There are some mad people who have deliberately CHOSEN so to be, because of their determination to sustain the criminality that appears to have given them some undue advantage.

You cannot help, but sympathize with such ones, as you see the gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock, (Nigeria government), who they have chosen to defend, making a total mess of all the platforms, upon which they stand to defend the atrocious, heinous, and abominable criminality, founded, fabricated, and manufactured in Britain, by the murderous and predatory Britain, using the raw material called Jubril Aminu of Sudan, imported and imposed on Cowgerians (Nigerians), to ACT as an impostor, impersonating the late Mohammadu Buhari, who died in 2017, and was buried in Saudi Arabia, to continue to hoodwink Cowgerians, for the purpose of continuing to parasitically and criminally exploit the resources of Biafra, for the economic sustenance of the drowning and bewildered Britain.

For the avoidance of ambiguity, Britain carried out plastic surgery on Jubril Aminu of Sudan, to make him look like the dead Mohammadu Buhari, and brought him on contract, to act like the dead and buried Buhari, so as to ensure that power does not revert to southern Cowgeria, in order that they will retain their stranglehold on the Biafra OIL AND GAS, which has been the backbone, spinal cord, and the very life of the murderous Britain's economy, since Britain murdered over six million (6 million) Biafrans, in the 60s, to confiscate Biafra's oil and gas.

Now, we Biafrans have been telling the world, especially these sycophantic scavengers that Buhari had long died, giving them impeccable and indisputable evidence, but they deliberately chose to display their deficiency in reasoning.

Many people, among the present set of gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock, who are holding forth for the sadistic and sinking Britain, have also come out, (though inadvertently), to confirm to them that Mohammadu Buhari had long been dead, yet they chose to live in delusion. For instance, Lair Mohammed told the world that though the former Buhari could speak Fulfulde, the native Fulani language, the present Buhari (impostor Jubril), cannot speak the same Fulfulde, because he lost the ability so to do after a major surgery. What a tomfoolery.

Even Aisha Buhari, the wife of the late Mohammadu Buhari, has come out to tell the world, on many occasions, in barely coded or veiled terms, that her husband, Mohammadu Buhari had long been dead.

She had told the world, several times, that it is not her husband that is ruling Nigeria, but a gang of four or five men. She told the world that security of this fraud called Nigeria had long ceased to be in the hands of her husband, but in the hands of the quota system General called Buratai. She also sent another powerful information when, on the so called birthday of the late Buhari, the rogues at Aso Rock (Nigeria's seat of power), were deceiving the world with their so called birthday party for "Mohammadu Buhari", Aisha Buhari and her children travelled to far away Saudi Arabia, to commemorate the demise of their benefactor.
Aisha also, in no ambiguous manner, told the world that she was planning to build a university in memory of her late husband.

All along, Aisha Buhari had been pressurized, blackmailed, entreated, coerced, and compelled to play along with the script of the gangsterous usurpers at Aso Rock, as written and dictated by the cruel, brutal, murderous, tyrannical, sadistic, and predatory Britain, so as to help them to sustain the lie that the impostor, Jubril Aminu of Sudan, is the dead Mohammadu Buhari.

This poor, helpless, vulnerable, and traumatized woman had been obliging and complying with them, until recently, when she found the whole mess extremely unbearable. She made an unprecedented bold and direct statement, when she sneaked out of the accursed Aso Rock, and fled into exile.

I think that any person that is still waiting for any other confirmation that Buhari is dead, after Aisha's flight from Aso Rock, must have the need for a thorough search to be conducted in his brain.
My late sister Amaama, would always say that when such a search is made, some quantity of madness must surely be found in the person's brain.

In the unlikely event that these sycophantic scavengers do not really know that Buhari died a long time ago, what defense do the "Sai Barbarian" have for this absurdity and national ridicule, if not inexplicable mockery and disgrace called the marriage of the impostor, Jubril Aminu of Sudan, to one of their appointees, called Minster of one nonsense? (The ministry that ensures that the displaced people packed at IDPs remain there, until the taking over of their native lands is completed by the imported Fulani).

Is this not a clear proof that the rogues at Aso Rock are under divine hypnosis, since their eyes are open, but they cannot see? Even so much more are their followers and defenders, who, upon seeing the contradiction that their defendees represent, still go ahead to tell the world about their vacuity, by tenaciously holding on to a crumbling fraudulent edifice, even when all the occupants are fleeing for safety.

In all, it can be seen, that at every turn, the barbaric robbers at Aso Rock, ridicule, and cause those defending them to be mocked and jeered at, since all their actions are in sheer contradiction with what their noise makers claim, especially as it relates to the true identity of the occupant of Nigeria's seat of power, Aso Rock.

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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