of Hate speech and do you know what they have done to tell you how they are working against the common man in the streets in that damnation called NIGERIA.

As captured by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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