Our people yearn for information. They want us to inform them of what we are doing and tonight I'm doing it. It is not every time that you hear very volatile press statement from us, of course not. Sometimes it is very quiet, sometimes you think nothing is happening. A lot is happening on ground, I assure you and that is why every blessed day what you hear them in the Zoo saying: "You cannot divide this country, Nigeria is indivisible, we must unite."

Why do you think they are saying that? You think someone will just wake up in the morning and say let's unite for the sake of it? They say, this is the time for Igbos to get the Presidency, so that NIGERIA can be one. It is because we are doing something and that is filtering out, when they ask questions abroad, the international diplomatic community, they tell them that IPOB was here and this is what they are saying about you. And some of us instead of us to apply ourselves to make sure that the whole World is aware of what is happening, we spend time talking to each other. That shouldn't be the case, WE SHOULD BE TALKING TO THE WORLD.

Imagine if every politician in all the countries or in all the constituencies where you have Biafrans all over the World, imagine if your Parliamentarian, your Councillor, your Assembly man and Assembly woman is aware of what is happening in the Zoo, do you think that the Zoo can survive for one more month? The answer is No. But some of us are living in Europe, some are in North America and some in South America and some in Asia, the closest politician to where they are, does not know what is happening in the Zoo (Nigeria).

Imagine all the Parliamentarian in the UK were to be reminded of their obligation to investigate on what is happening in the Zoo, do you think the Zoo will be the same? Instead of us to talk to our MPs, to talk to our Councillors, our Politicians, where we are all over the World, we are busy talking to ourselves. That doesn't make any sense. If you are angry about what is happening in Nigeria, then everybody must be involved in this very diplomatic effort. Diplomacy does not mean, you go and sit down and start negotiating - No.


Tell them, write them, call their offices, call their Assistants, make sure that everybody that needs to know is aware of what is happening in the Zoo. Provide them with newspapers, of video clips, all the write ups, of all the atrocities, that the Fulani Caliphate are visiting on the people. Let your MPs, let your Parliamentarian be aware of it and you see what will happen to the Zoo Nigeria. Everybody, not to leaving it to only IPOB to do. It's a very expressive business. We are in America. How many of us travel to go and have all these meetings in the USA? From all over the place, we converge, very expensive business. How much are we contributing to be enough for us to do what we are doing? But we are doing it all the same by the grace of Elohim.

That is why everybody must be involved. Sitting down at home and complaining, oh things are very bad, the Army check point is here, oh they are killing people, they are abducting people etc. You have all pictures, the videos, you have all the numbers of the US Senators, you have all the Law makers, even in Russia, yes Russia is a Democracy, so we are meant to believe, you have the European Parliament, you have the UN, even in the Zoo in Abuja, UN Office is there. You keep supplying them that information, all the information you get, forward all of it to them. Not jumping from one useless group to another looking for where people are making fun of themselves, where Almajiri are trying to hold you hostage talking rubbish and you are busy responding. Why don’t you approach those that matter both the UN, approach every politician you know, even those in Benin Republic, even those in Ghana, everywhere.

Let everybody on this very earth who is a politician and diplomat be aware of what is going on in this Zoo and as you are doing so ensure you make them to understand that we are "Distinct People". We are not one of them. Before the British came we were living happily side by side with each other, there was no war. Let them understand that the Zoo called Nigeria is artificial creation.

As captured by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media
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