Ekwashi is a rural community located in Ngbo town, in Ohaukwu local government area of Ebonyi State. Ngbo occupies appreciable portion of land with other autonomous communities under its cover. Ekwashi is situated at the Northern axis of Ngbo, sharing a common boundary with Ado in Benue State.

Heinous crimes are being perpetrated in Ekwashi community, with quite a number of the indigenes of Ndiagu-Obu, gruesomely murdered by invaders. This mayhem was widely published on various online media platforms, drawing the attention of the public. Reports of investigations filed by IPOB journalist who visited the area, pointedly gave confirmation of the massacre. There were also revelations of maliciousness being perpetuated by the Ebonyi State government aimed at diverting attention.

One of the major causes of the violence that erupted in the area was land dispute between Ngbo indigenes of Ebonyi and Ado people in Benue States. On Saturday 7th of September 2019, about thirteen (13) people were reportedly killed and several others were seriously injured at Ngbo-Obu village in Ekwashi as the invaders armed with sophisticated weapons including AK47 rifles, came visiting from neighbouring Benue State. In a commando-styled attack, virtually every house went up in flames, domestic animals were killed, farmlands were destroyed, innocent mothers, children amongst others, were either lynched to death or beheaded. The village was entirely deserted by fortunate survivors.

Interviews conducted with one of the surviving members of the affected community, revealed that the attack was actually planned by members of the leadership of Ohaukwu local government area of Ebonyi State. The interviewee stated that the local government chairman tried to settle the land dispute with Ado people in Benue State, through financial gratification at the expense of the indigenous land owners of Ebonyi State. The statement went further to reveal that there exists a surviving woman victim who managed to recognize one of the armed invaders/attackers and can clearly identify such any day, anytime, anywhere. The individual is a political thug in the State. The current Ohaukwu local government area chairman, Barrister Clement Oda, who hails from Ezza-Ngbo according to revelation, is allegedly linked in the attack against the Ekwashi people. He was said to be the chief sponsor of the gruesome massacre due to his bitter hatred.

The ugly situation has denied the people free flow of farming and trading activities. The largest and most popular market in the entirety of Ohaukwu local government area, is located at Okporchiri-Ngbo which is about seven (7) kilometres away from Ndiagu-Obu in Ekwashi community.

The terrorism onslaught of the murderous Fulani cattle herders has equally aggravated attacks on the indigenous farmers, thereby adversely affecting economic activities in the local government. The irony of Ruga settlement came up sometimes four months ago, stirring up violence between the indigenes and the chairman of the local government area. He plotted using that avenue to sell off the people's land to the marauding Fulani killer herdsmen which the Ngbo people strongly resisted.

Incessant killings coupled with other unhealthy developments in Ngbo, are principally political. The biased handling of the issues by the traditional ruler in the community, confirms his fear of government’s planned denial of his personal gratification if he takes an opposing decision. The Ebonyi State government led by Engineer Dave Umahi has never deemed it necessary to show concern over the attack nor has any delegation been sent from any quarter to pay a visit to the brutalized, bereaved and unjustly treated. The State government has equally denied that such attack ever took place in Ngbo. The media was barred from giving out reports regarding the malicious treatment meted on Ndiagu-Obu Ekwashi people by the government of Ebonyi State.

The media of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), courageously visited the affected area, capturing some videos and still pictures as evidence, disproving the lies and deception of governor Dave Umahi, that no such attack ever happened. Presently, the community is crying out for assistance to good-spirited international organizations to alleviate their suffering.

Written by:
Eloputaife Chizamekpere
For: Ebonyi State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media

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